List of Best Pen Drives in India 2020

Best Pen Drives Pen Drives Price List
SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.509
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Silver) Rs.499
SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 16GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.269
SanDisk Ixpand Mini USB 3.0 64GB Pen Drive (Silver) Rs.2,619
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Gold) Rs.530
Kingston DataTraveler 50 USB 3.0 32GB Pen Drive (Red & Silver) Rs.520
SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 32GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.399
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 64GB Pen Drive (Gold) Rs.899
Strontium Nitro USB 3.0 8GB Pen Drive (Black) Rs.470
HP X765W USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive (White & Black) Rs.349
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Pen Drives

A pen drive, or a USB flash drive, is a portable data-storage device. Pen drives have replaced the floppy drives of old and have become the most popular data-storage devices among consumers. Micro, lightweight and handy, a pen drive can be easily carried from place to place by students, professionals, academicians and independent tech consultants.

Currently available pen drives with storage capacities ranging from 8GB and 32GB can be used to store graphics-heavy documents, photos, music files and video clips.The pen drives are used in a wide range in the world they have easily replaced CD’s, Floppy Disk due to its huge data storing capacity and faster data transferring speed. Pen drives and USB flash drives are connected to USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port which is available on computer motherboards they are used without any additional power supply they receive the power directly from the USB port itself and hence are playing dominant role in the PC world.

Advantages of Pen Drives

Pen drives comes in huge data storing capacity from 64 mb to 128 Gb. They consist of a compact design which make them portable. They are used as bootable medium and come with a faster data transferring rate compared to other Computer devices.They can hold or store data almost permanent memory and are also called as secondary storage devices. Pen drives or USB Flash drives comes in variety of sizes and can be kept in pocket for easy transportation. They are not damaged due to scratches like CD’s and DVD’s.

How to choose Pen Drives

Rated Speed

Rated Speed(e.g. 15MB/s, 30MB/s, etc.) is maximum speed of the card and also what you would expect to approximately see in typical usage of writing or reading files on the card. This measurement is pertinent to still photography, especially for taking pictures with high resolution and/or saving in RAW format where the files created are very large. The faster the card, the faster it can save the file and be ready to take another picture. You can really notice speed differences with high-megapixel DSLR cameras when using multi-shot burst mode.

Speed Class

Speed class is a minimum speed based on a worst case scenario test. The Speed Class is important for video mode or camcorders, where the device is actually saving a steady stream of data. The resolution and format of the video determines the amount of steady stream data. This translates to a minimum speed you need to guarantee that the video captured on the cards is recorded at an even, sustained rate with no dropped frames (which would result in lost data and choppy playback).

UHS Speed Class

UHS Speed Class was introduced in 2009 by the SD Association and is designed for SDHC and SDXC memory cards. UHS utilizes a new data bus that will not work in non-UHS host devices. If you use a UHS memory card in a non-UHS host, it will default to the standard data bus and use the "Speed Class" rating instead of the "UHS Speed Class" rating. UHS memory cards have a full higher potential of recording real time broadcasts, capturing large-size HD videos and extremely high quality professional HD.

Video Speed Class

Video Speed Class or "V Class", was created by the SD Association to identify cards that can handle higher video resolutions and recording features. This speed class guarantees minimum sustained performance for recording video.

Popular Pen Drive brands


SanDisk products are constructed to the highest standards and rigorously tested. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance and reliability of every SanDisk product.


The pen drive has a metal body which makes it sturdy. You can store almost 32 GB data in the pen drive for this storage capacity. This smart pen drive has a small strap hole. You can put a small wire or cord through this strap hole. This will prevent your pen drive from getting lost. This pen drive by HP will provide you with a data transfer experience USB 2.0.


DataTraveler 50 is a lightweight USB Flash drive available in capacities from 8GB to 128GB. The drive’s compact, cap less design features a metal casing that complements any compatible device and colorful accents that range by drive capacity.


Backing-up data is a breeze with the USB flash drive. Its black body surface creates a simple and stylish look and it comes with an extra large strap hole for easy attachment.


The Toshiba USB flash drive makes it simple to store media - with a design that’s small in size, but big on storage, with a choice of memory sizes. And with protection software,also provides data security - enabling you to set a password for the entire device or one specific block of data. Behind the practical and attractive design is a flash drive that you can take everywhere, for access to media anywhere.

Top Online Stores That Sell Pen Drives


At Amazon, you can find the best Pen Drives from various renowned brands like SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and more at best prices.


Flipkart is another online shopping portal where you can shop for the best Pen Drives at best prices. Here you can shop for the Pen Drives from top brands like SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and many more.You can rely on Flipkart and their ratings as they provides best range of products at best and market competitive prices.

Paytm Mall

Love getting cashbacks on every checkout? Paytm Mall is that place where you can shop for the best range of Pen Drives from the top renowned brands like SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and many more. Paytm Mall bring you alluring cashback offers on Pen Drives so that you can shop these home essential at best possible price without making a hole in your pocket.


Infibeam is again one famous online shopping portal where you can shop for the best range of Pen Drives. You can find SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and more brand at best prices.

Tata CLiQ

Tata CLiQ is one of the most trusted online stores which offers all top selling brands at awesome offers. So be it the SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk Pen Drives check HotDeals 360 to be sure on not having spent much more than you need to. Now with the many exchange offers and cashback offers you could get lucky with buying your Pen Drives at a never before price. The best part about ordering from Tata CLiQ is you get to choose from the many deals and offers which are exclusively available only for online shoppers.


SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and other top selling Pen Drives brands available on Croma online and off their retail outlets as well. Croma offline stores as well as its online offers are tempting enough to encourage you to buy one today. Owning a Pen Drives has become a necessity now and with winters approaching it is the right time to install one.


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Shopclues is another online portal where you can shop for best Pen Drives online at best prices. Find top brands like SanDisk,Toshiba,Sony,Kingston,SanDisk and many more at best prices.

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