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5 Star Rated Electronics For Your Home

5 Star Rated Electronics For Your Home - Refrigerators, geysers, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines and other 5 star rated electronics you can buy and stay rest assured of electricity efficiency.
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 13:40 IST
5 Star Rated Electronics For Your Home
5 Star Rated Electronics For Your Home

As soon as we step out to purchase any electrical appliances for our own use, we are surrounded by a number of thoughts, views and opinion which at times lands us in confusion and purchasing something that might not be the best option for us. However once these electronics are purchased they are going to remain in our house till the life of the gadget, which is usually 8 to 10 years for appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, or washing machines. Thus we need to clearly understand our needs and priorities and choose the correct appliances accordingly. Our choice of gadgets depends upon a lot of variable factors like, whether we are purchasing the appliance for the first time or are we upgrading it, the shape, size, design, colour, and feature might be some other things affecting our purchase decision. However one thing that most of us used to ignore is the electricity consumption of the device. But with the soaring electricity bills consumers are becoming conscious about this factor too and wish to get the best highest rated electricity efficient appliances.

In order to make the consumers more aware Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power Government of India introduced the Standards and Labelling Program in May 2006. Under this programme the manufacturers of these electrical appliances are ordered to place a label mentioning how much electricity will the appliance consume under certain conditions. The programme currently covers appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, geysers, tube lights, and fans. Thus in order to help you choose the best highest rated electricity efficient appliances we have curated a list of the best highest rated electricity appliances here.

List of the Best Highest Rated Electricity Efficient Appliances

Washing Machines

Electricity efficiency is certainly not the only thing that should be considered while buying a new washing machine. Washing machine is quite an expensive appliance and choosing the right one is certainly important. The best highest rated electricity efficient appliances save a lot of energy. An energy efficient washing machine saves a lot upon electricity and water.

Air Conditioners

With the temperatures soaring so high having an air conditioner becomes essential in order to get rid of the rising temperature. But one thing that concerns everybody is the high electricity bills due to the installation of air conditioners. However the best solution to this problem is to get the best highest rated energy efficient appliances in your house. These stars rated ACs are energy efficient and does not allow your electricity bills to rise too high.


BEE star rated refrigerators are one of the best highest rated electricity efficient appliances to have in our home. These refrigerators not only keeps our eatables and drinks fresh  and refreshed but also save a lot upon our regular electricity bills. Unlike other general refrigerators these refrigerators are energy efficient.


Geysers are yet another home appliance that is assumed to consume a large portion of electricity and contributing in increasing the electricity bills. But if you are smart enough and get the best highest rated electricity efficient then you can certainly cut down on your electricity bills without cutting down on your comfort and convenience.

Ceiling Fans

Fans are the mostly used appliances during summer. No matter whether its day or night ceiling fans are one thing that is at our service all the time providing us cool and refreshing air. But this all-time usage of ceiling fans also contribute to a rise in electricity bills during summers. Thus this summer get cooler and smarter by getting the best highest star rated electricity appliances.

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Though these best highest rated electricity appliances might seem to be costly in one go, but when you analyse smartly they will help you save on your rising electricity bills in the long run.

5 Star Rated Electronics For Your Home

Product Price in India
Samsung Front Load Washing Machine (WF600B0BHWQ) ₹ 28,325
LG Front Load Washing Machine (FH0H3NDNL02) ₹ 24,990
IFB Front Load Washing Machine (SENORITA AQUA VX) ₹ 30,490
Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine (NA-855MC1) ₹ 25,500
Whirlpool 1.2 Ton Window AC (MAGICOOL PLATINUM V) ₹ 27,490
Hitachi 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (CSD517HBEA) ₹ 40,999
Godrej Single Door Refrigerator 185 L (RD EDGE 185 CW 4.2) ₹ 11,785
Whirlpool 185 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(200 IMPWCool PRM 5S, Wine Exotica) ₹ 26,999
Samsung Single Door Refrigerator 192 L (RR20M2Z2XU7) ₹ 15,200
Haier Double Door Refrigerator 347 L (HRF3674BSR) ₹ 25,490
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