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Best Baking Essentials in India

We've drawn up a list of the best baking essentials in spirit of the holiday season. Happy baking!
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 16:48 IST
Best Baking Essentials in India
The Best Baking Essentials

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and to invest in these recommended baking essentials that will improve your baking experience by leaps and bounds. So your cakes and cookies can emerge from the oven no less than perfect (we call this an all-round recipe for happiness). From moulds and mixing bowls to cookie cutters and hand/stand blenders, here are the best baking essentials to get this holiday season. Have a look.

1. Hand/Stand Blenders

Blenders 14

A list of baking essentials is incomplete without blenders for whisking, mixing and whipping. In this segment, you have two options – hand and stand mixers. Hand mixers are alright for light baking assignments that require little manual work – we recommend the white Orpat  HHB-100E WOB 250 Watt Blender that has a comfortable grip, or the black Bajaj HM 250 Watt Mixer that comes with three speed controls. But for heavier baking, we recommend a time-and-effort-saving stand mixer like the Panasonic MK GB1 3 Litre 200 Watt Stand Mixer. If you detach the top, this model converts to a hand mixer.

Best in Class

2. Baking Moulds

Moulds 2

Whether you're baking cakes or cupcakes, here are some aluminum baking essentials that will come handy. These moulds are safe to go into the oven after you're done filling them with your ingredient mixes. Bake round (23.5 x 23.5 x 5), flower-shaped (15.5 x 16.5 x 4) or heart-shaped (19 x 20.5 x 5) cakes with the 3-Set Rolex Cake Mould, and 6 cupcakes per batch with the Grizzly Aluminium Steel 6 Slot Cupcake Tray.

3. Mixing Bowls


Mixing bowls are the basics of baking essentials. Get the 1300ml +  2300ml +3200ml + 4700ml multicolored plastic bowls (blue, green, purple, pink)  for mixing dry ingredients at room temperature. However, if you're mixing thick, heated substances, we recommend using glass bowls as they're more resistant to stains and chemical changes than plastic. Try the set-of-3 Borosil Glass Mixing Bowls.

4. Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters 8

Cookie cutters are mid-stage baking essentials that will cut your cookie dough cleanly for an assortment that looks as good as it tastes. We recommend metal over plastic simply because it cuts better. Get the Wilton Mini Cookie Cutter Set Of 12 if you want to amp up the holiday vibe, or the Wilton 3-Piece Flower Cookie Cutter Set for year-round baking. Similarly, you can't go wrong with the Clomana 12 Pieces Cookie Cutter Set, which will give you 4 shapes in 3 sizes each.

5. Decorating Tools

Decorating Tools 11

Decorative tools are prime baking essentials if you want your cakes and muffins to impress all and sundry before the feast begins. We recommend this Trudeau LFGB Silicone Decorating Pen Set that you can fill with melted chocolate or icing. Then proceed to make your hard work look twice as scrumptious.

6. Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales 15

Weighing scales are stage-1 baking essentials, so you must invest in the best. We recommend this electric Health Sense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale-KS33 (Black). The device is easy-to-use, boasts a weighing range of 1-5000g, and allows for shuffling between various units of measurement – whether that's grams, milliliters or ounces. A precision tare button calculates the net weight of ingredients by subtracting the weight of any bowl or container, ensuring accurate readings – these appear on a large, blue LCD illuminated by 2AAA batteries. Comes with a BPA-free plastic bowl for easy portioning and mixing.

7. Measuring Spoons and Cups

Measuring Spoons and Cups 16

For good measure, here are our recommendations for measuring spoons and cups. The Okayji Plastic Measuring Cup Set has 6 multicolored pieces that measure 1/2 tbsp. (7.5ml), 1 tbsp. (15ml), 1/4cup (60ml), 1/3cup (85ml), 1/2cup (125ml) and 1cup (250ml). These are easily stored since they securely stack together. Or you could get the Darkpyro Plastic 8-Piece Cup and Spoon Set (black) that has 4 cups and 4 spoons made of non-toxic plastic – it measures one cup; ½, ⅓, ¼ , 1 tablespoon; and ¼, ⅓, ½ teaspoon. Secure the pieces with a plastic ring to store them safely.

8. Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper 18

This 260mm X 20 Meters parchment paper makes it to our baking essentials list since it lets you cook without greasing/oiling your cookie sheets, cake pans, baking pans and other moulds before use. That translates to saved cleaning time, which is always a plus. The product is microwave, freezer and oven safe upto 220 deg. C or 428 deg. F

9. Baking Cup Set

Baking Cup Set 9

If you're making muffins, then don't miss these baking essentials. Depending on the volume of baking, you can choose between these two recommendations: the 12-piece AmazonBasics Silicon Multicolour Cup Set that looks like a rainbow when stacked (and is reusable), or the 100-piece Colourful Baking Muffin Liner Paper Cake Cups (disposable, one colour). They're both grease-proof and oven-friendly, so bake away with abandon.

10. Chocolate Mould


Now that we've covered most baking tools, here's a bonus recommendation you may like. Pour melted chocolate into this Hua You Silicone Chocolate/Ice mould, then put it in the freezer for the mix to harden. Make up to 30 small pieces in 6 shapes – round, heart-shaped, textured round, textured square, rectangle and a pyramid shape that reminds us of Toblerone. The mould material's non-stick so the hardened chocolate pops out with ease.

Best Baking Essentials in India

Best Baking Essentials Price in India
Panasonic MK-GB1 3-Litre 200-Watt Stand Mixer (White) ₹ 3,590
Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White) ₹ 702
Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer (Black) ₹ 2,290
Rolex Cake Mould, Aluminium, Silver, 3 pc Set (Round, Heart, Flower) + 1 Milton (Spotzero) Scrub Free ₹ 549
Grizzly Black Aluminum Steel 6 Slot Cupcake Muffin Tray ₹ 199
Borosil Mixing Bowl Set, 3-Pieces ₹ 1,060
Wilton Mini Cookie Cutter Set Of 12 ₹ 5,093
Flower : Wilton 3-Piece Flower, Colored Cookie Cutter Set ₹ 4,726
Trudeau Lfgb Silicone Decorating Pen Set, Set of 4, Fuchsia Grey ₹ 667
Health Sense Healthsense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale - Model Ks 33 ₹ 999
Price List of the Products are last updated on 04 March 2021
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