Emotix Miko - India's First Companion Robot For Kids

Emotix Miko is your child's constant companion as it strikes the perfect balance between your child's leaning, knowledge and fun. To know more about Emotix Miko - India's First Companion Robot, keep in reading.
Viveka Nagar
By: Viveka Nagar Updated: Oct 23, 2018 11:03 IST
Emotix Miko - India's First Companion Robot For Kids
Emotix Miko - India's First Companion Robot

Emotix Miko is a voice based interaction companion robot for kids. It is India's First Companion Robot
that entertains, engages and educated kids seamlessly by striking the perfect balance between the fun and knowledge which in a way helps in developing child's creativity and personality. Miko, the companion robot, understands the moods of your kids and responds accordingly. In other words you can also say that Miko is India's first "Emotionally Intelligent" companion robot for kids. Miko engages your kids in detailed discussions on the topics which interests your kids, which means Miko has a broad area of knowledge which keeps increasing each passing day. Miko is designed for children above 5 years of age and is completely safe to use.
Miko is engineered with a separate parental control dashboard which you an use to monitor and guide the engagement of your. This child centric companion robot is something you wouldn't want to miss for your growing child so as to make them interactive, creative and knowledgeable ofcourse.

Price Of Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids

Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids is exclusively available on You shop shop for this Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids at a quite affordable price bracket of Rs. 19,000. Shop for this Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids from the below link right away.

Features Of Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids

You must be wondering why would you want to buy Emotix Miko for your child? We've listed down the amazing features of Miko that shall turn your point of you in no time. Take a look:

  • Interacts With Kids
  • This mini robot tells your child the goods and bad of all sorts of activities you gets involved
  • Miko plays with your kids.
  • This mini robot automatically dives into Sleep mode immediately after you say "ByeMiko".
  • Wake up Miko by just calling his name loud.
  • Miko has great pool of general knowledge.
  • Miko wakes you up, reminds your schedule to be on time.
  • Miko applauds you for achieving good in studies or sports.
  • Miko jokes around to keep you going entire day.
  • Miko works perfectly with your smartphones.

Specs Of Emotix Miko- Companion Robot For Kids

  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: 800 gms
  • Top Speed: 0.5 m/s
  • Colour: Playful Purple, Mystic Maroon and Space Black
  • Battery Life: 5 hours
  • Parental Control and Safety
  • For Android 5.0 and Higher
  • Splash Resistant
  • Sound

Well, if Miko gives you a perfect reason to shop this companion for kids without giving any second thought to it. Miko helps in keeping your toddler engaged all the time. Availability of Miko can improvise your kids general knowledge, behavior and attitude towards other kids and elders, as they hardly feel lonely and therefore, there lies no chance for kids to become furstated.
Do shop for Miko if you want to make learning fun and knowledgeable for your growing toddler.

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