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Powerful, Portable Blenders To Extract Juices; Even On The Go!

Use these powerful blenders to blend in your daily doze of nutrition. These are wireless, battery operated and high powered, so carry them along.
Updated: Aug 05, 2020 13:07 IST
Powerful, Portable Blenders To Extract Juices; Even On The Go!
Best Powerful Blenders

Portable blenders are a blessing for people who travel frequently or live away from their homes. These portable blenders could easily be confused with the most commonly used blenders at home. While the regular blenders work on electricity and are used for pureeing products for cooking, these portable blenders can be used anytime, anywhere, as they do not even need an electric connection to function. These blenders can be charged using a USB, and are extremely affordable. Use them to whip up your smoothies or mix your cocktails, carry them to work or when out on a picnic or camping.

Best Portable Power Blenders

1. Brayden Fito Rush Portable Power Blender

Highly portable, this powered blender comes with a mason sized jar, which works at a 7.4 V super fast speed. Its uni-copper motor is highly effective and comes with a long life. Simply cut fruits into small pieces and put them inside the Borosil jar before you pour in some water or milk, and then just spin it for a smoothie.

Fast Charge
Brayden Blender
(543 ratings)
₹ 1,299
₹ 1,799 (28% off)
Buy on Amazon
Blended Drink Ready In 10 Seconds

Can be used to make juices and shakes on the go.

2. Whipsip Personal Blender

With a 1.8 litre large jar this, blender is highly accommodating when it comes to mixing enough fruits together. Its eight blade blending jar mixes almost anything. Its stainless steel blades are geometrically designed to blend in the hard fruits and vegetables, as well. Its anti-slip base grip ensures your blender stays intact while at work.

BPA Free Jars
Whipsip Personal Blender for Smoothie Protein Shake Maker with 2 Large Portable Sports Jars, Black
(1,004 ratings)
₹ 1,983
₹ 2,990 (34% off)
Buy on Amazon
Robust Eight Blades Blend Even The Toughest Ingredients

The jar comes with an opening where you can drop your fruits and vegetables from.

3. Jiyana Portable USB Electric Blender Juicer

Enjoy your summer drinks or your warm morning blended oat meal in a jiffy, with this portable blender from Jiyana. Enjoy your juices or shakes on the go with this USB powered blender that has a 2000mAh powerful battery. Easy to clean and low on maintenance, this is indeed a superb product to buy.

380ml Juicer
JIYANA Juice Blender (Multicolor)
(411 ratings)
₹ 649
₹ 999 (35% off)
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Battery Powered Portable Juicer

Now easily prepare health drinks, daily.

4. Deerma NU05 Personal Power Blender

Blend your juices cordlessly from anywhere with this juicer blender. It comes with a 400ml jar that gives you enough quantity to blend and drink up at once. Its 1500mAh battery is rechargeable in three hours using a USB. You can use this blender about six times with a one-time charge.

20,000 RPM Motor
Deerma Power Blender (Gold)
(63 ratings)
₹ 1,999
₹ 2,999 (33% off)
Buy on Amazon
High Turbulence Speed

Scratch-proof, portable tritan jar blends in all the fruits at a great speed.

Things To Look For In A Power Blender

  • Jar Size: The blender's jar size is an important aspect to check, as this will let you know how much you will be able to blend at once; and if the blender is apt for only you or for an entire family.
  • Number of jars: The number of jars that accompany the blender will allow you to juice up separately for different ingredients and for different members.
  • Power: The speed of the blender will decide the blending power, and if the blender will be able to crush tough ingredients.
  • Battery: The battery power will tell how many times will the blender juice up before needing another round of charging.
  • Blades: The shape and number of blades of your blender will decide how well it will blend and if you will you get a juice or a pulpy drink.

Powerful, Portable Blenders To Extract Juices; Even On The Go!

Product Price in India
Brayden Blender ₹ 1,299
Whipsip Personal Blender for Smoothie Protein Shake Maker with 2 Large Portable Sports Jars, Black ₹ 1,983
JIYANA Juice Blender (Multicolor) ₹ 649
Deerma Power Blender (Gold) ₹ 1,999
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