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Amazing Cool Gadgets And Tricks To Keep Your Room Warm And Cosy

Coolest Gadgets to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter. If you are someone who can't bear the cold then use these Coolest tricks and Gadgets to keep warm. Buy these online on Amazon for doorstep delivery.
Updated: Dec 08, 2017 11:06 IST
Amazing Cool Gadgets And Tricks To Keep Your Room Warm And Cosy
Amazing Cool Tricks to Keep Your Room Warm n Cosy
The clocks have turned, nights are getting longer and cold and the days are becoming shorter. With the temperature dropping each day it is the perfect time to look out for some cool tricks to keep your room warm and cosy. There are many people who love winters just for the sake that it gives them an opportunity to wrap themselves in a warm n cosy blanket and enjoy a lovely movie on a weekend with their families. Winter is the time when one can make their home warm n cosy to look stripped down and welcoming. Warm n cosy homes make these chilly winter days and grey nights bearable. Seasonal room sprays and humidifiers can keep the environment around moist and humid.

Here are some Amazing Cool Gadgets and Tricks to keep your room warm and cosy.


1. Electric Blanket: A Warm n Cosy  Bed is All that You Need

Electrical insulated blankets keep your bed warm n cosy. These are safe to use with over heat protection. These soft underlay blankets keeps you warm through the cold nights. Water proof and over heat protection makes this device stand out of the league. The built in thermostat makes it completely safe even for old people or kids.

2. Heated Toilet Seats: Carry the Warmth to Your Washroom

No this is not funny at all! In winters one of the biggest tasks is using the washroom as people often forget to insulate their bathrooms. The entire house is revamped in winters except for the washrooms, this winters add a heated toilet seat cover to your bathroom and carry the warmth along with you even to your washroom.

3. USB Heated Slippers: Don't Step Out Without These

Now no more moving with the cold feet all around the house. These USB heated slippers will help you keep your feet warm whenever you use them. When the socks fail to provide the required warmth to your feet these USB heated slippers are available for you to keep your feet warm and cosy.

4. Thermal Curtains: Stop Draught

If your house becomes hot during summers and chilly during winters there here, you have a blessing in disguise now, these thermal insulated curtains work as miracle for you. Keeping the room warm n cosy in winters and cool during the summers.

5. Cosy Bean Bags: Luxurious Comfort

Bean bags become all the more comfortable and cosy in winters when they are made of the perfect soft fur. These designer ultra soft bean bags add on to the luxurious comfort in your living area or bedroom. These give a mesmerising touch and feel to the seating posture.

6. Room Heater: Heat Your Space to Feel the Warmth

Room heaters are the perfect thing to own for chilled winter nights. These room heaters heat up your living space or even your bedroom to provide the perfect warmth and comfort to you. You can choose the prefect room heater for your cosy homes from a wide range of products.

7. Humidifiers: Moisturize the Surrounding Air

In winters when the weather turns dry, dehydrated and parched then humidifiers are the only thing that can come to your rescue. They evenly distribute the humidified air in the room making the surrounding moist.

8. Furry Chair Cover: Add a Cosy Texture

These cosy and furry chair covers add a cosy texture to your living space or bed rooms giving you the perfect place to sit and enjoy your coffee. These chair covers can easily be used as rugs or simply drape them around a comfortable arm chair and enjoy your favourite book along with a hot cup of coffee.

9. Floor Rugs and Carpets: Cover the Bare Floors

Cover your bare floor with these warm n cosy rugs and avoid your foot from falling on a cold area. These can easily decorate your living room, bed room, or even the play room of your kids. These rugs and carpets bring along a cosy ambience and luxury to your bedroom. The eye catching designs add on to their value.

10. Boots and Gloves Dryer: The Perfect Way to Get Rid of the Rotten Smell of Boots

Wanna get rid of the foul odour coming out of your boots and shoes, these dryers can help you keep your boots, sneakers and gloves dry and odour free. Fill in the top pan with baking soda to deodorize and turn on the quit fan in the base to dry the boots and shoes.

These best amazing cool tricks won't only keep your room warm n cosy but also some of these acts as an outer decorative too. These help to give your house complete warmth, thereby allowing you to enjoy the winters to the fullest.

Amazing Cool Gadgets And Tricks To Keep Your Room Warm And Cosy

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