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Axe Products List

(List of 232 Axe Products List with best price in India)

Axe Products Price List India : Upto 58% OFF Offers on Axe Products Online October 2018

Axe Products List Axe India Price Axe Discount & Offers
Axe Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade (75GM, Pack of 6) Rs.5,179 58%
Axe Deep Space Chill Out Shower Gel (473ML, Pack of 2) Rs.6,474 57%
Axe White Night Label Body Wash (473ML, Pack of 2) Rs.6,900 55%
Axe Black Refreshing Shower Gel (250ML, Pack of 3) Rs.7,238 54%
Axe Harmony Body Calming Shower Gel (473ML, Pack of 2) Rs.7,720 52%
Axe Snake Peel Exfoliating Shower Gel (473ML, Pack of 3) Rs.8,199 51%
Axe Styling Urbun Messy Look Flexible Paste (75GM) Rs.1,161 51%
Axe Styling Adrenaline Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Gel (170ML) Rs.3,585 50%
Axe Anarchy Revitalising Shower Gel (473ML) Rs.8,346 50%
Axe Kilo Revitalising Shower Gel (473ML, Pack of 3) Rs.8,369 50%
Axe price & products list are updated on October 18, 2018 18:35 IST.

About Axe :

Unilever’s Axe or the Lynx brand for men grooming products is targeted at young men. Axe offers a huge range of men grooming products like - Body spray’s, deodorants, shower gels, hair spray’s, shaving creams, shaving gels and many such products. Axe is very popular for the way they advertise their products marketing them as sexually enticing products. For over 34 years Axe or Lynx has been helping men look their attractive best with a whole world of possibilities through their range of products.

List of Most Popular Axe Products :

Axe Deodorants :

  1. Axe Gold Temptation Deodorant
  2. Axe Harmony Deodorant
  3. Axe Blast Body Deodorant
  4. Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant
  5. Axe Pulse Deodorant

Axe Perfumes :

  1. Axe Signature Suave Perfume
  2. Axe Signature Rogue Perfume
  3. Axe Signature Maverick Perfume
  4. Axe Signature Mysterious Perfume
  5. Axe Signature Corporate Perfume

Axe Shampoos :

  1. Axe White Label Forest Clean and Soft 2-in-1 Shampoo
  2. Axe Armor Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  3. Axe Downpour Refreshing Clean Shampoo
  4. Axe Cool Metal Daily Clean Shampoo
  5. Axe Reset Waterless Foam Shampoo

Axe Shower Gels:

  1. Axe Dark temptation Revitalizing Shower Gel
  2. Axe Harmony Body Calming Shower Gel
  3. Axe Snake peel Exfoliating Shower Gel
  4. Axe Deep Space Chill Out Shower Gel
  5. Axe Black Refreshing Shower Gel