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Dove Products list with price in India 2020 (Updated) : Upto 49% OFF Offers on Dove Products Online April 2020

Dove Products List Dove India Price Dove Discount & Offers
Dove Relaxing Ritual Body Wash (500ML) Rs.455 49%
Dove Extra Fresh Body And Face Wash (400ML) Rs.150 49%
Dove Original Beauty Bar (Pack of 6) Rs.1,299 43%
Dove Men+ Care Deep Clean Face Wash Rs.5,589 40%
Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense Shampoo (700ML) Rs.900 40%
Dove Caring Protection Body Wash (500ML) Rs.549 39%
Dove Cucumber Body Wash (250ML) Rs.499 37%
Dove Intensive Nourishing Body Lotion (399ML) Rs.499 36%
Dove Nourishment Body Cream (300ML) Rs.391 34%
Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream (290ML) Rs.395 33%
Dove Products list, Price and Offers are updated on April 02, 2020 13:05 IST.

About Dove :

With its inception in 1957, Dove started its journey by creating a unique and revolutionary beauty cleansing bar. The iconic beauty bar helped get a cleaner cleanse, than soap. Dove is the #1 Recommended brand by Dermatologists in the US, Canada and France and is believed in by several profound skin professionals across the globe. Starting with ideas revolving around the right moisturisation, Dove today stands as a brand with a diverse product portfolio, each achieving a unique purpose effectively. Since their journey began in the market, Dove has envisioned to provide top notch care products for women. The brand stands out due to its realistic ideals of beauty and its redifinement. It champions various causes today, all trying to achieve the purpose of redefining beauty, and enabling all women to feel comfortable in their skin and not giving into unrealistic notions of beauty standards. In 2017, in celebration of Dove’s 60-year anniversary, The company renewed their commitment to women globally by launching the Dove Real Beauty Pledge, and taking the following vows:

We always feature women, never models. We portray women as they are in real life. We do not digitally distort our images. We are helping 40 million young people build self-esteem and positive body confidence

The brand aims to break superficial standards of beauty for women, and make beauty a source of empowerment, strength and not worry. Dove engages in a strong social mission to ensure that the upcoming generation grows up with a strong belief in themselves, and not letting looks be a source of underconfidence due to preconceived or rigidly embedded standards of beauty. Constantly researching and providing platforms to showcase beauty of different kinds, Dove is a brand that progresses each day with ideas. The brand believes in real beauty. Some campaigns and studies of theirs include- The Dove Self Esteem Project (DSEP) and the Global beauty confidence report. The brand is now available globally, from retail stores to online platforms. Its diverse range of products are now touching the hearts of people in diversity-worldwide. Dove products online help them achieve their purpose of reaching out to and nserving real women, globally. Dove products are made with care, to care and nourish beauty and ideas stemming from it. The brand’s social campaigns are also widespread on social media, and are reaching out to women in different corners of the world. You can easily look up Dove products online, purchase them, understand their history and review the Dove products list online, with different dove product prices available through different online platforms such as- Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. You can now have products that have an international legacy, easily, without having to step out of the comforts of your house, delivered at your doorstep. Do check out the Dove products and Dove products price lists online, to understand more about the brand and exclusive exciting offers to purchase its products!

Top Dove products (By category):

Washing and Bathing:

Dove products offer you the right kind of nourishment, which transforms the process of cleansing into the process of care and love for your body. Dove’s shower and bath products cater to various needs, and all with utmost care. They offer an array of products like body washes, bath creams and beauty bars. Bringing a strong touch of care in their products, Dove Body Wash features NutriumMoisture™ technology. Which is essentially a blend of various moisturising agents that nourish your skin intensively. These range of products give you softer smoother skin, while moisturising it during the process of cleansing. The richness of their products comes through the moisturising component in them. Dove products online, offer a wide range of their product portfolio which includes bath soaps, washes and body lotions as well.

