Glitter Eyeshadows: The Best of Dreamy Eye Makeup

Glitter Eyeshadows: The Best of Dreamy Eye Makeup

Best Glitter Eyeshadows / Gleam & Glow

The right sprinkling of glitter eyeshadow can make your makeup look truly celestial: use it on your eyelids to up your glamour quotient, or dab a little in the inner corners of your eyes for a woken-up look. Depending on your preferred mode of application, you can choose from cream, powder and loose formulas, that are best used with a good glitter primer. Ahead, the best glitter eyeshadows in India for all budgets, so you can gleam and glow all night long.

Best Glitter Eyeshadows in India

  • For a creamy finish

    MAC Dazzleshadow

    If you're looking for a creamy and pigmented glitter eyeshadow, swipe M.A.C's Dazzleshadow onto your lids with your fingers or a small brush. The formula imparts a reflective, multidimensional sheen that shines and glitters in thirteen riotous hues – we especially love Dreamy Beams (chocolate brown), I Like to Watch (kind of like a gold-brown), Can't Stop, Don't Stop (a rich plum) and Let's Roll (a red-bronze). While it's a product on the expensive side, you can be certain this isn't a splurge you will ever regret. In fact, you'll come back for more.

  • For full-blown glitter

    Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb glitter eyeshadow
    Glitter eyeshadow

    Creamy eye makeup is cool, but when it comes to creating diamond-like shine, nothing beats loose glitter eyeshadow. The Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb comes in little glitter pots to make your eyelids look explosively beautiful. The finely milled, reflective formula best goes on with a primer-glue applied beforehand – try the NYX Professional Glitter Primer or the PAC Sparkly Distraction Glitter Primer, especially engineered for glitter application. It's available in a spectrum of shades from holographic silver and shiny pink to blingy gold.

  • For pressed powder fans

    Makeup Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette Abracadabra

    If you're an old school makeup user, you're probably looking for an old school eyeshadow palette. In that case, get this richly pigmented Makeup Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette Abracadabra that gives you a range of glitter eyeshadow shades to choose from. Then feel like a queen with all the sparkly blues, pinks, oranges, greens, purples and reds at your disposal. The formula doesn't crease, and for optimal staying power, can be used alongside a glitter primer (or really, any regular primer.)

More Glitter Eyeshadow Recommendations

That's the best of glitter eyeshadow for all budgets.

Best Glitter Eyeshadows in India

Product Price in India
M.A.C Eye Shadow - Buy M.A.C Dazzleshadow Online in India | Nykaa Rs.1,600
Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow - Buy Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb Online in India | Nykaa Rs.675
Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb, Orion’s Belt, 2.8g Rs.670
Nyx Professional Makeup Glitter Primer, 10ml Rs.1,384
PAC Sparkly Distraction Glitter Primer (10 ml) Rs.545
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter Single, Brass, 1.4g Rs.249
PAC Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow - 36 (Drama Queen), 3 gm Rs.500
PAC Glitter - 06 (Heirloom Gold) Rs.695
Nicka K Radiant Liquid Shadow, Ochroid Titan, 5g Rs.345
Faces Stackables Sparkle Glitter, 14g Rs.1,399
Price List of Glitter Eyeshadows: The Best of Dreamy Eye Makeup, Last Updated on 06 October 2019
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