Best Monsoon Footwear of 2017: A Solution to the Confusion For Rainy Days

Learn to brave the muck of the rainy season with our handpicked monsoon footwear collection. As soon as the rains approach we are looking for the best monsoon footwear to be able to survive the rains.
Best Monsoon Footwear of 2017: A Solution to the Confusion For Rainy Days
Best Monsoon Footwear of 2017: A Solution to the Confusion For Rainy Days
Monsoon: the season that brings along the respite from the hot summer, the music of pitter-patter, the freshness in the smell of wet soil, and renders the surrounding beautiful in a grey contrast. Monsoos brings you relief from the scorching summer heat. But on the other hand, monsoon can become the toughest season to deal with, especially in a metropolitan where during rainy season you have to deal with clogged drains, flooded roads and unavoidable traffic. there are plenty of monsoon footwear options vaialbale in the market but choosing one for yourself can become a tedious task. To have that perfect monsoon footwear you need not fall in confusion as we've already sorted a list of monsoon footwear that you should have handy this monsoon. 

Flip Flops:

While stepping out into the muddy surroundings, flip flops made out of PVC or Plastic can be a great option as they are durable and easy to wash. They can also save you from the occasional slips due to their grip, and their low absorption lets you avoid that dirty feeling that sneakers render when soaked in rain water. Flip flops can go with your kurtis and Indian wear, as well as casual denims and shorts. Overall Flip Flops can be a wise choice of footwear while stepping out this monsoon.


If you're planning to step out in the rainy season, worried about the unavoidable damp surrounding and wet mud that might stick to your shoes and ruin them, look no further than crocs. Crocs are popular for their durable make, and the rubber becomes easy to clean and perfect to prevent that water from seeping in. Stepping out for coffee with a friend, or to the mall for some shopping? Put on those crocs with a pair of jeans, or cottons, whatever your style is, and be carefree of the rain-stained surrounding.


A lot of us might not be used to wearing gumboots, but they definitely are the best option to protect your feet from all that water clogging around you. The rubber exterior prevents any kind of absorption and the finish is easy to clean. With the growing fashion trends, there are a number of gumboots available in a wide variety of designs and can really pump up your fashion game too! So go check out some Gumboots and get them to prepare for the monsoon!


Pointed heels can be challenging in the monsoon, and a slight slip can break that fragile tip. Don't worry and just pull those wedges out. Wedges can help you maintain the look you get with your heels and at the same time save you from those horrible slips and a terrible fall. Wedges go with almost all looks, such as with jeans, tights, jeggings, etc. as we all know. A nice pair of wedges will help you maintain that suave and sophistication you want in your monsoon look.

What are the Best Colors for Monsoon Footwears:

One thing that all of us need to be careful about while picking out the right shoes is their color. Avoid wearing light or bright colors such as white, yellow, etc. The mud doesn't really complement these colors in an aesthetic manner. Black and brown/tan can really be helpful and the colors are universal to all sorts of fashion.

Now that you know how to gear up for the monsoon, get cracking with some amazing deals on fashion on a wide array of online fashion stores that we have lined up for you! Happy shopping!

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