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Brow Gel for Brows on Fleek

Looking for a product to sort all your brow woes? You're at the right place 'Cause this story is going to solve all your problems! Listed below are top brow gels you need in your life!
Updated: Dec 06, 2019 14:20 IST
Brow Gel for Brows on Fleek
Brow Gel in India

Brow gel is the mascara of eyebrows. It volumizes brow hair and seals your look so it stays all day. Clear brow gel is great for brows that are already thick, while tinted cream should be used to fill in gaps and sparse spots. Use it in combination with brow pencils, depending on the level of definition you're going for — usually, a meshed approach achieves a highly defined look. Based on your eyebrow thickness and preferred mode of application, pick a brow gel from the most loved formulas listed ahead.

The Best Brow Gels

1. L.A. Colors Browie Wowie Brow Tinted Gel

The Browie Wowie Brow Tinted Gel comes with a spoolie dipped in thick, brown brow gel that works to volumize your lashes and hold them in place. This is ideal for brows that are semi-sparse. Use it after penciling in definition with the Browie Wowie Brow Pencil, or on its own for a subtler finish.

Editor's Choice

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics Clear Brow And Lash Mascara

Clear brow gel like this one from ELF Cosmetics works best for eyebrows that are already thick — lucky you. Brush upwards in the direction of hair growth for a natural, volumized finish that stays in place all day. If you want more definition still, you can sketch in details with a brow pencil first. (Bonus tip: this wand is perfectly safe for lashes, too.)

3. Nyx Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel

The NYX Control Freak Eyebrow brow gel is ideal for those with fuller brows, or those who prefer not to darken their arches. Brush upwards with the spoolie and glaze your twins with the non-sticky formula for more definition. If you have sparse brows and want a fuller look, use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil first to mimic fine hair.

4. M.A.C Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

This brow gel from M.A.C. is perfect for sparse brows with bald spots. Gently brush upwards and watch your brows get fuller. Choose from six shades according to your preference — we recommend a hue lighter than your natural hair for a look that doesn't overwhelm, unless you want dramatic, dark brows.

All Rounder

5. GlamGals Eyebrow Gel

This GlamGals brow Gel comes with a separate brush with a thin tip to help you add precise definition. It volumizes, tints and lengthens your brows, giving them a natural finish and sealing the look. Available in three shades of varying intensity: light brown, brown and black. Bonus: it's waterproof and heatproof, so you can wear it all year round.

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GlamGals Eyebrow Gel
₹ 782
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6. Estee Lauder Brow Now Volumizing Brow Tint

Here's a longwear brow tint/ brow gel from Estee Lauder that will stay on 12 hours. Its thin bristles will tint and volumize even the finest of brow hair with a natural finish.

7. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up

This creamy brow gel formula from Bobbi Brown will glide on effortlessly to tint, volumize and soften sparse brows. Spending extra is worth it because this formula contains wheat protein and vitamin B5 that condition brow hair so it never goes stiff.

Also Good

Brow Gel for Brows on Fleek

Product Price in India
L.A. Colors Browie Wowie Brow Tinted Gel ₹ 2,500
E.L.F. Cosmetics Clear Brow And Lash Mascara ₹ 696
Nyx Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel ₹ 1,569
Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set, Toasted Blonde ₹ 2,935
GlamGals Eyebrow Gel ₹ 782
Estee Lauder Brow Now Volumizing Brow Tint ₹ 5,309
Bobbi Brown Natural Shaper & Hair Touch Up AUBURN 5 ₹ 3,670
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