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Best Beard Styles Of 2020, Tips To Groom Them And Best Beard Care Products You Need

Planning on getting that beardy look, follow these trending beard styles to pick from, a few tips for beard grooming and the best beard grooming products to buy online. Here's the list of best beard styles for men for the year!
Updated: Dec 24, 2020 17:30 IST
Best Beard Styles Of 2020, Tips To Groom Them And Best Beard Care Products You Need
Best Beard Styles of 2020 | Beard Style Grooming Products Online

Growing a beard is a very personal choice, but when growing one you must keep some things in mind like – what style would suit your face, how much maintenance will it need, what are the current trending beard styles. Facial hair styles can completely transform the look of any man, a young face can immediately start looking bigger and mature, it can help give your chin and jawline a chiseled defined look which is otherwise absent.

Experimenting with men facial hair has been in fashion since the seventies and it keeps coming back. Let's take a look at the best beard styles of the year.

Best Beard Styles for Men 2020

1. Ducktail Beard

Jason Momoa's beard is styled in the Ducktail beard look with the face almost completely covered with beard and then it tails down into a pointy chin look that looks like a duck's tail. The beard length is usually not very long only about 4-5 inches while the scanty patchy look is maintained all over the face. Try his long locks paired with this beard look and you are sure turning heads.

2. The Natural Outgrown

This beard style is especially easy to style and maintain and does not require daily grooming. Ben Affleck is seen sporting this look at many instances; take a clue from his picture here below. Looking to sport a casual beard look which is wearable for any occasion then this one is your pick, its perfect for weekends, day office, casual evenings or vacations.

3. Scruffy Beard

Slightly bigger than the 5'o clock beard the scruffy beard is a heavier scruff which you can get in about 2-3 weeks. This scruffy beard needs to be trimmed if it starts to hide your Adam's apple. This scruffy beard is a style anyone can wear be it someone with a heavy growth or someone with patchy beard. Maintaining the scruffy beard is a every 2 day job, so if your beard growth is quick then you will need to keep trimming it close and tight.

4. Patchy Classic Beard

Let's accept the truth not everyone can create that heavy beard look, some keep struggling with a patchy growth. This patchy classic beard look is very popular on Asian skin and also looks great with unkempt hair. Another interesting thing is you can spin this look with your salt pepper hair as well. Mostly preferred by men of higher age group this is an easily to style and maintain look.

5. Full Beard Verdi Style

This full beard Verdi style gives you a classic distinguished look, but this beard look is complete only with mustache handles which are waxed and hanging on the top of the beard. To grow this kind of beard you need atleast 4-8 months and regular trimming and shaping. This is not a heavy maintenance look, soon after you have the look it will only need grooming and beard wax to keep it in place and shape.

Full Beard Verdi Style 1608734227426

Full Beard Verdi Style

6. Pointed Hipster Beard

This beard covers more than half the face and then is defined by a thin chin strap which elongates and tappers downwards. The well-defined sharp look of this beard elongates the chin in a distinctive manner giving you a top-notch fashion statement. This beard looks great on round and square faces defines the chin and jawline to give a longer look to your face.

7. Goatee

A goatee style beard is low on maintenance and high on style and has been a choice amongst youngsters since many years. Goatee is basically a mustache and a stubble on your chin. Vicky Kaushal in this picture below sports an unkempt variation of the goatee. This beard style looks artistic and has been very popular among artists like – painters, musicians, rock stars. It's an easy way to begin with experimenting with facial hair and also a great option for people who struggle with scanty growth.

8. Boxed Beard

If you are someone who likes it neat and groomed and yet looking for a beard look, then the boxed beard look is the best alternative to a full beard. So if your aversion to too much hair is growing then chop the look to a boxed beard look. This beard look flaunts a neatly timed sides and a cropped sculpted natural hair growth. This look is highly preferred by people who want to elevate their cheekbones and give more emphasis to their jawline.

Top Beard Grooming Tips To Follow

While it can be easy to grow a stubble or a full beard its another story to maintain, manage and keep it looking well groomed. There are a few things you can keep in mind to keep flaunting that well kept beard look.

  1. Wash the beard using a beard shampoo, this will help keep the beard itch free, untangled and also free of dirt.
  2. Moisturising the beard could sounds slightly awkward but yes once your hair have grown and curled the skin underneath will not be able to suffice the nourishment for your hair, hence what they need is some additional moisturisation. Using a beard balm will do the trick.
  3. Using a beard oil will not only make sure your facial hair have a good growth but will also keep the hair feeling soft and nourished.
  4. There are umpteen number of beard grooming tools out there but a beard comb and a beard trimmer are the most important ones in your arsenal.

Best Beard Products You Must Own

Pick from this collection of the best beard grooming products you will need once you have begun growing that beard.

1. Beard grooming tools

2. Beard oil

3. Beard balms

4. Beard brush

FAQs About Beard Styles

Q1. How do I choose my beard style?

Choosing your beard style will highly depend on what kind of face cut and shape you have and also on the kind of beard growth you have.

Q2. What are the best beard styles trending now?

Flaunt a beard style that suits your face and flatters your style quotient, if you are a beginner begin with a goatee and experiment with its variations.

Q3. Does keeping a beard make you look older?

Keeping a beard does make you look more mature and older, you could be choosing to keep a beard to give your face a more mature and manly look or to add more charisma to your aging look.

Q4. What is the most attractive beard look?

No doubt that a heavy stubble steals the look, but if you have little growth you could begin with having a patchy overall look and then eventually build up on it.


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