Best GoPro Cameras In India : Wear Them To Flaunt

Get the Best GoPro Cameras In India and get some shots like never before. GoPro is the only company to build such amazing cameras which let you wear them, use them and take them just anywhere.
Best GoPro Cameras In India : Wear Them To Flaunt
Best GoPro Cameras In India : Wear Them To Flaunt

Founded in the year 2002, the GoPro is an American company dedicated to the manufacturing of compact cameras. Within a very short span of time they were on the digital bandwagon with the GoPro cameras. These GoPro cameras offered 640x640 resolution pictures and up to ten seconds of 320×340 video. But with the advancement in the technology GoPro has now come a long way and is today the leading compact camera manufacturer with all the ultra modern facilities packed in a small box. In 2010 the GoPro made a huge leap and started the manufacturing of the GoPro Hero series. Since then the GoPro cameras have never looked back.

  • What is GoPro Camera?

GoPro one of the leading brands of manufacturing compact action cameras. Basically developed as a compact means to capture photos and videos while surfing, GoPro cameras are now extensively used by athletes and adventurers along with casual users. GoPro Cameras are small cameras that have taken up the combined best qualities of point and shoot cameras and camcorders. Packed in a package GoPro cameras are rugged, waterproof and almost indestructible.


GoPro Camera Price In India
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  • How GoPro Cameras Work?

The GoPro features an image sensor, processor, ultra wide angles lens and up to three microphones for recording audios in various circumstances in a small compact cuboidical design. Made up of just two or three buttons, these GoPro cameras are user friendly. Some of the top notch models of GoPro like the GoPro Hero5 and GoPro Hero6 have touch screens for the ultimate control.


Find Out How GoPro Cameras Work
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Buying Guide for GoPro Camera

Here is a list of buying guide for GoPro Cameras that you should certainly consider before you head for your family trips or vacation.

  • Size and Weight of GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras are known for their compact size and light weight. This looks like a toy but when it comes to features and specifications there is nothing that can beat the GoPro range of action cameras. The Small size makes it easy to pack and port.


GoPro Camera Size and Weight Details
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  • GoPro Cameras are Waterproof

For people who are enthusiastic about water sports, the GoPro cameras are simply bliss. Even though some of the earlier versions are not completely waterproof on their own, but with the waterproof housing over them they are good up to 40m. However some of the newer versions like GoPro Hero5 and GoPro Hero6 are waterproof even without a outer case.


GoPro Cameras Are Waterproof
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  • Rugged and Tough GoPro Cameras

The GoPro have a tough built and can suffer shocks all on its own. But when encaged in the waterproof case the GoPro becomes even rugged and tougher. You can even give to your kid without the fear of him dropping it and breaking it. GoPro is so rugged that it can even suffer a massive explosion and still be intact.


GoPro Camera Is Sturdy And Can Be Used Ruggedly
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  • GoPro Cameras Can be Worn

With a number of wearable mounts available in the market, the GoPro can easily be worn on your head, chest, wrist or helmet. Because of its light weight and compact size they do not let you feel the additional burden. The option of wearing your GoPro camera allows you to keep your hands free to manage other things.

  • Wide-Angle Shot on GoPro

Most of the models of GoPro cameras have fixed 170-degree lens that allows the users to take wide angle shots easily. At 170-degree the GoPro is capable of capturing almost everything in front of the camera. With a wide angle lens in your camera you just need to point the camera and you know that it'll capture it all.


Get Wide Shots With The GoPro Cameras
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Best GoPro Camera in India

GoPro Hero6

With lots of technological and software updates the Hero6 may on the first look may appear similar to GoPro Hero5, however from inside a lot has changed. With the new GP1 processing engine the GoPro Hero6 is now enabled to record high quality 4K videos. The image stabilization system has also been updated and improved. GoPro Hero6 also features better low light performance.

GoPro Hero 6 Camera (Black) Amazon Deal

GoPro Hero 6 Camera (Black)

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GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera(Black, 12 MP) Flipkart Deal

GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera(Black, 12 MP)

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GoPro Hero5

Though this might have been overshadowed by the GoPro Hero6, the GoPro Hero5 still has a lot to offer. The GoPro Hero5 enables the users to shoot 4K videos up to 30fps. The video footages are incredibly smooth, along with this the ability to shoot stills in raw format is quite flexible. The touchscreen feature makes it completely user friendly and easy to use.

GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera, Black Amazon Deal

GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera, Black

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GoPro HERO 5 Sports & Action Camera

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Apart from GoPro Hero5 and GoPro Hero6 other models of the series like GoPro Hero1, GoPro Hero2, GoPro Hero3 and GoPro Hero4 have also been quite popular in the past. It is due to the success of these older models that people have now gained trust on the newer versions and they are trending amongst the sportspersons and adventurers.

List of Best GoPro Cameras In India : Wear Them To Flaunt

Best GoPro Cameras : Wear Them To Flaunt Price in India
GoPro CHDHX-601 ₹ 29,499
GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera(Black, 12 MP) ₹ 33,600
GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera, Black ₹ 21,999
GoPro HERO 5 Sports & Action Camera ₹ 24,499
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