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Best Solar Panels For Homes

Suffering power cuts in India has become customary for us, but with these solar panels you can ensure your home and office get uninterrupted power supply.
Updated: Jun 16, 2020 12:48 IST
Best Solar Panels For Homes
Best Solar Panels For Homes

If you have decided to make a shift for environment well-being, safety and prosperity then solar panels is a wise choice to make. Solar panels are now not just bought by large institutions but also by individuals now. Getting a solar panel in your house could be a very viable decision to make. You will not just save on your energy consumption but also contribute towards the efforts of environmental improvements.

Buying a solar panel is a one-time big decision and investment, hence deciding on the right one has to be based on research and user reviews and feedbacks. With many big companies selling out solar panels it could become a tough decision to make, hence we have here assorted the best solar panels available online for you to pick from.

Best Solar Panels For Home

1. Luminous Solar Home Solution

This poly-crystalline solar panel from Luminous is one of the best in the country. This solar panel does not require more than 10 square feet of space for installation. This panel is capable of delivering an output of 150 watts of voltage which is enough to power to support your household appliances.

2. Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt

Sukam is India's top inverter battery manufacturer hence one can expect the best performance from this  solar panel with an efficient inverter. It's 100 watt solar panels generate enough power to run your household appliances. Its solar panel comes protected by strong aluminium frame and toughened glass which makes it a highly durable solar panel. This solar panel can generate enough electricity to charge a 150 Ah battery in a day and so helps in reduced electricity bills.

Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt - 12V
(160 ratings)
₹ 4,898
₹ 6,499 (25% off)
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3. Loom Solar Panel 50 watts

This 50 watts of power generating solar panel is enough for smaller requirements of a house. These mono-crystalline solar panels are highly efficient and can deliver power even under low lighting conditions. This is a one of the lightest and most easily installable solar panel. It generates enough power to recharge a UPS and about 5 LED lights for six hours.

4. Solodine 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Module or Solar Panel

This superior quality poly-crystalline solar panel comes at a great cost and delivers upto 100 watts of power. It is a highly stable product and comes with a waterproof junction. This solar panel can solely work to power a full household. Install it in your house for a quick electricity bill saving.

5. Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V

With 150 watts of power this solar panel from Microtek is a great product to buy. It comes with a multi-crystalline frame made of silicone which makes it light weight and efficient. Aluminum frame makes it a sturdy strong product which can last the weather torments. Microtek is one of the best selling solar system panels of India.

Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V Amazon Deal
Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V
(31 ratings)
₹ 5,599
₹ 7,590 (26% off)
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Advantages Of Installing A Solar Panel At Home

  1. A Solar Panel installed at home means you face very few power cuts.
  2. It is a one-time investment for life long benefit.
  3. Requires very low maintenance.
  4. Uses renewable natural resource – Sunlight.
  5. Reduced electricity bills.
  6. You are the generator and consumer of the electricity.
  7. Government of India is giving subsidy on installing solar panels.
  8. You can store the generated electricity for later usage.

Components Of A Solar Panel

When deciding to install a solar panel at home it is important to understand the equipment involved, its components and its function. We will here take a look at a solar panel's components

  • The Panel Technology : Solar panel's most important component is their panel which is either made of Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels are made up of multiple crystals while monocrystalline panels are made of singular large crystals.
  • Inverter: An inverter's purpose is to convert a solar panel's produced DC energy into AC which can then be used to power your house. An inverter is that piece of your solar panel that works most efficiently and round the clock.
  • Mount : A mount is what will securely keep your solar panel in place. Most solar panel systems come with a mount by default which help you place your solar panel carefully.

Buying Guide For Solar Panels

There are various factors to keep in mind when buying a solar panel system for your home. It is a big and a one-time investment hence the buying decision should be a well-informed one.

  • Efficiency : The efficiency and effectiveness of a panel will decide if you will need more panels at all. The efficiency of a solar panel is the amount of solar energy it will convert into electricity.
  • Space and Size : The size of the solar panel face will decide the amount of sunlight that will fall on it and in turn the amount of sunlight getting converted into power.
  • Tolerance Level : In an ideal situation a 100 watt panel should produce 100 watts of power but these usually come with a +/- 5% tolerance which means the panel either gives a positive tolerance or a negative tolerance. A negative tolerance is not acceptable whereas a positive tolerance could still work.
  • Durability : The durability of a solar panel is another very important factor. It is an outdoor appliance which has to bear all natural changes and effects. Dust, storm, rain, hailstorm and more will hit your solar panel on many days and hence it should be strong enough to bear the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels

Q. What direction should a solar panel be facing?

A. Depending on the direction you live your solar panel's direction will change, it must face a direction where it is exposed to enough sunlight and for longer duration. South is a befitting direction for solar panel installation.

Q. How much maintenance do solar panels require?

A. Annual maintenance is a must for solar panels, every time you clean it up the efficiency increases by about 3%-5%.

Q. How much electricity does a solar panel generate?

A. With 4 hours of sun exposure a 250 watt solar panel will give about 1,000 watts of power per day and multiplying this with 30 days you get about 30 kWh a month.

Q. How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

A. About 16 solar panels are needed to run an average household needs.

Q. How many years does a solar panel last?

A. On an average a solar panel's lifespan is about 25 to 30 years and at that stage also a solar panel could have the capacity of generating about 80% of what it did at its best 1st few years.

List of Best Solar Panels For Homes

Best Solar Panels For Homes Price in India
Luminous Solar Home Solution NXG1100 & 150Ah Solar Tubular Battery & 150W Poly Crys Module ₹ 24,290
Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt - 12V ₹ 4,898
Loom solar Panel 50 watt - 12 Volt Mono crystalline ₹ 2,700
Solodine 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Module/Solar Panel ₹ 3,599
Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V ₹ 5,599
Price List of the Products are last updated on 12 July 2020
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