Best Antivirus For PC in India

Best Antivirus For PC in India

Best Antivirus For PC in 2018

You definitely need an antivirus even if you browse the internet carefully, don't download media and other stuffs because the things that you don't notice bring in the biggest threats to your computers. The internet has never been a safe place no matter how much you adopt safe browsing skills, it's never been safe enough. Your system be it PC or laptop, can get infected by system cracking viruses mere by clicking on to any promotional advertisement or while downloading an important document. To keep your system safe and unaffected, buying the best antivirus for PC is a must have. Anti-virus is designed to find and remove threats from your system. Not only that, best antivirus for PC prevents various types of  viruses to enter into your system by creating a protective sheath which enables in keeping your PC or laptop safe and secure from all types of malware and virus.
Don't take any unnecessary stress as we have listed the best 5 antivirus available in the market which you can shop at the earliest to enjoy safe browsing and unlimited downloading.

List of Best Antivirus For PC in India 2018

Find the best antivirus for PC or laptop in the below list and keep your system threat free each time you browse or download:

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Bit defender is a security package available for Windows, Mac Os, and Android, it will be soon available for IOS also. Bitdefender Total Security provides the best protection against damage from viruses and malware. The main reason for such robust protection is the data gathered by 500 million Bitdefender users which enables it to find out unknown threats and new threats hitting the internet users, Bitdefender includes an anti-rootkit feature to ensure your Laptop and PC boots safely each time, an anti-ransomware feature for protection against maliciously encrypted files and also an web filter to make your online transactions more secured.

2. Norton Security Standard

Norton being an age-old player in the market can never be underestimated, Norton provides overall protection to help you keep your computer and your financial data from cybercrime.Norton is one of the top performers when it comes to malware and exploit protection, malicious URL blocking test. Norton includes password manager, spam filter, and other bonus features.


3. Kaspersky Total Security

As the name suggests Kaspersky Total Security is one of the complete Antivirus software available, the features include a different mode for kids to protect them from inappropriate content and messages, an online back up to keep your files secure. Kaspersky offers a secure browser to prevent tracking from websites the Kaspersky safe money utility which lets you secured access to all the banking and financial websites. You can send the files to the cloud for reputation checking by simply right-clicking.


4. McAfee Antivirus

The best thing about McAfee Antivirus plus is it provides protection on an unlimited amount of devices including Android, macOS, and IOS but the issue here is not all the features are present there for all the devices. This antivirus boasts of a strong set of features and can be easily identified as a complete security system there's antivirus, URL blocking, file shredding, firewall and more.

5. Web Root Security Anywhere  

It's a unique package as the core database is stored in cloud, So apparently it acquires only a couple MB of your hard drive whereas it takes only 4MB of RAM when your system is idle. That's the reason why it is most preferred antivirus software among the users who don't have much RAM to spare. So if you are someone who always toggles the internet and want to utilize the extra space on your hard drive this one is made for you.

From the above list of best antivirus for PC or laptop, pick the one that suits your requirements so that you can browse, download, and do multiple activities without any threat of system threats.

List of Best Antivirus For PC in India (August 2019)

Best Antivirus For PC Price in India
Norton Latest Internet Security Software - 5 Users, 1 Year (CD) Rs.3,950
Kaspersky Total Security - 1 User, 1 Year (CD) Rs.480
Webroot Internet Security Complete 3 User Rs.1,200
Price List of Best Antivirus For PC in India, Last Updated on 13 August 2019
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