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Chaayos was born in the chilly month on November back in the year 2012. The concept of ‘Chai pe Charcha’ meaning a discussion over a cup of tea stands to be too old a concept but holds relevance even today. Discussions on life, society and political discussions become even more heated and interesting when coupled with a cup of tea. Most of us are quite particular about our cup of tea and this is from where the idea of Chaayos grew up. In such a short span of just few years the company that was once started as a startup has now around 10 branches in Delhi NCR and have expanded to Mumbai as well. Their motto of experimenting with chai holds true when you have a look at the Chaayos menu. Chaayos offers awide range of chai beginning from simple Masala Chai, Kullhad Chai to the Rose Cardamom Chai and much more.

With so much to offer on their list Chayoos often keeps coming up with interesting Chaayos offers and discounts. Chaayos chai tastes the best when you can avail it at a discounted rate with the help of some of the best Chaayos coupons. Chaayos might be quite popular for their chais but their range of snacks and desserts are none the less. Chaayos offers a complete range of snacks that tastes the best when coupled with a cup of Chaayos chai.

Some of the most popular offering from Chaayos is their Desi chai and the Kulhad chai. Chaayos offers its customers to get their chai customised as per their taste buds and allows them to experiment with tea. Chaayos offers you more than 12000 ways to make your own ‘Meri Wali Chai’ with customized flavours. Chai shop is a concept that most of the Indians would refer to as a small business, but who knew that this concept of experimenting with tea in a nation of tea lovers would yield such great results.

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Monsoon Offer

Chaayos Monsoon Offer

Order your favourite Monsoon snacks and the Shahi Chai at best prices on Chaayos. Monsoon is a celebration with these delectable indian desi snacks like - Samosa matar Chaat, Chicken Keema Chaat, Egg Chaat, Bhelpuri and others at awesome prices.

Chaayos Bakery

Chaayos Bakery Offers Delicious Cakes and Jalebis

Jalebis, Dense Dark Chocolate cakes, Date and Fig Cake, Banans walnut cakes and other appetizing deserts available on Chaayos. The best is these desserts can be ordered online on Chaayos for home delivery so Order now and relish these Chaayos bakery menu options.

Chaayos Nashta Options

Chaayos Nashta Options at Best Prices

Nashta options from Chaayos are many and if you are a snack lover then Chaayos is just the right option for you. Baarish waale pakore, Chicken keema Cutlets, Paneer bhurji bun, Kaala channa chaat, Keema pav, Bun maska and other many options available on Chaayos Order now!

Chaayos Meals

Chaayos Meal Offers : Tasty Meals at Best Prices On Chaayos

Chicken loaded parantha, Kulhad mattar kulcha, Maggi stuffed buns, Pav bhaji, Butter chicken and many delectable meal options from Chaayos available at best prices for home delivery. Order your Chaayos meal now for freshly cooked deliveries.

Chaayos Breakfast

Chaayos Breakfast Offers

Chaayos breakfast options are endless and tempting. You can choose to order some english breakfast options like - Garden fresh sandwiches or desi home style aloo burger or poha or bun omlette. Order your breakfast at have it delivered freshly cooked at your doorstep.

Indian Chai on Chaayos

Chaayos Indian Chai Online Offer

Customise your desi chai on Chaayos with your choices - Elaichi, Adrak, Chilli, Tulsi, Sauf,Ajwain, Moti Elaichi and many other such indian spices. Chaayos is popular for their variety of chai offerings and snacks so order your choice and enjoy a yummy meal now.