Skin care:

Beautiful skin is always a confidence booster, and Dove’s skin care products enhance your confidence through quality products to help build on the beauty of your skin. Their DermaSpa skin care products are made using Cell-Moisturisers® technology which combines dermatological expertise with spa-like luxury, so you can trust us to give you deep, advanced care without missing out on any instance of luxury and pampering. Their skin care product range comprises of face wash’s and body lotions that are very nourishing to use. Available readily, Dove products online with different price lists, serve many purposes of skin care.

Antiperspirant deodorants:

Their strong belief in ‘care’ reflects through this product range of theirs very strongly. They believe that antiperspirant deodorants should not simply protect but also care for underarm skin. Often, people feel insecure in social situations like hugging etc, where they are conscious of their underarms. Their range of antiperspirant deodorants are created with 1/4th of it comrising of moisturising cream, in order to give a soft and smooth texture to your skin. Dove understands what we need from antiperspirant deodorants and it delivers through its range of products which are all part of the Dove product list online.

Hair care:

Dove products nurture and care for your hair every day. Their product range from, shampoo, hair masks and styling products gives your hair all it needs to make it feel beautiful and giving it the apt nourishment. Dove’s nourishing hair care is not temporary but lasts and is very real. The products both deliver instantly and progressively, making your hair improve regularly. These products of Dove treat damage, dryness, restore vitality to ageing hair, lift and volumize fine hair, moisturise, define curly hair, and add fullness to thinning hair. Shop easily for these Dove products online, and browse through the Dove products price lists as well, to make the right choice of purchase.

Top Dove products online:

Much needed additions to your care routine!

Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner:

This is a nourishing hair conditioner that repairs daily damages, that your hair suffers the brunt of. Makes hair feel smoother by helping with detangling and overall manageability. This product gives instant results and is fit for daily use. Purchase this product easily online, from the Dove products list online.

Dove Environmental Defence Shampoo:

This is a shampoo that helps fight the problems pollution causes for your hair. It shields your hair from damage and repairs it too. It comprises of replenishing nutrients which help protect your hair from every day damage. It is infused with the essence of lotus and its nourishing formula purifies your hair and also smoothens it with great care. This Dove Product is a lovely blend, and a must have in your collection!

Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo:

This is a product infused with the red algae complex which more than repairing nourishes and regenerates hair strength. It restores hair to its inherent goodness. Purchase this product easily online, from the Dove products list online.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar:

This product has rich moisture and a hypoallergenic formula. Assured and tested by Ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician. Dove’s care reaches the care of babies as well, ensuring good moisturising nourishment for their sensitive skin. Browse through the Dove products price list online, to avail the best offers on it!

Dove Coconut Milk and Jas Petals Body Wash:

This product nourishes deep into your skin, to make you walk out of the shower with nourished, healthy looking skin. Nutrium moisture Technology Delivers Natural Nutrients to your skin, giving your skin a soft and smooth effect. Browse through the Dove products price list online, to avail the best offers on it!

Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Soap Bar:

It is a product create with 1/4 moisturizing it is the ideal bathing product for both men and women. Its formulation gently nurtures your skin giving you a smooth and soft feel. This bathing bar provides your skin a supple feel and hydrates your skin to its very roots unlike any other product. It is Recommended by dermatologists, and is an ideal product for the entire family.

Dove Go Fresh Body Lotion:

This is a fast absorbing product consisting of refreshing cucumber and green tea scent, and it also leaves you with a cooling menthol sensation which helps revitalise your skin. Its deep moisture content smoothens and nourishes your skin intensively, every day! It is a quick absorbing product in the Dove product list, which is available easily online! Order right away to get your skin a nourished revitalisation.

Top Online Retailers that sell Dove products

Dove is a brand serving a wide and diverse range of products, each serving different purposes, for women. Helping you purchase these internationally used and loved products the following online portals help bring these products to you, at your beck and call! Browse through the array of Dove products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Dove products online shopping can be a fun an informative task as you can easily review Dove products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs.


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