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Horlicks Products list with price in India 2020 (Updated) : Upto 12% OFF Offers on Horlicks Products Online June 2020

Horlicks Products List Horlicks India Price
Horlicks Chocolate Delight (Chocolate, 750GM) Rs.250
Horlicks Lite (Badam, 450GM) Rs.259
Horlicks Growth+ (Vanilla, 400GM) Rs.480
Horlicks Lite (Malt, 450GM) Rs.259
Horlicks Protein+ (Chocolate, 400GM) Rs.480
Horlicks Cardia+ (Vanilla, 400GM) Rs.650
Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (Vanilla, 500GM) Rs.253
Mothers Horlicks (Vanilla, 200GM) Rs.197
Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (Chocolate, 500GM) Rs.268
Horlicks Classic Malt (Malt, 500GM) Rs.227
Horlicks Products list, Price and Offers are updated on May 27, 2020 00:05 IST.

About Horlicks

Horlicks was developed by founders, James and William Horlicks. A sweet malted hot drink, was initially sold for infants only, as a powdered meal replacement drink mix, after years of glory and establishment Horlicks is now owned by Unilever. The main ingredients of Horlicks Product include wheat flour, malt extract, malted barley and protein isolate among many to provide women and kids the nutrition they need for strong bones and good growth. Horlicks has been a leading force in the 'Science of food'.

Their product benefits among many include, increasing the density of minerals, Increasing calcium content, increase in lean tissue and a healthy weight gain for your kid. If you're every worried of your child not focussing well, Horlicks product list ensures to help your child improve attention and concentration to make him sharper. The hot drink is very popular in many countries including South Africa, South East Asia and UK among many the drink is mixed with nutrients like honey and milk and dry fruits to increase the nutritious value and make your child focussed, stronger and active.

All Horlicks products are available online on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flip kart. Their product list focuses mainly on women and children in which products with powder formula, oats and biscuits are also included.

Categories of Horlicks:

Horlicks for Kids:

Junior Horlicks is specially developed for kids and toddlers starting from months to 15 years. The hot nutritious drink focuses on increasing brain development, healthy weight gain, height gain, stronger bones and an increase in immunity. Horlicks products for kids are divided based on a certain requirement that your kid needs, tailor made for your kid.

Horlicks for Women:

Horlicks Women is a bone nutrition specialist and is enriched with CALSEAL formula, which helps reach Calcium to your bones. The formula contains Vitamin D, K2 proven health nutrients for stronger bones. Creams may help you fight ageing, but this actually helps you stay young and strong. Horlicks Products are available online on Amazon, Flipkart.

Horlicks Snacks:

Horlicks has also diversified in providing more edible varieties including, Oats and Biscuits which are specialised to provide you a healthy breakfast or a light nutritious snack. Horlicks Product list is diversified to ensure you intake all the right ingredients to maintain your health.

Top Selling Horlicks Products

Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drink(classic malt):

This nutritious health drink has been clinically proven to improve 5 signs of growth, has all the right ingredients to support immunity, makes your kids taller, sharper and stronger.

Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drink(Chocolate flavour):

If your kids’ likes chocolate, and you’re concerned about his growth, The chocolate flavour of this nutritious drink ensures growth along with pleasing of taste buds. Now that he has his favourite flavour you wouldn’t have to worry about his immunity, growth and focus level.

Women’s Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drink:

Tailor made for ensuring the health needs of women; this product contains nutrients important for bone health, and is enriched with increasing and maintaining calcium levels in bone, Calcium for strong bones and Vitamin D for calcium absorption helps keep you healthy and fit.

Horlicks Lite, Health and nutrition drink:

This Horlicks Product comes with zero cholesterol and no added sugar, this drink specially made for active adults ensure cell growth and repair, high protein and anti-oxidant nutrients to support defences of the body. Avail Horlicks Products online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Horlicks Protein+ Health and Nutrition Drink:

This Protein + drink comes with the appropriate blend of whey, soy and casein. This triple blend provides fast and sustained release of amino acids over time, containing 3 times more protein than the leading HFD.

Horlicks Junior Stage-1:

This product has been specialised for kids being 2-3 year old’s. the product ensures healthy weight gain, brain development and the food powder helps meet your child’s nutritional requirement, is available online in two flavours(Classic Malt, Chocolate).

Horlicks Oats:

Ready in just 3 minutes, Horlicks Oats ensures to give you nutritious elements, when you wish to have a health snack or breakfast. When mixed with milk and healthy fresh fruits and dry fruits constitutes one of the healthiest breakfasts.

Horlicks Growth Plus:

Tested by world renowned experts for healthy catch up on growth, this nutritious drink ensures to provide 3 times more growth in the next 90 days. The high quality whey protein helps keep your child’s BMI index healthy and fit according to his age.

Mother’s Horlicks: Health and nutrition drink:

This Horlicks product has been tailor made for women who’re pregnant or lactating, with no added sugar and micro nutrients it ensures healthy birth weight of the baby. Mother’s Horlicks provides essential vitamins for pregnancy including B2, B12 and C for pregnancy.

Junior Horlicks Stage 2(4-6 Year old’s):

Specialized nutrition for children in nursery, nutritional food powder ensures balanced diet to meet your child’s nutritional requirement, with protein milk, calcium and immune nutrients helps in height gain and immune function.

Top Online Retailers that Sell Horlicks Products

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