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Best Helmet Brands in India (Latest)

Thinking to buy a head gear well we have the best helmet brand in India to save the most vulnerable part of your body with a pinch of fashion.
Updated: Sep 04, 2020 19:37 IST
Best Helmet Brands in India (Latest)
Best Helmet Brands in India You can Trust On

Best helmet brands offer some of the safest and the best motorcycle helmets in India. The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word helmet is safety. It is a minute way to stop harmful accidents from occurring. Given the increased levels of road traffic especially within cities and towns, more and more users are turning towards motorcycles and other two-wheelers as a preferred mode of transport. Similarly, it is mandatory to know the best helmets in India as even style is necessary in line with safety, especially for the young population. It's critical to have the right kind of protective gears when traveling on motorcycles. It could certainly play a big role in enhancing the safety of the persons traveling in these vehicles. This is the main reason why in many states and regions helmets have been made mandatory while riding motorcycles. We think that helmets are just a burden on our heads while traveling, but we don't go through the magnitude of fatalities we face during a crash resulting to head injuries. Considering that we bring to you the best helmet brands in India with prices for those passionate riders who need safety and style at the same time.

List of Best Helmet Brands in India to Shop Online

  1. Vega
  2. Wrangler
  3. Studds
  4. Steelbird
  5. Gliders
  6. LS2
  7. Fastrack
  8. THH
  9. Royal Enfield
  10. Autofy

Find best motorcycle helmets which are known for securing your ride in the most stylish ways. Take a look at the list of the best helmet brands:

1. Vega

ISI and DOT Certified Helmets by Vega

Vega helmets come with a dual visor which helps in giving comfort on a sunny day. They offer an extensive range of helmets including Open face helmets, Full face helmets, Off-Road helmets. These best helmets in India are way cheaper than any other helmets having such safety and fashion. Designed to consider good ventilation, comfort, safety, fashion and with it comes a quick release mechanism. Their products are pre certified by ISI and DOT that brings self-confidence to the rider and hence it is known to be one of the top helmet brands in India

  • Price range : ₹800-₹36,000
  • Types Available : Full Face, Open Face and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 70% Off

2. Wrangler

Manuafacturer and Exporter of Helmets

Wrangler is a leading helmet brand and motorcycle accessories manufacturing in India. The company produces the wide array of helmets of multiple design, price range, and color. It is well established for manufacturing full face helmets, safety helmets and designer helmets. Presently, Wrangler is the best helmet brand and also, Wrangler is recognized as one of the most respectable helmet manufacturing and exporter company. To match the caliber of your bike you must grab hold of a wrangler.

  • Price range : ₹750
  • Types Available : Full Face
  • Online Available On : Amazon

3. Studds

International Lab Tested Helmets At IDIADA Spain

These helmets from one of the best helmet brands comes with pretty impressive paintwork. It has two types' of helmets, the Open face helmets and full face helmets. And from what we've seen, not only do these helmets looks trendy, they are also very well made and comply with the latest industry standards like the highly established testing laboratory BIS India and IDIADA Spain. Some famous models of studds are Motorcross, Ninja Series, Professional Full face and Chrome Elite. These helmets are light in weight and comfortable.

  • Price range : ₹750-₹5,500
  • Types Available : Full Face, Open Face, Motorcross, Half Helmets and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 10% Off

4. Steelbird

Top Helmet Brands Of India

This Delhi based company has major market share in specific helmet segment. The Steelbird range is targeted towards the youth, so the designs and graphics are done accordingly, and they look quite nice. Some of the helmets from this helmet brand have dual tone colors which attract the user's eyes.  Steelbird is one of the best helmet brands in Delhi, India manufacture multiple types of helmets ranging from open face to full face, flip up helmets modules that give a clear view of the roads. Steelbird is known to be one of the best helmet company in India equipped with anti-scratch, anti-fog visors and anti-glare protection features in economical prices.

  • Price range : ₹840-₹4,000
  • Types Available : Full Face, Open Face, Flip Up Helmets and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 30% Off

5. Gliders

Dual Tone Trending Designer Helmets By Gliders

Motorcyclist safe helmets from Gliders keep quality, safety, comfort and price as their priority when making helmets for bikers. A team of skilled people work together in making these superior quality helmets that make sure you stay safe while you are on your ride. With a wide range of helmets from this brand they cover almost all types of requirments - full face helmets, open face helmets, motocross helmets, flip-up helmets, sporting helmets and other bike accessories. Choose the kind that suits your style from a range of colours and designs available. We are here listing down the best helmets in India from Gliders available on Amazon.

  • Price range : ₹670-₹1,950
  • Types Available : Full Face, Open Face, Motocross, Flip Up, Sporting and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 20% Off

6. LS2

Best Helmets With Bold Paints

LS2 is among the best helmet brands in India frequently spoken between buyers. Coming to specifications of the helmets from this best helmet company, they come with an option of clear visor, semi and fully tinted visor. The graphics attract the customers towards its range of helmets. The Reinforced Chin Strap makes noise reduction while riding on highways. For a prolonged usage, LS2 Helmets has a removable and washable comfort liner which is non-allergic in nature.

