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TRESemme Products list with price in India 2020 (Updated) : Upto 35% OFF Offers on TRESemme Shampoo Online April 2020

TRESemme Shampoo List TRESemme India Price TRESemme Discount & Offers
TRESemme Botanique Nourish And Replenish Shampoo (500ML) Rs.646 35%
TRESemme Climate Protection With Keratin And Olive Oil Hair Conditioner (828ML, Pack of 2) Rs.999 23%
TRESemme Climate Protection With Keratin And Olive Oil Shampoo (828ML) Rs.780 21%
TRESemme Climate Protection With Keratin,Olive Oil And UV Blocker Shampoo (580ML) Rs.338 20%
TRESemme Color Revitalize Protection Conditioner (828ML) Rs.733 18%
TRESemme Smooth And Silky Touchable Softness Shampoo (828ML) Rs.695 18%
TRESemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo (828ML) Rs.698 17%
TRESemme Climate Protection With Keratin And Olive Oil Hair Conditioner (828ML, Pack of 3) Rs.3,998 16%
TRESemme Botanique Nourish And Replenish Shampoo (650ML) Rs.835 16%
TRESemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo (900ML) Rs.845 15%
TRESemme Products list, Price and Offers are updated on April 10, 2020 15:47 IST.

TRESemme Products Online

Edna Emmé started the company in 1948. An icon who created an iconic brand, she progress upwards from the machine floor to a pivotal seat in the boardroom, she acquired the position of vice-president at the Godfroy Manufacturing company, in an era where such positions were mostly exclusive for men. Her resilience in her personal life reflects through the values of the brand as well- “when you’re looking your best, you feel empowered to be your best.” A rule breaker, Edna was admired for looks but is remembered for her intelligence and entrepreneurial skills that shaped her company, to achieve great heights.

At Godfroy, Edna launched TRESemmé, which was originally developed as salon range product for strong, nourished hair, and took its name after Edna, with a play on the phrase ‘much-loved’. Edna had worked as a hairdresser in the past, and hence knew the nitty gritties of hair care and how good hair could be a great confidence booster. In a time where professional hair products were only exclusively available in salon’s, Edna’s vision was to bring professional-quality products to women at home, creating something truly incredible and first of its kind- the brand, TRESemmé.

TRESemmé works specifically on hair products, like shampoos and conditioners, but the array of products they offer within these categories are of a vast variety, aiming to serve different purposes. Each shampoo has been created with a corresponding conditioner, which paired together help attain successful results for your hair. The brand is driven by a simple yet solid moto- every woman deserves to feel look and feel fabulous. Their products aim to tackle different hair problems such as dry & damaged hair, fine & thin hair, frizzy hair and hair fall, while providing a beautiful finish to the look. Just like the brand has made it easy for us tackle different hair problems, we have made it easy for you to shop for the same using the following comprehensive list. These effective and useful products are easily available on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa- order products to suit your own needs to get a salon finished look at home!

TRESemmé Shampoos

Aspiring for healthy and good looking hair? Step 1: Pick the right shampoo. TRESemmé has a collection of shampoos that serve various needs, pick the one your hair needs.

Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo:

This creation, is a lovely blend of olive and camelia oil. It has no parabens or dyes and is safe to use for colored hair. It also works for frizz control hair upto 24 hours.

Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo:

This is a botanical blend of neem and ginseng. It is used for nourishing damaged and weak cuticles.

Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo:

This product has been created using hydrated marine minerals and nutrients. It leaves the hair well moisturised and gives it a thicker and shinier look.

Ionic Strength Shampoo:

It contains Salon standard Iconic complex, beneficial in reinforcing the natural process of protecting against hair damage.

Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo:

This product contains volume lockers which help keep the hair bouncy and add volume that stays for long. It is to be used after using the pre-wash conditioner.

Keratin Smooth Shampoo:

This is a specially formulated blend with less sulfates, helping in the restoration of keratin, nourishing each strand of hair to give a straight and shiny appeal.

Smooth & Shine Shampoo:

This blend incorporates Vitamin H and silk protein to intensely moisturize dry and rough hair. It gives a detangled, soft and smooth look.

Climate Control Shampoo:

It locks in the moisturised hair, calms the frizz and provides a hair cleanse, leaving the hair gentle and smooth.

Hair Defense Shampoo:

This blend reinforces hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. It is an effective blend for longer, stronger hair.

TRESemmé Conditioners

Selecting the right shampoo is winning half the battle against dry, limp hair. Pair it with the right conditioner to give your hair the right moisturization and finished look. Pick the conditioner that goes in sync with the need your shampoo serves.

Botanique Nourish & Replenish Conditioner:

A good blend of olive and camelia oil, this product moisturises your hair well to give it complete nourishment.

Botanique Detox & Restore Conditioner:

A botanique blend of neem and ginseng, it conditions your weak or damaged hair cuticles.

Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner:

This conditioner can be massaged on your scalp, to condition both the scalp and the strands of hair. It leaves your hair well-moisturised and gives it a spa-finished look.

Ionic Strength Conditioner:

The product is gentle enough for daily use and helps restore and nourish your hair, with the help of the salon standard ionic complex.

Beauty-Full Volume Conditioner:

This product is a pre-wash conditioner which is a part of the reverse system of hair washing. To be used before shampooing to avoid hair falling flat.

Keratin Smooth Conditioner:

In sync with its counterpart, Keratin Smooth Shampoo, this product helps control frizz up to 3 days, leaving you with gorgeous, straight and easy to manage hair.

Smooth & Shine Conditioner:

With the right blend of Vitamin H and silk protein, it moisturises your hair intensely, providing you with soft and smooth hair.

Climate Control Conditioner:

This product creates protection for your hair from the weather around. It hydrates and strengthens your hair while controlling the frizz.

Hair Defense Conditioner:

Helps in reinforcing hair strength, against damaged hair and hair prone to break-age.

Top Online Retailers that sell TRESemmé products

TRESemmé products enable you to get salon-quality hair at home, and the following online portals help bring these products to you, at your beck and call! Browse through the array of TRESemmé products on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. You can make an informed decision in terms of offers and pricing by browsing through the these online portals and making comparisons alongside.


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