Best Black Party Dresses

Best Black Party Dresses

The Best Black Party Dresses

Black-worshippers know that we can never have enough black party dresses in our wardrobe; the combination of a versatile colour with varying cuts and textures gives us endless options to experiment with. (Only an untrained eye will think we look one-dimensional.) Ahead, black party dresses to buy online — all under a thousand bucks. Pick your favourite. (Need a style guide? Here are some Bollywood celebrity fashion trends you may love.)

Dare to Black

  • A Safe Option

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    Here's a simple sleeveless number that embodies the elegance that defines black party dresses. Its round neckline has a tiny keyhole detail that we love. In case it's chilly out, just throw on a jacket and some stockings. This cut is great for all body shapes, and is available in five sizes — XS, S, M, L and XL.

  • A Maxi Twist

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    This full-sleeved Rigo High Low Dress is among the fanciest in the league of black party dresses. It's a twist on the maxi, with a hemline that's shorter at the front and longer at the back. Get it in small, medium or large.

  • A Sporty Statement

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    Who said black party dresses can't be casual? Here's a shift with red-and-white stripes running down its outer sleeves, lending the piece a cool-girl vibe that's hard to resist. Also, it's full-sleeved, so you can wear it sans-jacket in the day. It's available in 6 sizes — XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL.

Other Recommendations

Which black party dresses did you like best?

Black Party Dresses

Best Black Party Dresses Price in India
Rigo Women's A-line Knee-Long Dress(WDRS145-1055-L_Black_12) Rs.540
Miss Olive Women's Shift Knee-Long Dress (MOAW18D30-02-62_Black_Small) Rs.489
Miss Chase Women's Cotton Skater Dress Rs.719
U.S. Crown Women'S Black Dresses(Crossdress-Black-L_Black_Large) Rs.899
Miss Chase Women's Cotton Bodycon Dress Rs.809
Miss Chase Women's Cotton Skater Dress (MCAW14D02-67-62_Black_Small) Rs.759