Ditch Clubbing! Head On to A Foam Party That Is Breaking the Internet

Gone are the day when people used to gather at clubs or rain dance party along with their dear ones. Foam Party is the new hottest party alert for that are taking over party freaks. Book your tickets to foam party and enjoy the foam fun.
Ditch Clubbing! Head On to A Foam Party That Is Breaking the Internet
Ditch Clubbing! Head On to A Foam Party That Is Breaking the Internet
Foam parties are basically some social gathering, where people dance to the tunes of songs and rhythm of light on the dance floor which is covered with foam dispensed from a foam machine or soap suds up to several feet. Foam parties could be dated back to the year 1932, director Aubrey Scotto filmed Louis Armstrong dancing, singing and playing trumpet in a large area of soap suds. However modern foam parties came in to trend after the year 1990, by club promoters in Ibiza. But during that time foam machines used to be huge, heavy and ceiling mounted. The amount of water needed for such parties was quiet large and the subsequent cleanup process was a hectic one, thus it became almost impractical for many venues to host such parties. Then in the year 1992 Roy Barlow developed the Foam Cannon. It’s so great to see people picking up clumps of bubbles dropping it upon their friends and also shoving them into their friends. It might seem to be a little childish, but this is what makes it so great and unique.

Take a look, What the Foam Party Looks Like?


Foam Party Hosting Tips To Become a Great Foam Party Host:

Foam parties were not so popular in India a couple of years ago. There were a lot of myths about the foam parties. People considered it to be risky and dangerous for eyes and skin. Some people also considered it unsafe for girls. But, thankfully a full stop has been put to all these unnecessary myths with the trend of foam parties catching fire these days in India. Inspite, of all the fun and enjoyment few tips if kept in mind could make you a great foam party host:
  • Foam parties look best when hosted indoors. The most essential thing one needs to do is to cover the walls with a heavy-gauge plastic sheets and moving the furniture to some other place in order to prevent them from spoiling with splashes of water and foam getting over them.
  • The next important thing to do is to floor the party area with an old rug or carpets or use non slip stickers to avoid your guests from slipping when the foam starts to melt and the floor turns slippery.
  • If you are planning a small home foam party them a small amount of foam can frugally be generated using dish-washing soap, hot water hose, kiddies and few other things in a plastic tub or pool. However, you will require 3 to 4 people dedicated to creating foam and cleaning the foam throughout the party. But if you are planning for a large outdoor gathering then renting a foam machine could be a brilliant idea.
  • Top up all the excitement and fun with the waterproof marine speakers, which will give you high sound quality music, best food accompanied with mocktail drinks or a few tequila shots can let you become the best foam party host ever.
  • Finally, ensure that you have made proper arrangements of changing rooms for all your guests. A towel per person could also be arranged if you don’t mind spending some extra penny on your guests.

Wondering About Foam Party Attire? Checkout Amazing Foam Party Styling Tips:

Once you have hosted a nice foam party for your friend, your friends would also wish to give you a similar experience, now it’s time for you to turn in to a perfect foam party guest with the most suitable attire and looks, here is how you can be the perfect foam party guest:
  1. The best way to enter a foam party is with your swimsuits on. It’s quite obvious that you will be entering into lots of foam and water and get wet. Guys can go for swim trunks paired up with a t-shirt and the girls could opt for either a swimsuit or bikinis with a cover up until the foam begins to spread. These clothes avoid you from being weighed down by soggy clothes.
  2. You can go crazy with the theme and pair up your clothing with some excellent scuba accessories and other gears. Go wild with pairing up your outfit with some funny yet thematic accessories like snorkel, goggles, a swim cap, or even flippers.
  3. If you are one of those who wouldn’t find yourself comfortable in a bikini or swimsuit you can even go for a regular outfit. But make sure you don’t put on something that is heavy and might weight you down. Opt for some light clothes which aren’t the see through types.
  4. The best shoes to pair up your dressing with is the tennis shoes as they provide the perfect grip for you to run around the party for the entire night without slipping. Ladies can go to look for some stylish anti skid flip flops.
  5. The best hair style for girls to suit a foam party is either a simple pony or tie your hair up with a smart rugged clutched clip. A bun with all the hair tied up at one place could also be a good option for all those who have long voluminous hair.
  6. Foam party isn’t all about make up. So even applying minimal make up will do the needful for you. And if you are someone who does not prefer stepping out without the makeup on opt for some light waterproof makeup. Like waterproof mascara, kajal, liner, lip shade and compact would do.
  7. Finally remember to carry an extra dry outfit, a comb, some light makeup accessories for after the party touch up.

So, now with all these tips get ready for the upcoming foam party this weekend in town. We are sure these interesting facts, being the perfect hosts and the styling tips must have sown in you the foam party keeda. Here is the entire list and details of the upcoming foam party in Noida this weekend. What are you waiting for now, get set go and book your tickets online before the places get occupied.
Venue: Garden Galleria, Noida
Date: 7th October 2017
Time: 6:00 PM onwards
Entry Fee: INR 500 only.

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