On National Sports Day Find Out Top Running Tips, Benefits of Running

Come lets celebrate National Sports Day with pride. Pen down some great running tips and also read on some great benefits of running. Let's indulge into sports and take a step ahead by heading on to first phase which is Running!
Updated: Dec 28, 2019 17:40 IST
On National Sports Day Find Out Top Running Tips, Benefits of Running
On National Sports Day Find Out Top Running Tips, Benefits of Running

National Sports Day is celebrated across the nation with great vigour to commemorate the birth anniversary of the ‘Wizard of Hockey' Major Dhyanchand. Major Dhyanchand had incredible skills of hockey. In 2012 the Government of India declared 29th August as National Sports Day. Many walkathons, marathons, and football events are organised by various organizations. Sports awards like the Arjuna Award, Dronacharya Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award are distributed to the people of sports fraternity who have made the nation proud and have excelled in their respective fields.

Sports have always had a great impact on the health and fitness of a person. Today in such a hectic lifestyle we all wish to give some time to ourselves and try to keep ourselves fit. Thus one of the most basic exercises a person does is to start off with running a few miles. However due to lack of proper guidance and proper running shoes, we tend to either discontinue the habit of running and jogging or sometimes we also tend to injure ourselves. Thus here are some benefits and tips for running that will help you carry on with your fitness mission for a long time.

Benefits of Running to Know, Why Run???

There are a number of orthodox beliefs which people might consider to be true. When a person who aims to achieve fitness gets to hear about these spiritless things he ultimately gets lackadaisical.
However, all these things should not matter to you because there are a number of running benefits which might provoke you to start running right away:

  • Running keeps your knees and bones fit
  • Running reduces the symptoms of dementia and protect the brain against Alzheimer's
  • The best part of hitting the track early morning is you get in touch with the nature, the fresh air you breathe in would help you get a natural glow
  • Running can even reduce the risk of heart attacks and keeps your heart fit n fine
  • Most of us might not believe but runners tend to be happier than their non runner counterparts
  • Running releases stress and relieves you from all sort of tension
  • And ultimately running burns the unwanted fats and calories in your body, making you look slimmer and beautiful.

Top Running Tips for Beginners:

If you had been thinking to hit the track for a while but could not do so, due to lack of motivation and proper coaching tips. So don't get disheartened here are a few running tips that might purposely help you to get running and stay fit.

  • To begin with you should gather the appropriate fitness and running accessories, like sports shoes, track suits, sweat bands.
  • Opt for some technical stuff like go for synthetic shorts and T-shirt or natural fabrics like smart-wool. Avoid cotton fabric as it retains sweat.
  • Make a beginning running plan and try to stick to it
  • Do not give up while your body assimilates. When we start a new exercising session our body tends to assimilate in the first few days, this is when most beginners give up.
  • Keep yourself fuelled. To stay fit does never mean to stop eating instead it means to eat regularly and eat healthy to keep yourself fueled.
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