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Tips for Online Shopping: How To Keep Online Shopping Security Concerns At A Bay!

Don't want to shop online due to privacy or fraud concerns? We're here to prick the bubble, as we bring you some safe and secure tips for online shopping so that you also can avail the stunning offers and enjoy unlimited online shopping, fearlessly.
Updated: Jan 13, 2020 17:02 IST
Tips for Online Shopping: How To Keep Online Shopping Security Concerns At A Bay!
Tips for Online Shopping: How To Keep Online Shopping Security Concerns At A Bay!

Since the year is going to end most of us are receiving promotional mails related to the year-end sale by different online stores the online payment and shopping security concerns us. And this is a fact that without knowing completely about the safety tips for online shopping we often fall prey to these fraud mails. We more often than not are likely to click on any link that shows mega sale, discounts and offers. These mind boggling offers can sometimes cost us our fortunes. These offers and discounts create a gateway for a number of fraud and scams. While shopping online without keeping in mind the appropriate tips for shopping online we might end up handing over our confidential data to the wrong person. Holiday season means even more frequent online shopping but before we proceed we should be aware of some tips for online shopping that are really safe and ensures you complete protection against spyware and ransom ware.

Most of the fraud website chooses the either the festive season or the year-end to expand their business exponentially. These websites look similar to the original websites or are a complete replica of the legitimate site with all the false offers and description on their webpage. Cyber criminals behind these websites are quite intelligent and divert the traffic to their homepage by advertising on major search engines and promoting promotional content on leading search engines.

Tips for Online Shopping To Enjoy Secure Online Shopping:

Here are some tips for online shopping that will help you prevent and beware of the above mentioned risks while shopping online. These tips for online shopping will allow you to shop online freely and without any hesitation.

1. Phishing Scams


Tips for Online Shopping - Phishing Scams
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This is the most common type of threat posed to the online shoppers. Online shoppers often look for tips for online shopping that can help them escape the risk of phishing. Fraudulent web owners often make a fake webpage with negligible and illegible minor changes to the original website. Then these fake sites ask the users to enter their personal details and bank details, once the user enters his details he falls victimized to this trick.

2. The Risk of Online Theft


Tips for Online Shopping - Risk of Online Theft
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Generally while making an online purchase, the buyers enters his/her personal and financial details, this is what the fraudsters wait for. These details get acquired by the fraudsters either by phishing or by hacking the original site. Once such cyber criminals get hold of your personal or financial data they can cause an irreparable dent in the users account.

3. Be Aware of Specialized Malware


Tips for Online Shopping - Be Aware of Specialized Malware
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Mostly data loss or theft occurs due to the exposure of the system to malware. Malicious software enters the system through email attachments, downloading of infected files, or inserting infected devices. Once this malware gets inside your system they can spy on your activities and redirect the system to malicious portals and web pages.

4. Fake Stores in the Edge


Tips for Online Shopping - Fake Stores in the Edge
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There are a number of stores that have names and sites similar to the genuine brand. These sites have a number of fake deals and offers running, many times online shoppers who are not well aware of the tips for online shopping gets trapped in by these fake stores and deals. These sites become the center of malware distribution and offer inferior goods.

5. Shop from Secure Sites


Tips for Online Shopping - Shop from Secure Sites
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Do not get lured by mega sale and offer promos that propagate impossible discounts and cashbacks. Rather try to shop from secured sites even if the discount percentage is somewhat low. The users can also check for reviews of the website on third party sites. If you the site well you are less likely to get ripped off.

6. Attest the Email Deals and Offers


Tips for Online Shopping - Attest the Email Deals and Offers
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There are a number of mails that we receive via automated mailers describing some anonymous deals and offers. Most of the online shoppers falls prey to these mailers. Thus verifying the email deals is one of the best tips for online shopping to stay safe. Do not open any mailers until and unless you feel the sender is authentic.

7. Password Protection


Tips for Online Shopping - Password Protection
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All your online accounts should be well protected by password. The password should generally be a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Also the same password should not be used for multiple websites as it becomes easy for the hackers to guess your password for all the accounts.

8. Card Management System


Tips for Online Shopping - Card Management
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With India turning into a nation that is quickly shifting to cashless transactions it should be kept in mind that while paying digitally you should always try to use credit cards more often. Using a credit card while paying online puts a level of protection between the buyer and the shopping sites while a debit card can put your bank account directly at risk.

9. Antivirus Protection


Tips for Online Shopping - Anti Virus
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Always try to use the complete and original version of any antivirus as these guarantees the users' complete protection against any sort of malware, virus or spyware. Using trial versions or free antivirus protection does not protect your system completely. The original versions provide multi-layer protection whereas the trial version is capable of protecting only up to a certain level.

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10. Limited Sharing


Tips for Online Shopping - Limited Sharing
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While shopping online always keep this tip for online shopping in mind not to share unnecessary details. Many sites ask you for irrelevant information. Always try to provide only certain information that is required to complete your transaction. Any site asking for further information clearly indicates that they are crossing the line.

11. Never Pay Online while Shopping with An Open Wi-Fi Network


Tips for Online Shopping - Avoid Open Wi-Fi Network
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Open Wi-Fi network or unsecured Wi-Fi network is completely prone to ransomware, spyware and viruses. These networks can easily be crooked by cyber bullies and criminals. They can easily get hold of your confidential data and harm you in financially as well as mentally.

While the above mentioned online shopping risk can disrupt your lives the tips for online shopping provided here can be adopted to save yourself. If you also have more suggestions or tips for shopping online do share it with us in the ‘Write Your Review' mentioned below.

Tips for Online Shopping: How To Keep Online Shopping Security Concerns At A Bay!

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