Biotique Products

Biotique Products

(List of 105 Biotique Products with best price in India)

Find here at lowest price in India with great offers and discount. You can also check price of Biotique Shampoo, Face Wash, Face Pack, Conditioner, Eye Care products for your daily use. Buy from top online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall & many more.

Biotique Products Price List India : Upto 37% OFF Offers on Biotique Products Online March 2019

Biotique Products List Biotique India Price Biotique Discount & Offers
Biotique Bio Cucumber Skin Toner (120ML) Rs.110 37%
Biotique Bio Sea Weed Eye Gel (15GM, Pack of 2) Rs.5,767 30%
Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Serum (120ML, Pack of 2) Rs.7,148 30%
Biotique Bio Green Apple Shampoo (400ML) Rs.224 25%
Biotique Bio Almond Body Soap (150GM) Rs.68 24%
Biotique Bio Aloe Vera SPF 30+ Sunscreen Face Cream (50GM) Rs.170 22%
Biotique Bio Pistachio Face Pack (50GM) Rs.165 17%
Biotique Bio Peach Skin Cream (65GM) Rs.335 16%
Biotique Bio Papaya Face Wash (300ML) Rs.230 14%
Biotique Almond Kajal (3GM) Rs.94 14%
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About Biotique

Inspired from Ayurveda, Biotique is known for offering Ayurvedic skin and hair care range. Biotique brand believes in eliminating the skin and hair related problems. Vinita Jain, the girl from the lush foothills of the Himalayas is the person behind Biotique's origin. Today, Vinita Jain orchestrates a team of highly-qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, Scientists and Swiss Cosmetologists who formulates, packs and designs all the Biotique products. Biotique products are truly based on the authentic Ayurveda recipes for skin and hair to curb them so as to give desired flawless results. The ancient Ayurvedic hair and skin related recipes are the originated from the Veda texts, and passed down from generation to generation which most of us have heard out mothers or grandmother talk about some of these techniques of maintaining the beauty of skin and hair. Biotique offers a wide range of hair care and skin care range which are all made with 100% natural botanicals. All the Biotique products are priced reasonably to offer the best of products that too without making a hole in your pocket. Biotique products involve no chemicals, no preservatives and no animal testing. Biotique products are capable of transforming your skin and hair to make the, healthy and beautiful. The best part of this brand is even the packaging of the products is eco-friendly and recyclable.


Top Biotique List Of Products

Biotique Skin Care Range

Biotique offers a plethora of skin care products that involves facial kits, face packs, toners, scrubbers, moisturizing creams, sunscreen lotions, serums, face wash and many more. These are formulated according to the skin type to provide you best and ravishing results. Made from natural ingredients, these Biotique products are must have for every girls skin care kit.

Biotique Hair Care Range

Biotique hair care range is nothing but truly a blessing in the world, hazardous chemicals have taken all over. Biotique have a broad range of shampoos, hair oils, hair serums, hair mask and conditioners for every hair type so as to improvise the texture without harming the natural sheen. Biotique hair care products are must have for those who barely get time to pamper their tresses over the weekend.

Biotique Men’s Care Range

Biotique has introduced the Biotique men range in recent days, which means not just women, men can also enjoy rejuvenating their skin and hair with Ayurvedic products. Using these Biotique products all the men out there can give themselves an ultimate start.

Biotique Kids Range

Biotique has come up with Bio Disney Range of Baby products where all of these are formulated with Ayurvedic and ancient methods. Be it baby lotion, soap, powder, massage oil, shampoo or more, Biotique offers you everything that you might need to pamper the tender skin and hair of your toddler.

Why are Biotique Products so Popular in India?

India has been the land of Ayurveda and we somehow get attracted towards the ancient recipes especially for hair and skin. Biotique has just delivered us those essentials formulations in form of skin and hair care products, which are not less than a blessing when everywhere and everything is adulterated and full of chemicals. Biotique offers you the best of body care range which helps in rejuvenating your skin and hair from beneath to bring back the lost lustre back again. Biotique has proved its quality of product over the time and has improvised the formulations each passing day. We Indians value quality, consistency and the Ayurvedic products which made Biotique popular over the time.

Biotique Products Local Stores Near Me

You can find the Biotique products at every grocery and home essential store. Its growing demand in the market has made shopkeepers to provide these products the shelf of the brand. Biotique brand have become quite common among the beauty grooming freaks who loves to maintain the original sheen and lustre of hair and skin without compromising on the quality of the product.

Top Online Stores That Sell Biotique Products


Flipkart is the best online shopping store where most of the Indian love shopping. You can shop the products belong to the brand Biotique online on Flipkart without any hassle. Be it shampoo, conditioner, facial kits or more, Flipkart offers you every possible product of the Biotique brand at best price.


Known for plethora of products and amazing delivery system, Amazon has a dedicated space of Biotique lovers where they can shop the wide range of Biotique products online at best prices.


India’s renowned beauty store has given Biotique brand its own space on the website were all the Biotique lovers can shop for the wide range of skin and hair care range at best possible price. Being the beauty online store, people look for Ayurvedic and organic products for their skin and hair and Biotique fits best into this.

Paytm Mall:

At Paytm Mall, you can shop for the Biotique products and avail interesting cashback which can eventually make shopping more fun. Biotique products are popular and Paytm Mall is one renowned online store where online shoppers shop for electronics, home essentials, grooming products and more at unbeatable prices.


Being the best online grocery store in India, BigBasket also ensure that they have the entire range of Biotique products for their customers at best prices. Biotique is liked by many and this popularity was possible only after the trust of the customer on the quality of the products. Shop Biotique products at best prices.

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