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Types of Shoes For Men

With so many diffrent styles and types of shoes available for men, it can be quite a task to find the right shoe for the right ocassion. Check this list of the types of shoes for men and go get yours.
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Updated: Nov 26, 2018 16:29 IST
  • Style it right with this guide to the types of shoes for men
  • Dress casual or formal and carry off the look right with these shoes
  • Oxford, Derby, Brogue, Monk and others
Types of Shoes For Men
Types of Shoes For Men

With so many types of shoes for men who says women are the only ones to enjoy getting beautiful, smart and elegant footwear. Even for men there is no greater joy than the feeling of slipping on a fresh, brand new elegant pair of shoes.With so many types of shoes for men available in the market today, it can turn to be a daunting experience when trying to pick the right type of shoes for men that will go perfectly with their outfit. There are shoes for specific sports like the golf shoes. In order to make your shoes shopping experience little fun we have here enlisted some of the most common types of shoes for men based upon the dressing style. This guide to types of shoes for men will help you choose amongst the best type of dress shoes, casual shoes and boots. The selection for the best types of shoes for men will be based upon your attire and occasion.

Based on the dressing style of men we can divided the types of shoes for men in 3 broad categories.

  • Dress Shoes, which are mostly coupled with formal dresses like suit, tuxedos and blazers.
  • Casual Shoes that go for casual occasions along with casual dressing.
  • Boots they go well with both formal attire as well as casual dresses.

Oxford Shoes For Men

Oxford shoes are the most formal types of shoes for men. Recognized as closed lace shoes these go well along with suits and other formal dresses. This style originated from Scotland and Ireland and gained recognition in the world when a group of rebel students wore these instead of knee-high and ankle-high boots. Oxford shoes most often come in black and brown colour. Black shoes can go with any colour suit and dress as long as you have a pair of black socks, whereas brown shoes can go with any coloured socks, but not at all with black suit. The colour contrast of black and brown will devastate the fashion sense of mankind for years.

VETO Elevator Shoes Oxford For Men(Black)
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₹ 7,480
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Derby Shoes For Men

Derby types of shoes for men are one of the most common shoes styles for men and are identified with their open lacing style. These shoes are the perfect types of shoes for men with big feet. Most often you see men adorning this types of shoes for men on formal occasions but they go perfectly well with casual outfits as well. A classic pair of Derby's is always in vogue.

Shoetopia Derby For Men(Tan)
(252 ratings)
₹ 699
₹ 999 (30% off)
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Brogue Shoes For Men

Brogues are yet another classic types of shoes for men. These shoes too go well along with the formals as well as with casual outfit. While derby and oxford brogue shoes go well on formal occasions, brogue shoes with decorative perforations on the surface of the shoes are simply meant for casual occasions. Brogue are the most stylish types of shoes for men.

Lee Cooper Lace Up For Men(Tan)
(131 ratings)
₹ 1,949
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Monk Shoes For Men

Monk types of shoes for men usually do not have any sort of lacing. Instead they have a strap and a buckle. Monk types of shoes for men can further be classified as single monk that are basically shoes with single strap and buckle and double monk as the name suggests are monk shoes with double strap and buckle. Monk shoes can be adorned by the handsome hunks on formal as well as on casual occasions.

Red Tape RTS10771 Monk Strap For Men(Black)
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₹ 2,306
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Loafers For Men

Loafers are again lace-less or strap-less shoes that are timeless when it comes to their appeal and style. These types of shoes of men flip flop on the verge of casual and formal shoes. These shoes are so versatile that they become the perfect companion of business men by day and partygoers at night. The comfort and stylish yet elegant appearance makes it one of the most demanded types of shoes for men.

Sneakers For Men

Sneakers go well with a pair of retro jeans and t-shirt. One of the most preferred types of shoes for men when it comes to casual shoes sneakers are something that have been and will be in demand for times to come. The rubber sole, dyed canvas and some great piece of design sneaker carry them all in one. Modern sneakers are quite different from the old school sneakers, they came in simpler colours and had the timeless looks.

Nike Ebernon Mid Mid Sneakers For Men(Black)
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Boat Shoes For Men

Boat shoes are the best looking casual types of shoes for men. Like the loafers they too do not have any straps or laces. Simply a slip-on masterpiece these boat shoes represent a nautically inspired coolness. The ease with which you can simply slip in your foot for a cosy and comfortable feel makes it the crowd favourite.

XE Looks Boat Shoes for Men Brown
(4 ratings)
₹ 997
₹ 1,999 (50% off)
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Clarks Boat Shoes For Men(Black)
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₹ 2,849
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Espadrilles For Men

Espadrilles are basically the types of shoes for men which are preferred in the summers. These summers shoes are quite comfortable and keeps your feet cool. The reason as to why men love it during summers is because they give the perfect and stylish look even if worn without socks. These are just the perfect types of shoes for men for casual outings.

Bata RIPLEY SANDAL Men Navy Casual
(390 ratings)
₹ 391
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Chelsea Boot For Men

Leather Chelsea Boots are the certainly the undisputed champion in style when it comes to winter footwear. These types of shoes for men remain the top pick for the people across the country as they are quite durable, and possess water-resistant leather. The rugged exterior makes it the perfect companion to trap in the heat and keep the chilly wind out.

LeeGraim Men's Green Chelsea Boots - 9 UK
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₹ 549
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Fentacia Men Chelsea Boots Amazon Deal
Fentacia Men Chelsea Boots
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Chukka Boots For Men

Chukka boots are basically plain boots. These types of shoes are mostly crafted out of suede or other leather material. The open lacing construction of these types of shoes for men makes them the perfect companion for causal outfits like jeans and capris.

The saying “Be comfortable in your own shoes” can be literally translated as one's ease while wearing their preferred footwear. Whether you wear them as a style statement or just for the sake of comfort different types of shoes are something that will always adorn your foot and will always set the precedent as the most important attire you will wear.

Types of Shoes For Men

Product Price in India
VETO Elevator Shoes Oxford For Men(Black) ₹ 7,480
CHURCHILL & COMPANY Men's Tan Oxford European Leather Formal Shoe ₹ 5,399
Blackberrys Men Brown Perforated Leather Formal Oxfords ₹ 2,747
CHURCHILL & COMPANY Men's Tan Derby European Leather Formal Shoe ₹ 3,499
Blackberrys Men Black Genuine Leather Formal Shoes ₹ 2,747
Shoetopia Derby For Men(Tan) ₹ 699
Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men's Brown Formal Shoes-9 UK/India (43 EU) (BSE0022) ₹ 1,300
San Frissco Men Brown Formal Shoes ₹ 978
Lee Cooper Lace Up For Men(Tan) ₹ 1,949
Sir Corbett Men's Synthetic Monk Strap Formal Shoes (8, Tan) ₹ 720
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