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List of Best Washing Machines in India 2020

Best Washing Machines Washing Machines Price List
LG 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (P8541R3SA, Maroon & white) Rs.13,200
IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (SENORITA AQUA SX, Silver) Rs.28,999
LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (P7550R3FA, Dark Grey) Rs.10,490
IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (SENATOR AQUA SX, Silver) Rs.32,990
Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WAK24268IN, Silver) Rs.43,999
LG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T7281NDDLG, Silver) Rs.15,960
IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL-65RCW AQUA, Ivory White) Rs.16,999
LG 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T8077NEDLX, Dark Red) Rs.26,999
LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (P7559R3FA, Burgundy & White) Rs.11,649
IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL-RDW AQUA, Ivory White) Rs.16,480
Washing Machines price & products list are updated on May 25, 2020 00:05 IST.

Washing Machine Price

Your access to Washing Machine price list, price comparison, features, specifications and your favorite Washing Machine brands at best prices and offers. We bring for you this one stop destination to the latest updated Washing Machine list with Washing Machine price in India. Find yours from this list of Washing Machines with starting price from Rs. 3,654 going upto Rs. 309,990, available at upto 8% OFF. A wide range of Top selling Washing Machine Brands like – LG , Whirlpool , Samsung , Bosch , Haier and others all listed together for your ease of Price, Brand, Washing Type, Function Type, Capacity, Power Consumption, Washing Method comparisons and the overall rating of the Washing Machine which will assist you in getting you your best next Washing Machine.

Type of Washing Machines

When on your hunt for a new Laptop you could be looking at the best with top notch features like :

Some Washing Machines come with a few features together or all of them loaded in one. The choices are many and hence the confusion when you are looking to buy yourself the best next Washing Machine. No matter what kind of Washing Machine you are looking for we have covered all the range available right here for you to curate your choice before you buy.

Washing Machines

What are washing machines?

Washing machines are devices used to clean the dirty laundry. It’s an appliance that washes clothes with water which is in contrast to the ultrasonic cleaners which use cleaning fluids rather than water.

Types of Washing machines

Front Loading:

If you only have a compact place to keep your washing machine, this works well. It can wash large amount of clothes and also saves on the electricity usage. This layout mounts the inner basket and outer tub horizontally, and loading is done through a door at the front of the machine. The door often but not always contains a transparent window like structure. Agitation or the force is supplied by the back-and-forth rotation of the cylinder and by gravity. The clothes are lifted and rotated up by paddles on the inside wall of the drum and then dropped. This motion relaxes the weave of the fabric and forces water and detergent solution through the clothes load. Because the wash action does not require the clothing to be freely suspended in water, only enough water is needed to moisten the fabric. Because less water is required, front-loaders typically use less soap as compared to other types and the repeated dropping and folding action of the tumbling can easily produce large amounts of foam.

Top Loading:

A simple control panel and shorter cycles are the reasons to go for this one. Avoid putting too many clothes at once since it hinders the spinning cycle. The top-loader's spin cycle between the washing process and rinsing allows an extremely simple passive fabric softener dispenser, which operates through force and gravity. Fabric softener, vinegar, or any other such liquid rinse agent, is placed in a cup at the top of the agitator. It "rides along" during the washing cycle. When the spin cycle is engaged, the fabric softener is pulled up by a tapered cup and a good force, where it collects in the top of the spinning part. Once the spin cycle is completed, central force no longer suspends the fabric softener and it falls through the center of the agitator to join the rinse water coming into the tub. The same objective must be accomplished by the help of a pump, and associated timer controls and wiring, on a front loader. These are high efficiency top loaders. They can be used to wash bulks of clothes as they don’t have agitators. They are a little on the higher side compared to others, but definitely do the work right

Washer Dryer Combo:

It is an appliance that performs the dual action of a washer as well as a dryer.They are very time saving and user friendly. In principle, these machines are convenient for overnight washing(the combined cycle is considerably longer), but the effective capacity for cleaning larger batches of laundry is drastically reduced. The drying process tends to use much more energy as compared to using two separate devices, because a combo washer dryer not only must dry the clothing, but also needs to dry out the wash chamber itself. These machines are used more in Europe, because they can be fitted into small spaces, don’t take up much space and many can be operated without dedicated utility connections. In these machines, the washer and dryer functions often have different capacities, with the dryer usually having one of the lowest capacity.

Laundry Center:

They are tall in size but can fit in a tiny space. The gryer and washer come attached to it. Laundry centers usually have the dryer on top of the washer, with the controls for both machines being on a single control panel itself. Often, the controls are simpler than controls on a washer-dryer combo or a dedicated washer and dryer separately.

Benefits of owning a washing machine

It basically helps to reduce the manual labour spent, providing an open basin or a sealed container with paddles or fingers to automatically rotate the dirty clothes put in. The earliest machines were made out of wood and were mostly hand operated, later the machines were developed in a manner that a fire was built below the washtub which kept the water comparitively warm.

Top Washing Machine Brands

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Onida
  • Whirpool
  • Videocon
  • Haier
  • Godrej
  • IFB
  • Weston
  • Panasonic


Samsung washing machines completely make washing clothes a better experience.From top load to a fully automatic washing machine, it has come a long way. The bestselling models are the top load washing machine and the fullyautomated washing machines. LG – The best part about LG is that they study laundry all around the world and then develop the washing machines.It has explored the possibility of washing machines that allow separate wash cycles at the same time.


Onida washing machines are the one stop solution for all your washing problems. They are made to last for years with its anti- rust fiber body.


Whirlpool washing machines have the Load and Go Dispenser That holds enough for 20 to 40 loads.Help prevent stains with the built in faucet which allows you to prewashthe clothes right in the washer.


Videocon washing machines are available at very affordable rates and they allow presoaking and are equipped with lint filters that further simplify your washing experience.


Haier very recently got popular among the Indian market solely due to the features that they provide. It has a feature called Near Zero Pressure Technology that allows the machine to work smoothly even if the water pressure is not that much.


Godrej has a wide range of washing machines which are affordable and also have all the necessary features. They come in both top load, front load and fully automated. IFB – IFB washing machines smartly deal with your tough stains and gently care for the delicate ones too. It has all features like the touch control and simple intuitive operations. It’s the best pick if you are a sucker for latest technology.


Weston washing machines are one of the old ones in the market. They too provide all the features that you might look for. Panasonic – Washing machines in Panasonic are ahead in style as they come in very many colours to choose from. Also the fully automated machines are the ones that are highest in demand.

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