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Best Atta Dough Maker in India

Finding hard to knead the atta dough with hands? Here we bring you some best atta dough maker in India that you can shop online in one go.
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 16:57 IST
Best Atta Dough Maker in India
Time To Shop Best Atta Dough Maker in India, Make Your Dough Making A Little Simpler

Ever felt that it's hard to make atta dough by hand, well now you can put that behind you because we here have come up with a list of some of the best atta dough makers in India which may ease the whole process in making dough. If you are living alone and crave some homemade chapattis just like your mother used to make then you know the hassle it creates. You always wished you had something except your hands to make the dough.

Well we here care about you and we have come up with a list of the best atta dough makers in India just for you. Why to shop the entire food processor when you have the options to shop the best atta dought maker online. So get ready to be showered with some of the hottest deals in the market and say goodbye to the atta dough making hassle.

Best Atta Dough Maker in India

1. Tosaa Dough Maker

Tosaa dough maker is a manual machine which has to be hand spun to make the dough. It is the best manual dough maker in India right now which helps in making the dough with the utmost ease. It comes with 3 measuring cups and different attachments to suit your needs. It has smooth handle on top of the transparent lip to help se the dough. It has an easy to operate design and very budget friendly.

2. Annapurna Atta Dough Maker Machine

This is another manual option for dough making, coming with various measuring cups and a large container to store the dough. It has a sleek and easy design to operate. For a budget friendly option we also recommend this one. It has 400grams of capacity and if you require more capacity we would recommend switching to an electric one.

3. ClicQware Atta Dough Maker

This ClicQware atta dough maker is a mixed bag with very nice durability and design to last long. It works properly and easily also no doubt but there are no attachments to help your needs, it is easy to wash and has a transparent lid. We recommend you to get this model only if the others are not available.

4. Havells Prohygiene GHFMGAYW050 500-Watt Atta Maker

If you are looking for an electric dough kneader then there is no better brand to get other than Havells. It has an electric motor which powers the blades to make the dough without any hassle or physical energy. It has 2 large capacity bowls of 2L each to make large quantities of dough. It can also be used for chopping by attaching stainless steel blades showing that this product can multitask.

5. Sunbeam 2594 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer

This machine has a 350wats of mixing power with 12 different speeds of motor which helps in mixing the hard batter. It has an off centre bowl positioning which makes the churning go to all the corners. It has a soft start which makes splatter less and helps to churn more, simply one of the best atta dough makers in India right now.

6. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader with Non Stick Bowl

This is a very simplistically designed machine that is truly automatic and requires little to no work. it a non stick bowl which doesn't allow the dough to stick to its walls which is a big problem in the electric kneaders. It has a hassle free design to operate and works quietly when on. It also contains a 15 minute timer which stops the churning making sure that the dough doesn't get over churned, a very intelligently designed machine making it one of the best atta dough makers in India to buy online.

7. Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

This is one of the best products in food processing right now. It is a multipurpose machine to whip, blend, grate and yes even knead dough if need be. You get the best build quality in the market as it is from Philips and the design is the best for any multifunction use. All its parts are detachable and everything is dishwasher friendly. You cannot get a better or even the best atta dough maker in India other than this one. We highly recommend.

8. Inalsa Nexa 600-Watt Atta Maker Cum Chopper

This dough kneader was specially designed for the Indian house hold and is somewhat of an all in one product. It has great market value as it makes the best dough out of all the dough makers. It has a shock proof elegant design and overload protected. It has excellent build quality made from the most safe and sturdiest plastics in the market, a real hassle remover and one of the best atta dough makers in India right now.

9. KenBerry KB-1003 Dough Maker Atta Kneader

One of the best manual dough makers out there. This product is so easy to operate that even kids can do it. It's designed to require the least amount of force to get most of the work done. Although compared to other manual kneaders it is quite expensive but it makes up for it in the sheer quality and the design of the product which helps in creating the least hassle, if not on a budget one of the best atta dough makers in India which can be used manually.

10. One Stop Shop Slings Dough/Atta Maker

This product is made with recycled plastic that is BPA free which is harmful to the human body. It has a very user friendly design and comes in many different attracting colors giving your kitchen a good vibe. It takes only 2 minutes of churning to make the dough and creates less hassle in the process. Not only the best atta dough maker in India but also the most eco-friendly one also.

Best Atta Dough Maker in India

Best Atta Dough Maker Price in India
Tosaa Dough Maker, 1-Piece (Colors May Vary) ₹ 356
Annapurna Dough Maker Machine with Free Measuring Cups ₹ 180
Ebigshopping Annapurna Dough Maker(White) ₹ 285
ClicQware Dough Maker, Red With Plastic ₹ 295
Havells Prohygiene GHFMGAYW050 500-Watt Atta Maker (White/Grey) ₹ 2,199
Sunbeam 2594 350 Watt Stand Mixer With Dough Hooks And Beaters, Black ₹ 14,907
Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non Stick Bowl ₹ 3,895
Clearline (NON-STICK BOWL) Steel Automatic Dough Maker ₹ 4,475
Philips HR7627/00 650 W Food Processor ₹ 4,385
Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (Black) ₹ 6,090
Price List of the Products are last updated on 04 March 2021
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