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Best Under Eye Cream: Power Smoothie For Your Eyes!

Under Eye creams: Eyes are the most attractive part of ones body. To deal with all the dullness, dark circles and fine lines we bring you the list best under eye creams that you can seamlessly shop online.
Updated: Sep 09, 2019 12:54 IST
Best Under Eye Cream: Power Smoothie For Your Eyes!
Best Under Eye Cream- Power Smoothie For Your Eyes

With the heat waves scorching every minute of the day, and the eye not just being affected by pollutants and pollen all day; but also with each time you smile, laugh or even talk, the muscles around your eyes contract. This repeated folding action causes wrinkles and fine lines to develop on your face, especially around your eyes where the skin is fine and thin. The under eye skin is very delicate and with constant exposure to pollution and our hectic ways of life it's almost normal for the skin to show blood vessels more prominently given its 0.5mm thickness. Another reason for the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles is premature premature periorbital hyper pigmentation which is due to heat and technology overexposure. Of course we cannot immediately change our lifestyles and the pollution-heat situation in Delhi, but we do have the best under eye creams to shop online listed below.

Best Under Eye Cream To Shop Online

1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

The body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream promises an instant rejuvenation to the eyes with a cool, calming, serene effect to the eyes. It contains vitamin E to hydrate and soften the skin below your eyes and provides a soothing effect to them, much needed in the crisis that wrinkling, dryness and bags under our eyes bring. It is the best under eye cream for reducing dark circles and puffiness.

2. Forest Essentials Intensive eye cream with Anise

Filled with papaya extracts and potato starch, this is the best under eye cream to hydrate the skin under the eyes. It acts as a very good eye primer. Helps to smoothen and brighten the skin and delivers noticeable results within a few days of use. It does not contain parabens , and a little expensive but a little goes a long way because a small amount of cream applied is enough for the desired results.

3. Himalaya's Herbals Under Eye Cream

Himalaya's under eye cream claims to reduce dark circles by 80% and wrinkling by 28% within a month. It's budget-friendly and travel-friendly. It spreads well and is very easily usable because it gets absorbed very quickly and does not require any stay-on time. It is the best under eye cream to clear pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles; also smoothes and brightens the skin under your eyes.

4. Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

Stimulating collagen production that strengthens the skin under eyes, this eye serum goes in the long way because it is herbal- with Argan and Rose oil, and minimizes fine lines with an increase in brightness and glow. It has peptide serum which increases the ability of the under eye skin to withstand harm and is completely free of artificial scents or pigments. It has to be applied overnight thereby giving you a good sleep and use of your time. It is the best under eye cream for overnight needs.

5. L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream

L'Oreal brings to you the perfect under-eye cream with zero parabens that inhibit melanin growth thereby giving you a brighter and much clearer under eye skin. It spreads well and is easily absorbed by the skin. It gives out a mild fragrance and claims to brighten the skin from the interior, showing results within a day or two. It is the best for pigmentation problems and thick dark circles. It is the best under eye cream for the expectations of a bright, fair under eye skin.

6. Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel

Aloe Vera and it's cooling sensation in this gel completely revives you of all stress and reduces the bagginess that comes with stress. This under eye gel is very easy to use because it spreads evenly and is absorbed very quickly. Acting as an instant coolant and rejuvenator, this is the best under eye cream for eye relaxation, reducing wrinkles and preventing dark circles.

7. Kaya Brightening And Firming Eye Serum

Kaya brightening and firming eye serum is a botanical extract cream. It is very safe to use and is mostly herbal in nature. It has the properties of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract; which targets puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles. It is easily applicable and easily absorbed by the skin. It is the best under eye cream as it is dermatologically and opthalmologically tested.

8. VLCC Skin Defense Almond Under Eye Cream

Enriched with natural ingredients like almond oil, olive oil, wheatgerm oil and chamomile extracts, it hydrates and repairs under eye skin from within helping it to get a glow and a smoother, whiter, wrinkle-free under eye skin. It nourishes and soothes the skin and completely rids it of dark circles and puffiness. It is the best under eye cream for reducing pigmentation by improving blood flow around the eyes.

9. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Hydration of the eyes is very necessary along with moisturisation. This cream has a distinct water in molecule formation which makes it easy to hydrate the skin without entering the eye. It revitalizes the eyes with a burst of hydration and moisturization. It has a burst of avocado oil and is very creamy and fragrant. It is dermatologically and opthalmologically tested. It is the best under eye cream for oily or combination skin.

10. Juicy Chemistry Coffee And Green Tea Eye Cream

Juicy Chemistry brings a revitalizing cream with almond extracts that has the rejuvenating properties of coffee and green tea, helping to moisturize the skin under eyes preventing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It is the best under eye cream due to its natural ingredients making it free of any artificial fragrances, chemicals, parabens or preservatives.

Now that you've gone through the entire list of best under eye creams, tell us which one you liked the most.

Under Eye Creams: Buying Guide

  1. We suggest you to opt for an eye cream that contains natural and real ingredients.
  2. A good under eye creams must contain th following ingredients: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, retinol, niacinamide and caffeine.
  3. Retinol with vitamin A can help in skin regeneration and stimulates the collagen production.
  4. If under eye creams contains SPF, then the skin around your eyes will be protected from the sun damage too.
  5. To reduce dark circles under the eye creams must contains vitamin K, vitamin C, caffeine, Cucumber and kojic acid.
  6. Preferably choose under eye creams that come in pump bottles and opaque tubes.
  7. Choose under eye creams that glides on skin seamlessly and also gets easily absorbed.
  8. If you have oily skin, choose an under eye cream that does not have oil have has gel consistency. If you're the one with dry skin, opt for a moisturizing under eye cream. if you're the one with combination skin, then you're lucky to use either of the types.

Best Under Eye Cream

Best Under Eye Cream: Power Smoothie For Your Eyes! Price in India
The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream ₹ 895
Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise(15 g) ₹ 4,678
Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise ₹ 2,395
Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream ₹ 145
Himalaya herbals under eye cream(15 g) ₹ 197
Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum(15 ml) ₹ 4,995
Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum ₹ 4,995
L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Eye Cream(15 ml) ₹ 619
L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream ₹ 600
Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel ₹ 265
Price List of the Products are last updated on 16 February 2020
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