Best Intimate Washes For Women: No Compromising On This!

Ladies, pay attention! If you are looking for the best intimate wash, we have some suggestions. Pick from this list of the best feminine washes that you can shop at great prices.
Best Intimate Washes For Women: No Compromising On This!
Best Intimate Wash For Women

Most of us take pretty good care of our face and hair, but when it comes to intimate feminine hygiene, we tend to neglect it. The skin of the intimate area is quite different than that of face or hands, therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to use products that are particularly designed for the intimate area. In the below story, we shall discuss the benefits of the intimate wash. Not only that, we have also curated a list of the best intimate wash for women, so that you can buy the best products for yourself.

Best Intimate Washes for Women

1. VWash Plus Expert Intimate Wash

VWash is formulated with a unique pH balanced formula of lactic acid. The product is enriched with sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil that have an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. VWash keeps your intimate area bacteria and odour-free, keeping it moisturised throughout the day. It helps prevent itchiness, irritation, and dryness that causes discomfort.

Excellent Buy
VWash Plus Amazon Deal

VWash Plus

₹ 290
₹ 320 (9% off)
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2. Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

The Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash is pH balanced and helps to keep the intimate area moisturised and bacteria-free, along with keeping away any odour. It is formulated with vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts that make it gentle and safe for use. This is one of the best feminine washes for women and helps you stay healthy, internally.

Perfect Choice
Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash, 100ml Amazon Deal

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash, 100ml

₹ 185
₹ 189 (2% off)
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3. Everteen Feminine Intimate Wash

This intimate wash is chemical-free and uses natural ingredients like yoghurt, neem extracts, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and sea buckthorn, which help to keep vaginal infections away. It helps maintain anti-fungal activities that help to maintain pH balance and prevent unpleasant and foul vaginal odour. The wash promotes cell regeneration and provides a soothing and refreshing feel. The product is laced with anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

Great Buy
everteen Feminine Intimate Wash (105-ML) Amazon Deal

everteen Feminine Intimate Wash (105-ML)

₹ 145
₹ 180 (19% off)
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4. WOW Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash

If you prefer a foam-based intimate wash, try WOW Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash. This is a great buy for women looking for a more natural foam-based intimate cleaning. It contains the perfect combination of tea tree oil and lactic acid that helps to keep intimate area bacteria-free. The product is free of parabens or sulphates, and is thus safe for everyday use.

Good Choice
WOW Skin Science F&G Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash - 120 ml Amazon Deal

WOW Skin Science F&G Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash - 120 ml

₹ 302
₹ 399 (24% off)
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Why Should You Use Intimate Wash?

The intimate body parts have delicate skin that is more tender than that of skin elsewhere on our body. It is thus prone to fungal infections that cause inching and foul odour. Thus, specially designed products should be used to take care of the private areas to maintain an ideal pH level and keep foul odour away.

Benefits of Using the Best Intimate Wash

There are several benefits of using the feminine wash. Normal soaps and washes might cause irritation in the vaginal area, thus washing the vaginal area with these best intimate washes not only cleanses away the bacteria but also soothes it. It also reduces bad odour and reduces the risk of fungal infections. The best intimate hygiene wash for women to shop online are specifically designed to handle the sensitiveness of the delicate parts.

FAQs on Intimate Wash

Q. Which soap is good for your intimate area?

A. Soap is harsh for the delicate skin that is around one's intimate area.  Hence, you should always use specially designed products that provide a soothing and refreshing feel, maintain optimum pH levels, and prevent any unpleasant odour.

Q. Is it safe to use intimate wash every day?

A. Yes. These products are designed as per the requirements, so they will not wash away any healthy bacteria or cause irritation.

Q. How do intimate areas remain fresh?

A. The intimate wash contains gentle and safe natural ingredients that do not harm but instead moisturise and soothe the skin. If the area maintains freshness, it will not produce any kind of false odour.

Best Intimate Wash For Women

Best Intimate Washes For Women: No Compromising On This! Price in India
VWash Plus ₹ 290
Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash, 100ml ₹ 185
everteen Feminine Intimate Wash (105-ML) ₹ 145
WOW Skin Science F&G Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash - 120 ml ₹ 302
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