  • Price range : ₹4,000-₹60,000
  • Types Available : Head and Face Cover, Half Helmets, Flip Up Helmets and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 20% Off

7. Fastrack

Leading Name In The Best Helmet Market

Titan is a leading name in the Indian market, and their Fastrack brand tops the Indian watch market. Titan had launched its range of Fastrack Helmets, the collection of which was revealed at a fashion show. Titan packs steadily built helmets with great curves which are bold and edgy on the sides. It brings a plethora of colors targeting it to both men and women of every age group. Fastrack is the best helmet brand in India that you can blindly trust for its quality assurance.

  • Price range : ₹2,495
  • Types Available : Half Helmet
  • Online Available On : Amazon

8. THH

Consistent In Quality These Best Helmets From THH

THH refers to Tong Ho Hsing. This is also one of the best helmet brands in India 2020. It comes with a certification of ISI and DOT. The Outer shell of it's helmet is made of carbon fiber which is strong enough to sustain in high impacts in any crash. The padding inside the helmet is very soft and can be removable and washable. It has a Quick release mechanism. TTH helmets are manufactured to the highest international quality standards and process controls, ensuring consistent in quality helmets.

  • Price range : ₹1,500-₹4,000
  • Types Available : Full Face and Open Face
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 20% Off

9. Royal Enfield

You Get Class and Style Together In This Best Helmet Brand

Royal Enfield is in the motorcycle helmet market for more than a century. Royal Enfield creates unique helmets and other bike accessories specifically design for the comfort of the bike rider. A significant style of this brand is openface helmet which allows you to breathe and talk during emergencies. The R badging on the front lobe of the helmet gives you the perfect experience of riding a motorcycle with class and glamour.

  • Price range : ₹1,700-₹7,000
  • Types Available : Flip Up Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Half Helmets and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 40% Off

10. Autofy

Supreme In Quality And Looks - Autofy The Best Helmet Brand

Autofy helmets are known to be great in quality and design too. The brand uses some highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate as the outer material to manufacture its helmets and is thus known to be one of the best helmet brands in India. The retractable visor available in the Autofy helmets can easily be customized as per the biker's preference based on the weather conditions or the kind of terrain one is riding on.

  • Price range : ₹650-₹1,500
  • Types Available : Head and Face Cover, Half Helmets, Flip Up Helmets and Others
  • Online Available On : Amazon At Upto 10% Off

Buying Guides for the Best Helmet Brands in India

  • The Head Shape and Size 

Helmets are pretty important for avid riders not as per law but also for security reasons. As a rider you would always want your helmet to be as comfortable as possible. The helmet needs to fit properly. Thus one important aspect to consider before buying the helmet from the best helmet brands in India is to see that it fits properly to your head and is suitable as per your head shape and size.

  • Retention

Retention is simply how easily and for how long you can put on the the helmet on your head. For avid bikers, they need helmets that can be retained on to their head for long. Thus helmets from the top helmet brands in the world needs to stay doesn't matter even if the terrain gets rough. The best way to check the retention factor of helmet is to properly fasten the belt and then pull it from behind. 

  • Visor

Visor happens to be one of the most important parts of the helmet. It is that part of the helmet that allows you to see while you are riding and also saves the eyes from dust and minute particles. Thus the best bike helmet brands in India give proper attention to the manufacturing of visor and the material they use for it. 

  • Cushioning

Cushioning happens to be yet another important aspect of helmets. Proper cushioning leads to ultimate comfort. The best helmet brands in India use proper cushioning while manufacturing their helmets. 

  • ISI Certification

Last but certainly not the least, when you enter in to the market to buy helmet from the best motorcycle helmet brands in India, you must certainly look for the ISI certification. The ISI certification ensures and assures you about the quality of the helmet. 


Best Helmet Brands (Latest) Price in India
Wrangler Endeavor Modified Open Face Helmet with Aerodynamic Cap and Visor (Black, M) ₹ 757
Fastrack HB01BK04 Girl's Helmet, Large (Black Glossy) ₹ 2,495
THH Helmets Open Face Helmet (Pink, M) ₹ 1,499
Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, M) ₹ 947
Vega - OR-D/V-DK_M Off Road D/V Black Helmet-M ₹ 1,799
Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet (Black, M) ₹ 754
Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet (Black, L) ₹ 1,032
Studds Professional Helmet BK/BStrip (L - Head Size:58CM) ₹ 944
Studds Chrome Economy SUS_CEBFH_BLKL Full Face Helmet (Black, L) ₹ 759
Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt White with Grey with Smoke visor,580mm ₹ 1,785
Price List of the Products are last updated on 21 October 2020
Fastrack HE01OR02 Motorbike Helmet(Orange)
(8 ratings)
₹ 2,199
₹ 3,495 (37% off)
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