Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Advocates for Legislation on Artificial Intelligence

On Wednesday at FICCI Frames 2024, filmmakers Aanand L Rai and Vikramaditya Motwane also weighed in on the use of AI in cinema.
By: PTI Updated: Mar 08, 2024 13:57 IST
Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Advocates for Legislation on Artificial Intelligence

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana on Thursday said while filmmaking and technology go hand-in-hand, there is a need to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Khurrana was speaking on the third day of FICCI Frames 2024 here at the session titled "From Bollywood to Turkish Drama: Acting across borders" along with actor-MP Khushbu Sundar and Turkish star Hande Ercel.

"Filmmaking and technology... We can't do without it, but my core job as an artist is to emote and bring out stories which are unique and add certain value to people's life. Having said that, we have great technology whether it is AI, editing and it's a great collaboration with the technology," Khurrana said.

Asked about the atmosphere of fear surrounding AI in the film industry, the National Award winner said it was a "grey area". "We don't have any laws related to AI. It is in a nascent stage. We need to develop certain laws but as an artist, you need to have a connection with the people," he added.

Reaping benefits of a new technology must come along with "extreme caution and responsibility", said Sundar. "Even to read a book, I need to feel and smell the paper in my hand. It's great to have technology. As a filmmaker, it brings down the burden but it comes with lots of responsibility.

"Unfortunately, more than the positive sides, the human brain picks up the negative sides of the technology and misuses it. This is where we need to draw the line and we cannot go beyond this," she said The actor, a member of the National Commission for Women (NCW), said most recently deepfake technology has been misused a lot by miscreants. Deepfake is a digital method where users can replace one person's likeness convincingly with that of another using AI technology.

"That is where I say the laws have to be very stringent. Unfortunately, we have people who generate videos that involve women but that the mindset of most of the men who are not able to understand or identify that whatever a female actor does on screen is her job," she added. Sundar said she would like some things in the film industry to remain old school.

"Like, daily-wage workers on the sets, dancers dancing their hearts out and fighters fighting with their guts. I cannot imagine a film industry where you have robotic images creating film. I need to feel and give real emotions," she said.

For Hande, popular for Turkish shows “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” and “Gunesin Kizlari”, it all boils down to the intent of the user of technology.

"I believe technology has helped the industry in Turkey as well with CGI but soon we will believe in the importance of human touch. At the end of the day, we are emotional beings. We need to be in touch with our emotions to convey them, so I believe in the future we will go back to that," she said through an interpreter.

On Wednesday at FICCI Frames 2024, filmmakers Aanand L Rai and Vikramaditya Motwane also weighed in on the use of AI in cinema. Anything artificial can't touch your heart, said Rai, known for "Tanu Weds Manu" films and "Zero".

"Maybe in the coming times, AI attains the intent that humans have. That intent is important. The day it (AI) gets it, I will start using AI," said the director.

Motwane, whose credits include films "Lootera", "Udaan", and web series "Jubilee", said the field of AI needs to be researched well before it is used.

"The thing with AI is who is making the parameters. You will leave it in the hands of pure profit because people are seeing the sense of profit. They are not looking for a sense of humanity or in the artistic sense.

"There is a lot of conversation (that needs to be done) about how we can create this entire world through AI... What happens to all the jobs which will be lost overnight if you are adopting it without any sense of reason? I am anti-AI in that perspective. It has to be thought through," said Motwane.

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