Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

All the brides-to-be and also the groom-to-be can inculcate these pre-bridal skin care tips for to achieve radiant and glowing skin on your D-day.
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By: Hotdeals360 Staff Updated: Apr 05, 2023 18:06 IST
Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin
Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

Every bride or groom for that matter is confused about one thing among others before their special day. And that is how to achieve the most glowing and radiant skin. This is a struggle for everyone who wants to look the best on THE Day as we all know vibrant skin surpasses the radiance of makeup also. We get you, and so we have accumulated the 10 most effective tips that will definitely help you achieve that glowy skin. Just start doing these steps three to four months before the occasion as the skin takes its own sweet time to show results.

Why To Follow Pre-Bridal Skincare

A pre-bridal skincare routine help skin regain its lost luster which often goes away during the wedding preps. The pre-bridal skincare regime helps you enjoy some me-time and as the end-result you achieve radiant and glowing skin so you can look beautiful before the big wedding day.

Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

  1. Exfoliation is a Must
  2. Facials, To Enhance the GLOW
  3. Sunscreen Are Important
  4. Hair Spa For Healthy Tresses
  5. CTM routine Shouldn't be compromised
  6. Treat Your Nails with Care
  7. Clinical treatments, if Required
  8. Balance Diet
  9. Stay Hydrated
  10. Do Not Forget Beauty Sleep
  • 1. Exfoliation is a Must

    Exfoliating your skin once a week with gentle scrubs or chemical peels can help you remove that dead first layer of the skin and will bring on the surface the more soft, supple and glowy layer of your skin. Make sure that you are not overdoing as that can lead to skin barrier damage.
  • 2. Facials, To Enhance the GLOW

    Facials are very common among brides and grooms and all for the right reasons. Facials stimulated the blood flow on the face which makes the skin super glowy and youthful. There are many kinds available in the market. Talk to the specialist doing it and find out the match that will give you the most effective results.
  • 3. Sunscreen Are Important

    Don't leave sunscreen in the corner while doing all of the other things as they will pretty much have no effect without this. Whatever treatment you are doing will be damaged by sunrays and can give you the opposite results, so, make sure that you apply sunscreen in the morning and reapply during the day.
  • 4. Hair Spa For Healthy Tresses

    While taking care of your skin don't neglect your hair as your look would not be complete without a good hairstyle on the wedding. Talk to a hair specialist and figure out what treatments that can cater to your hair type and improve your health. The hair spa is very relaxing and adds a lot of shine to your hair. We recommend having a hair spa three times before the day at least.
  • 5. CTM routine Shouldn't be compromised

    Be honest with your routine, don't feel that if you are doing all the other steps, you can leave the basic CTM. No, if you switch your entire routine in such a small period, your skin can get shocked and give the opposite results. So stick to your regular cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
  • 6. Treat Your Nails with Care

    How can we leave the nails out? Start using cuticle oils as that will help you with brittle or short nails. Do a home spa by soaking your nails in lemon water or something. Massage your nail bed with moisturizer. These little things will make your nails strong and long, as you don't want to have ugly nails at your wedding right!
  • 7. Clinical treatments, if Required

    If you are insecure about some condition on your skin, then talk to your dr. about the concern and most probably they will suggest a clinical treatment for it. Don't panic in that situation as clinical treatment give the fastest results. So, if you are running low on time, try to take this route.
  • 8. Balance Diet

    Your skin from the outside looks what you feed it from the inside. You can do the most lavish skincare in the world and still have a breakout if you are constantly eating crap. Try to build a balanced diet which contains fibre, protein, fat and carbohydrate as these are essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  • 9. Stay Hydrated

    You have heard from every celebrity that water is important for glowy skin, and that is intact true. Hydrated skin looks supple and glowy. Try to track your water intake throughout the day. Additionally, what you can do is introduce greens in your water or even chlorophyll drops are proven to give more glowy skin.
  • 10. Do Not Forget Beauty Sleep

    Don't stress! Just relax and never compromise on your sleep. A good sleeping schedule is very important for your body to stay healthy and function too. Track your sleep and try to get at least 8 hours a day.
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