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Best OTG Pendrives Price List in India 2019

OTG Pendrives List OTG Pendrives India Price OTG Pendrives Discount & Offers
Strontium Nitro SR8GBBOTG2Z USB 3.0 8GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.392 60%
Strontium Nitro SR16GBBOTG2Z USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.570 56%
Strontium Nitro SR32GBBOTG2Z USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.890 55%
Sony Micro Tinny USM-M1 USB 2.0 16GB Pen Drive (White) Rs.404 55%
Kingston DataTraveler DT MicroDuo USB 3.0 64GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.1,059 55%
Transcend JetFlash 340 USB 2.0 64GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.2,988 54%
Sony USM16BA2/S USB 3.1 16GB Pen Drive (White) Rs.445 53%
Sony USM-SA3 USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.850 52%
SanDisk Ultra Dual M USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Gold) Rs.510 51%
Transcend JetFlash 380 USB 2.0 64GB Pen Drive (Silver) Rs.1,499 48%
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