Voice Assistants Price in India
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Voice Assistants Price in India

27 Voice Assistants Price List are available

Find here list of Voice Assistants in India with price. You can browse 27 Voice Assistants from best brands like Amazon, Google, Emotix, Eufy, Harman Kardon. The Voice Assistants price list updated on 26th March 2019 with lowest price from top online retailer like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall & many more.

List of Best Voice Assistants in India 2019

Best Voice Assistants Voice Assistants Price List
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Assistant (Grey) Rs.3,999
Amazon Echo Input Smart Assistant (Black) Rs.2,999
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Assistant (Black) Rs.3,999
Amazon Echo Smart Assistant (Black) Rs.7,999
Google Home Mini Smart Assistant (Grey) Rs.3,999
Amazon Echo Smart Assistant (White) Rs.7,999
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Assistant (White) Rs.3,999
Google Home Mini Smart Assistant (Black) Rs.3,999
Amazon Echo Spot Smart Assistant (Black) Rs.12,999
Google Home Smart Assistant (White) Rs.7,999
Voice Assistants price & products list are updated on March 26, 2019 18:12 IST.

What are Smart Assistance devices?
Smart assistance is the leading technology in which devices works smartly to perform a task for any individual. These are mainly virtual smart assistants that are equipped with special software within the devices to perform specific services which we command for. Home Automation, Smart Monitors, Smart Lights, Security Cameras, Smart Baby Monitors, Robots and more are few of its kinds. Google Home and Alexa have taken smart assistance devices to the next level. These are designed to assist people with basic tasks, usually providing info using natural language as these are powered with great communication skills, time management and immense knowledge. Smart assistance devices allows you to book a cab, order food, play music, set reminders, monitor home, control the brightness of light, switching on/off the air conditioner, scheduling meetings, booking travel tickets and many more. The market have gone crazy soon after the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

How Smart Assistance Devices Work?
The main requirement for these smart assistance devices to work efficiently is strong internet connection to perform various tasks like answering emails, manage contact list, book travel tickets and more mere by your voice command. To get the best results out of these smart assistance devices you need to be aware with the latest technology like VoIP, cloud services and desktop sharing. When you’re all set the smart assistance device, strong internet connect and clear communications skills, all you need to do is ask the smart assistance device to perform the task you want it to do it for you. You can connect smart screen or impressively powerful soundbars, depending on your need and enjoy hand-free handling seamlessly.

Top Smart Assistance Products:

1.Amazon Echo:

Amazon’s new revolutionary smart home speakers have come as a new age device for all the technology freaks. Alexa App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and not only this you can also access it via your desktop browser. You can shop all the Alexa enabled smart home speakers online exclusively on Amazon.in.

2.Google Home:
Google’s Google Home is somewhat similar to the Alexa and these are smart home speakers which are quite intelligent in doing their tasks perfectly. Google home interacts with the Google’s intelligent personal assistant, Google Assistant.

Siri is a built-in "intelligent assistant" that allows the Apple users to operate mobile device and the apps installed in it. You can speak in proper language with Siri and in return receive audible confirmation from -- to set reminders, operate iTunes , send messages, place calls and more. It supports both Android and iOS enabled devices.

India’s first companion robot for kids is here where it interacts and educates them. This is smart and an emotionally intelligent device which engages kids into detailed discussions which helps them develop a good understanding.

5.Lenovo Smart Display:
Lenovo Smart Display is designed to make everyday life easier. This smart screen is powered with built-in Google Assistant. Using this screen you can keep yourself informed about morning commutes, stream any YouTube video, place a video call and do a lot more. Get ready to give a voice command to enjoy the crisp audio and impressive video with a seamless HD touch screen with a modern design. It's one hand-free smart solution for your home.

6.Syska Smart Light:
Syska smart bulb offers you 3 million shades and various tones with which you can change the mood of the space and make any occasion extra special. You can control the lighting with the help of a mobile app "Syska Smart Home LED" using which you can add your preferred to your space without wasting the energy.

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