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Fastrack Watches Price List India : Upto 55% OFF Offers on Fastrack Watches Online November 2018

Fastrack Watches List Fastrack India Price Fastrack Discount & Offers
Fastrack Men Watch - 38014PP02 (Black) Rs.1,700 55%
Fastrack Men Digital Watch - 38014PP02J Rs.1,950 44%
Fastrack Women Watch - 68003PP02J Rs.1,209 44%
Fastrack Men Digital Watch - 38014PP02 Rs.1,950 44%
Fastrack Women Analog Watch - 68001PP02 Rs.1,317 40%
Fastrack Men Chronograph Watch - 3111SL02 Rs.2,649 40%
Fastrack Men Digital Watch - 38014PP01J Rs.2,095 40%
Fastrack Women Digital Watch - 68001PP02J Rs.1,317 40%
Fastrack Men Analog Watch - 3111SL01 Rs.2,649 40%
Fastrack Men Watch - 3089SL11 Rs.1,563 37%
Fastrack price & products list are updated on November 15, 2018 09:30 IST.

About Fastrack Watches:
Since its inception in the year 1988, Fastrack as a brand has grown immensely and today for the youth it has become almost synonymous to cool, stylish and fashionable watches. Fastrack watches carry with them a style statement of their own. The pride of wearing a Fastrack watch is what no other watch brand can match up to. Fastrack is notonly restricted to manufacturing watches, but it also excels in designing and manufacturing products like bags, wallets, belts, sunglasses and much more. All of these products from the house of Fastrack have by now managed to win over the hearts of the people. Sturdy and stylish Fastrack watches woo the youth since they are designed with utmost care to complement the active lifestyle of the youngsters. The company has always tried to keep up with the innovation and changes and never takes a step back to experiment with new technology and design. Fastrack watches stay true to the brand’s vision of remaining young and active as a result Fastrack watches are as vibrant and dynamic as possible.

Types of Fastrack Watches
Fastrack is known for manufacturing some of the best watches in the world. From wristwatches to pocket ones, there are different types of Fastrack watches that are available in the market. These Fastrack watches are capable to catch the eye of almost all watch wearing ae group. Based on the kind of dials, Fastrack watches can be classified into the following types:

1. Fastrack Analog Watches
Analog watches comes in a variety of design and feature dials in various shapes like round, oval, rectangle, square, contemporary and tonneau. These analog Fastrack either have numbers, roman numerals, dots or a combination of these to mark the 12 hours. Analog watches derive the power from batteries and tell the time through continuous rotation of an hour hand and a minute hand. These watches go well for formal and semi-formal events as well.

2. Fastrack Digital Watches
Unlike the analog watches, these Fastrack digital watches display the time in numbers rather than by hands on the dial. Most of the Fastrack digital watches also feature additional qualities like depth sensors and compasses. Fastrack mostly manufactures digital watches for adults, however one or two designs of the Fastrack digital watches are also available for kids.

3. Fastrack Analog-Digital Watches
Fastrack analog-digital watches feature a combination of both analog as well as digital dials. Weather you wish to get an analog watch or a digital watch, these analog-digital watches from Fastrack are sure to attract you and make others envious of its looks.

4. Fastrack Leather Strap Watches
These leather strapped Fastrack watches add a sense of traditional and ethnic appeal. These straps are generally more elegant from the rubber and plastic straps. And area step ahead of them in terms of durability too.

5. Fastrack Stainless Steel Strap Watches
Stainless steel used in the making of straps for Fastrack watches are of heavy quality and are durable. These are generally sturdy, graceful, and endure beautifully the wear and tear brought to it by regular use. These straps are designed in a number of ways from thin ones like bracelet to the chunky ones.

6. Fastrack Plastic, Rubber or Silicone Strap
Watches Rubber, plastic or silicone straps are used for making Fastrack watches for kids as these are light in weight and are colourful too. Some of the fancier watches from Fastrack for kids also feature prints and some look like braids or bracelet.