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Cordless Fans For Your Next Picnic or Park Visit. Enjoy your Walks A Little More With These Cordless Fans

Cordless Fans for your next picnic or park visit. Enjoy your morning walk rituals a little more now on with these Cordless Fans.
Updated: Nov 17, 2017 16:04 IST
Cordless Fans For Your Next Picnic or Park Visit. Enjoy your Walks A Little More With These Cordless Fans
Feel Vintage with these Cordless Fans!
Summer is the warmest season and you get tired often due to the scorching heat. Air conditioner make you feel relived but they are bit expensive and cannot be carried everywhere. So there should be replacement to it. Now a days battery operated fans are replacing the old traditional fans as they are easy to use and portable. It can be useful to you at so many places such as if you are heading towards picnic then you can take it with you and enjoy the refreshing air. So if you are also looking forward to purchase a cordless fan then have a look:


1. Shopping Redefined Mini Portable Fan

This mini portable fan can be conveniently used in a wide range of locations. Its portability is its biggest asset as it gives you the privilege of carrying it to outdoor space which can be proved as lifesaver many a times. Not only this It's air throw is fantastically amazing as it makes you feel all refreshed and cool down. This mini portable fan is designed specially according to your convenience and when it battery is consumed you can recharge it by simply plugging the charging cable. It is very easy to use and so should be considering it for your purchase.

2. Numex Nu063 Mini Small Cooling Portable Fan

This Numex fan is not only good looking but has some amazing features too that is enough to blow your mind away. This small portable fan is available for outdoor and indoor spaces. It is easy to use and carry and is designed according to your convenience. There is a box present inside the fan in which you can put ice or scent beat so that you could get cool air with fragrance. It makes your surrounding refreshed and can be suitably used at home, office or outdoor.

3. Portable Rechargeable LED Fan

The structure of this fan is good enough to catch your attention in a second. With its unique and fashionable structure this mini portable fan uses brush and slotless motor to ensure high winds and long life. This fan is very easy to use as it have intelligent control system. The fan is operated by batteries which can be recycled after the use. Perfect is the word to describe this fan. You should keep it in your must buy list.

4. Wirezone Mini Portable Usb Operated Rotating Fan

This cordless fan is very cool to use as it comes with a loop which you could hang around your neck. The noise of fans often disturb us this fan does not create any disturbance. It do not uses any external power you just have to plug and play also it is easy to install. It offers you so many different colours from which you can choose your favourite. This product is must buy in your summer shopping list.

5. Portronics Aerolite Portable Mini Fan

Relieve yourself from this summer and add this Portronics Aerolite Portable Mini Fan
In your beat the heat list as it provides you instant cool breeze which make you feel refreshed. The wings of this fan rotates at the speed of 12000 RPM,which is quite good. Moreover this fan is also compatible with the android and I phones. Isnt it the coolest? So don't miss the chance of buying such a cool gadget.

These were some cordless fans which are very effective in summers as its portable nature helps them to carry anywhere. They are so easy to use. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase them. Go book your order now.

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