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Health Food and Snacks Products, Brands Price in India 2020

Health Food and Snacks Products Health Food and Snacks Price
Horlicks Classic Malt (Malt, 1KG) Rs.419
Mothers Horlicks (Vanilla, 500GM) Rs.524
Horlicks Chocolate Delight (Chocolate, 1KG) Rs.355
Horlicks Protein+ (Chocolate, 400GM) Rs.480
Horlicks Protein+ (Vanilla, 400GM) Rs.520
Horlicks Classic Malt (Malt, 500GM) Rs.222
Horlicks Lite (Malt, 450GM) Rs.295
Horlicks Protein+ (Vanilla, 200GM) Rs.299
Junior Horlicks Stage 2 (Vanilla, 500GM) Rs.270
Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (Vanilla, 500GM) Rs.270
Health Food and Snacks price & products list are updated on April 10, 2020 01:46 IST.

What are Healthy Foods?

Healthy food is essentially food that is considered to be beneficial or good for health, due to its composition of nutritious ingredients and lack of artificial chemicals or over use of sugar. Snacking as concept has grown to become a significant part of everyday lives. If something as frequently resorted to, as snacks, becomes a healthy option, our overall health and energy would be hugely benefited. Healthy snacks help rejuvenate energy and can be helpful in lifting moods as well. Healthy foods and snack products can be added to foods to make them both snacky and healthy!

Types of Healthy Foods

Malted Milk Drinks: Malted milk drinks are soluble powders made from dried milk and malted products like cereals. There are various brands that offer different kinds of malted milk drinks, in different flavours as well. These malted milk drinks are also now available for all age groups.

Food Paste:

Food pastes and spreads made from ground ingredients, that can be used as a snack and and a condiment as well. Food pastes such as Peanut Butter, are highly popular and are very healthy to consume as well.

Protein Drinks:

This type constitutes of drinks which have a proportionate quantity of protein present in them, which can be used as soluble ingredients as well. This type of healthy foods and snacks is available by brands such as Horlicks and Protinex.


This constitutes of products such as biscuits which have ingredients such as oats and muesli which are predominant in their composition. Brands like Threptin, Fresho and Britannia offer a good range of products under this category. Products like Granola are also used as snacks which are both nutritious and tasty!

Probiotic Drinks:

Today, there are various probiotic drinks available in the market which help achieve different health objectives. These drinks are often used to detox your digestive system as well. Probiotic drinks are available in a variety to suit various taste buds- making it both a healthy and tasty product to consume.


Cereals are essentially grains used as food, and are very healthy to consume. Cereals today, are available in a vast variety for different taste types, and are extremely nutritious component of any diet.

How do Healthy Foods work?

Healthy foods comprise of various product types, which each have different benefits and uses, Malted Milk drinks by nature are soluble, and are dissolved and mixed in products like milk, and drank as a nutritious drink. Food pastes can be used independently as well as accompaniments, and are widely loved and consumed. Food pastes such as peanut butter can be applied on sandwiches and can also be munched on separately. Protein drinks can be used to consume the same way as malted milk drinks. Fitness lovers require a boost every now and then due to their hectic regimes, and protein drinks are beneficial to consume for them, to maintain their health. Healthy snacks are available in a variety and can be consumed at different times and occasions. Snacking as concept has grown to become a significant part of everyday lives. If something as frequently resorted to, as snacks, becomes a healthy option, our overall health and energy would be hugely benefited. Healthy snacks help rejuvenate energy and can be helpful in lifting moods as well. Probiotic drinks do not require being dissolved and ready for consumption, which makes them an easy to use and convenient product type as well. The quantities of consumption vary from type to type and therefore need to be verified once on the purchase of the desired or chosen product type.

Benefits of Healthy Foods

  • Better mood
  • Healthy diet
  • Improving energy levels
  • Maintained levels of weight
  • Weight loss (if used diligently and as an alternative to junk food and unhealthy snacking) 
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced mental alertness Improve and enhance memory
  • Help avoid overeating
  • Reduces potential health problems

Top Healthy Foods products brands


Horlicks is brand trusted and loved by many parents, for the nourishment and growth of children. Horlicks provides health drinks in malted and other forms, which are enriched with nutrients and have clinically proven to be beneficial in child growth and development.


Bournvita is a brand that sells malted and chocolate malt drink mixtures (manufactured by Cadbury). Bournvita is a popular brand in India, and is the name that comes to many when thought of child development and growth.


HealthKart is an excellent platform for health,nutrition and wellness. They offer a high quality and premium range of products which has garnered a great amount of appreciation from their consumers. The company envisions to enable shoppers to accomplish their wellbeing and wellness goals,be it general well being,weight misfortune or muscle building,by helping as a helping hand in their journey to good health and fitness.


Kellogg’s aspires to enrich the world with the products they offer and aims to provide excellent nourishment for families. Kellogg’s is another trusted and highly regarded brand for their healthy foods and snacks such as ‘wheat flakes’ and granola.


Threptin biscuits comprise of a protein source called ‘casein’, which help with levels of energy and nutrition in the body. This is a brand cherished by athletes and their families, as a nutritious snack.


Protinex has been serving to the needs of nutrition for a good 60 years now. It is a brand which has been beneficial and trusted by several due to their unique supplements and power of protein, which are healthy component required highly for active beings.

Top Online Retailers that sell Health foods and other healthy products

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