Tablets Price in India

Tablets Price in India

606 Tablets Price List are available

Find here list of Tablets in India with price. You can browse 606 Tablets from best brands like Apple, iBall, Lenovo, Micromax, Samsung. The Tablets price list updated on 14th November 2018 with lowest price from top online retailer like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall & many more.

List of Best Tablets in India 2018

Best Tablets Tablets Price List Tablets Discount & Offers
Apple iPad MR7G2HN/A Tablet (32GB, 9.7 Inches, WI-FI, Silver) Rs.25,999 7%
Micromax Canvas Plex Tablet (32GB, 8 Inches, WI-FI, champagne Gold) Rs.13,889 22%
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Tablet (16GB, 8 Inches, WI-FI, Slate Black) Rs.14,990 6%
Apple iPad MR7F2HN/A Tablet (32GB, 9.7 Inches, WI-FI, Space Grey) Rs.25,999 7%
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T385NZDAINS Tablet (16GB, 8 Inches, WI-FI, Gold) Rs.17,990 5%
iBall Slide Dazzle i7 Tablet (8GB, 7 Inches, WI-FI, Midnight Blue) Rs.3,799 24%
Apple iPad MR7J2HN/A Tablet (128GB, 9.7 Inches, WI-FI, Space Grey) Rs.35,700 -
iBall Twinkle i5 Tablet (8GB, 7 Inches, WI-FI, Dark Grey) Rs.4,150 31%
Apple iPad MRJN2HN/A Tablet (32GB, 9.7 Inches, WI-FI, Gold) Rs.25,999 7%
Huawei Ediapad T3 AGS-L09 Tablet (32GB, 9.6 Inches, WI-FI, Luxurious Gold) Rs.15,999 11%
Tablets price & products list are updated on November 14, 2018 21:30 IST.

What is a Tablet
Wireless, portable, touchscreen, with almost all features of a personal computer is what a tablet is for us. The name tablet computer shortened to a Tablet comes with a mobile operating system and is more like a mobile device or you could say in between a mobile phone and a computer. A few years back imagining a notebook sized computer held in your hands was only a very far-fetched thought and then it became a reality. Early tablets worked on the pen computing technology which eventually evolved into what they are today compassing all capabilities that a mobile phone would have. Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, Google and many others have their range of Tablets with some sets of unique features.

A tablet lets you use the internet space, write emails, make calls, click pictures, use interesting Apps like – Google Maps, Games, Cloud sharing Apps and other operating system dependent Applications which make it almost another Mobile device which comes with a larger screen and some may not support cellular networks. Tablets use to come in different Operating system types like – Android, iOs, Windows, BlackBerry, Firefox and others. With most of the other operating systems being discontinued only Androis, iOS and Windows lasted in this race.

Best Tablet Brands :

1. Apple iPads :
Apple launched its version of iPads in the year 2010 which was the first in class mass market tablet which gained a lot of recognition in the segment. Apple has always been credited for defining and re-defining the user experience in its consumer devices they launch and so iPads were also not left behind these came with cloud of features. iPads though work on the same OS as MacOS but their user experience is rapidly different. There have been 8 versions to the iPad – iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and the latest one in 2018 was the iPad 2018.

2. Samsung Tabs :
The Samsung tabs are a series of Android Tabs which come were the first Android powered tablets to be released. After Apple, Samsung and the others followed the trends and features that iOS was offering. With large screens, virtual keyboards on the screen, stylus and others Samsung tabs were never inadequate in their offering. Consumers quickly took to the Samsung Tab series as they were very competitively prices against the iPads. The first Samsung Galaxy Tab was first released in November 2010 soon after the first iPad was launched. Samsung launched a series thereafter – Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 2 series, Galaxy Tab 3 series then the Galaxy Tab 4 series and the latest launch was in 2014.

3. Microsoft Surface Tablets:
Worthy competitors in the range of tablets are Tablets from Microsoft – The Microsoft Surface series. Doing the job of a Laptops and a Computer Microsoft Surface tablets are very close to replacing the laptops at our home. Microsoft Surface comes with 6 lines of variants – which have detachable keyboards, optional stylus pens, notebooks, touchscreen and touchscreen whiteboard. The first Microsoft Surface was launched in 2012. While most of the Surface come with Wi-Fi connectivity some come with cellular support as well. Let’s go through the Microsoft Surface range of products – Surface, Surface 2, Surface 3, Surface Go. The latest one was launched in 2018.

4, Lenovo Tablets:
With screen size larger than ever, Lenovo launched its range of tablets which come with loaded features like – Windows Tablets, Android Tablets, 2-in-1 Tablets, Yoga Tablets. These innovative tablets from Lenovo come with various features that you could have not imagined like – build in projectors, connectivity even without Wi-Fi, epic battery life, halo keyboards, light weight, watchband hinge and many other such stunning features. All this and more at a very affordable price, so go ahead grab one today.

5. Honor Tablets :
Huawei the mobile phone company has many smartphones to its name by the brand name – Honor and now lately they entered the tablet industry with the Honor MediaPad launched in 2018. All these Honor tablets come with Microsoft office, Kids Corner, 4G connectivity, voice calling support, 4800mAh battery power and a 9.6 screen size. At the price these tablets are being introduced these are a steal so go ahead and get your Honor Tablets from these variants they have launched – Honor MediaPad T3 and MediaPad T3 10.

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