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Coolest Car Gadgets To Make Your Ride Hassle-Free

On the go, incorporate these coolest car gadgets To make your ride joyful and hassle-free.
Updated: Dec 31, 2019 13:27 IST
Coolest Car Gadgets To Make Your Ride Hassle-Free
Coolest Car Gadgets To Make Your Ride Hassle-Free

Are you irritated by daily traffic jams, long waits on a traffic signal or running of out of phone battery while you are driving? We all have experienced a fair share of time wondering how can we make our ride better and comfortable. This can be a reality now with some cool gadgets that you can get for your car.
Traveling is an activity which you cannot leave because you have to go to the office, pickup kids from the school and need to drive for various other activities. Although there are some top of the line cars which have tried to give you a hassle-free ride but that comes with a hit to your pocket. So, here are some of the coolest gadgets you surely want to have to make your ride hassle-free and comfortable.

Cool Car Gadgets For Stylish Ride

1. Regor Hi-Speed Car Charger

Well, you might be using a car charger as they are pretty common now-a-days but the Regor Hi-Speed car charger is different. It can charge two devices simultaneously with a lightning fast speed. The charger delivers 2.4A per port which is required in almost all the devices in the market from iPad to mobile phones.


2. Robotouch RBT MF7 Car Massager

When you are stuck in a traffic, sitting on the seat could be very uncomfortable. Sitting on the car seat for a long period can effect your spine. To make this comfortable, Robotouch has come up with a unique gadget which will massage your back in the car while sitting on the seat. This can make you relaxed and your ride comfortable. This device is easy to use, all you have to do is to put the device on the seat and you can turn it on whenever you want to get a massage. This is a cool gadget to make your ride comfortable.


3. Godrej Aer Click Car Freshener

A bad smell inside your car can be embarrassing. This problem can be solved easily with the new Godrej Aer car freshener. This is unlike other car air freshener as this uses a clever gel technology which makes it spill proof. This has a click mechanism which allows to you freshen air inside the car with just a click whenever you want. Godrej Aer comes in a number of flavours and can last upto 60 days. You should surely have this cool car gadget.


4. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

An average Indian spend 24 hours in a car in a week and the air quality could be five times worse than the outside air. To tackle this situation Honeywell has come with a car air purifier which can filter PM2.5 and other pollutants inside the car air. This is like a portable air purifier for your car which make the air safer to breath inside the car.


5. Autofurnish Universal Silver Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel Mug

What if you want a cup of tea or coffee while driving but you are getting late? Keeping in mind Autofurnish has come up with gadget which you may want. This is a travel mug which which can connect to your car's charging port and warm up or make coffee while you are driving. This way you don't have to stop to get a cup of coffee.


6. TAGG Touch Frame Car Mount

Mobile phones are an important part of our lives now and we cannot live without it even for a moment. You need your mobile phones while driving for navigation and other activities but there's no place for you phone in your car. A car mobile holder can be helpful for this. TAGG has launched its mobile holder which can fit to the windshield of your car with just a touch. This gadget can be used for any kind of mobile phones.


7. ZAZZ Adjustable Car Seat Tablet Mount

Traveling with your kids can be boring for the kids. You can engage then with some television shows on your phone but the screen size is a limitation. You can have a tablet mount which can fit to the headrest of your car seat and mount the tablet with some shows to play for your kids. This is a smarter way to travel and a fun way for the kids too.

These were the coolest car gadgets which can instantly upllify the your style quotient and give you hassle-free ride on the go.

Coolest Car Gadgets To Make Your Ride Hassle-Free

Product Price in India
Regor [4.8Amp - 2 Port] High Speed Car Charger for All Smartphones & Tablets + Free Micro USB Cable ₹ 449
Robotouch Rbt Mf7 Smart Car Seat Shiatsu Back Massager With Heat Therapy - Medium (Black) ₹ 10,500
Godrej Aer Click Fresh Lush Green Liquid Car Freshener ₹ 254
Honeywell Move Pure HAPC15GC010506B Air Purifier ₹ 7,990
Autofurnish 12Volt Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Universal Compatibility (Silver) ₹ 999
TAGG Touch Frame Car Mount, Premium Car Mobile Holder ₹ 599
ZAZZ Adjustable Car Seat Headrest Mount/Tablet Stand & Holder for Apple ipad Series and Samsung Note, Motorola Xoom & 7’’ to 8’’ Tablets (White) ₹ 1,950
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