Narendra Modi Birthday 2017, To Be Celebrated as Sewa Diwas

Honorable Narendra Modi's 67th birthday is on 17th September 2017. It is speculated that Narendra Modi's is to be celebrated as Sewa Diwas. Last year on his birthday quite a number of records were made. Well, the history is yet to be created!
Narendra Modi Birthday 2017, To Be Celebrated as Sewa Diwas
Narendra Modi Birthday 2017, to be Celebrated as Sewa Diwas
Prime Minister's Narendra Modi birthday will be celebrated on Sunday 17th September 2017 which is his 67th birthday. Born to Damodardas Modi and Hiraben in the year 1950, Narendra Modi is the third child of the six siblings. He was born to a family of grocers and had a difficult childhood. As a child, Modi helped his father sell tea and then later on he set up his own stall. Narendra Modi has been active in politics since 1975. During this era the former PM Indira Gandhi had declared a state of emergency in the nation. It was during this period that Narendra Modi was appointed as the general secretary Gujarat Lok Sangharsh Samiti and from here his political career took off.

Narendra Modi Birthday Date:  Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat.

Narendra Modi Awards and Recognition

Apart from being named as the Best CM in the year 2007 by India Today, Narendra Modi has also been successful in making it to the list of top 100 influential people of the world published by Times Magazine. The opposition has always called Modi the flag bearer of Hindtutava, but least did we know that, he is one of those PM who has received state honours from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, which are Muslim dominated nations.

Narendra Modi Birthday Celebration 2016

PM Narendra Modi birthday was celebrated in Gujarat. On his 66th birthday, the Gujarat Govt had made special arrangements to make the PM feel special on his birthday. Four records in total were set on his last birthday, of which three were set at international level and one was set at national level. The Gujarat Govt who had organized his birthday distributed 17,000 kits among 11,223 differently-able people. Checkout the list of records that were set on 66th Narendra Modi birthday:
  1. With 1000 people on wheelchair making various formations and logo, the world record for maximum number of people in wheelchair forming a Logo or image was broken. The earlier record was in the name of US where 346 wheelchair bound people were involved.
  2. Providing 1000 hearing impaired person hearing aid was another world record that was set last year. The earlier record was in the name of Australia.
  3. 1500 oil lamps were lit simultaneously, to set another world record.
  4. On Narendra Modi's birthday the Birthday Cake set some records when a bakery from Surat baked the Narendra Modi Birthday Cake which was the tallest cake ever made. "Atul Bakery" has set its record by baking this Narendra Modi birthday cake in 2016 and we will be interested in what they would do this year.

What to Expect for Narendra Modi's 67th Birthday:

With so many world records set last year on 66th Narendra Modi birthday. Likewise, his fans are planning to do something special on his Narendra Modi's 67th birthday. Amit Shah, the BJP party president had called for a conference call with all the major leaders of the party and directed them to celebrate Narendra Modi Birthday which is on September 17th as "Sewa Diwas". He asked all his leaders to visit government schools and celebrate Narendra Modi’s birthday with these school kids.

Narendra Modi: Political Career and Economic Policies

On 7th October 2001, Modi took the oath as the CM of Gujarat, replacing Keshubhai Patel due to his ill health and falling public image. Like his personal life, Modi has seen lots of ups and downs in his political career too. He has always favoured development and has encouraged privatization and setting up of small and medium scale industries. He has been a strong supporter of liberalization of the economy. Allowing FDI in India, the Make In India Campaign, Demonetising 100 and 500 notes, introduction of new Rs 2000 and 500 notes, and passing of the GST bill has been some of the major steps taken by him in order to strengthen the Indian economy.

Narendra Modi Initiatives: Popular Social, Defence and Environmental Campaigns

The Smart City Campaign, Housing for All Program, The Swacch Bahrat Abhiyan, The Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, are few of the most powerful social campaigns initiated by him. Modi has also been known for his foreign policies too. Be it travelling to Bhutan, US, Japan or China he has always impress the state heads of the other nation with his quirky questions and instant replies. Narendra Modi is not one of those ministers who will keep silent if enemies irritate him, don’t take him for granted going by his simple looks. Whenever he has seen the nation falling prey to the enemies he has ordered the troops to open fire at them without any hesitation. Be it the surgical strike against Pakistan or threatening China’s economy with the Make in India campaign his defence policies has always impressed everyone.
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