'Humorously Yours' season 3 to be out on this date

The third season will be out on ZEE5 on December 22.
By: ANI Updated: Dec 20, 2023 14:22 IST
'Humorously Yours' season 3 to be out on this date

Vipul Goyal, Rasika Duggal and Abhishek Banerjee are all set to come up with the third season of 'Humorously Yours'. Humorously Yours is a slice of life comedy-drama, based on the real-life experiences of the protagonist, a stand-up comedian, Vipul Goyal. Armed with a beautiful and a supportive wife, Kavya, an eccentric but a fiercely loyal friend and confidant, Bhushi, and an old college junior turned Manager, Lamba, the show revolves around all the drama behind the comedy.

It beautifully captures Vipul's observations, dreams and aspirations, and his adventures and misadventures with people and situations in the struggle to find his next joke.

On what audience can expect from the third season, Vipul Goyal said, "As we gear up for the rollercoaster ride that is Season 3, I'm excited for the viewers to dive back into the madness and laughter. This series, which initially offered a glimpse into my life, has now evolved into a collective journey that includes my wife, my best friend and confidant, my manager our other prominent cast members. The love and support from the audience have been my driving force, and with each season, we aim to ramp up the fun, connect with the viewers, and create moments that resonate with everyone. Get ready for more laughter, more heart, and a whole new chapter of 'Humorously Yours' coming your way!"

Rasika also expressed her excitement about the third season.

"It was so much fun to slip into Kavya's shoes once again. Playing Kavya in a show like Humorously Yours has been a joyous ride and a welcome change from the emotional intensity of the other work I as doing at the time. Vipul is a super stand-up comic. Many of his videos kept me laughing through lockdown days. It's always fun to share screen space with him. There isn't a moment on shoot that is allowed to pass without a joke. This season has a lot of fun cameos too and I eagerly anticipate the audience's reaction to the twists and turns in S3 of Humorously Yours," she shared

The third season will be out on ZEE5 on December 22.

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