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Best Watches for Women: Buy Designer Watches at Best Prices in India

Best Watches For Women: Simplest of watches can uplift your attire much like a piece of jewellery or a handbag. Add a couple of them to your collection, and dress well all the time!
Updated: Jan 18, 2021 20:07 IST
Best Watches for Women: Buy Designer Watches at Best Prices in India
Best Watches for Women in India

A watch is not something you keep replacing, in fact an exquisite piece could be passed on from one generation to another. If you too are looking to invest in a smart wrist watch for women, that could possibly become part of your family's collectibles, then refer to this list of some of the best watches for women that are premium in terms of technology as well as looks. These pieces are timeless in terms of design and reliable in terms of quality and are some of the top picks when it comes to the trending watches for women. Step up your game with the best watches for women listed below; some of these are embellished, some bold looking and some simple enough to match up to an everyday look. Take your pick!

Top 10 Best Watches for Women You Should Buy Online

1. Fossil

Fossil Analog Watch 1609074689400

Fossil Watch For Women

American brand Fossil is one of the best watch brands for women, as per the recent trends online. The brand has a wide range of designs and styles on offer as well as prices to suit every pocket. Sleek, classy, sturdy and trendy, Fossil watches are some of the most impressive and popular for all the right reasons. This Fossil rose gold inspired watch comes with a studded round dial and a stainless steel body that lends sturdiness. 

Fossil Analog Watch - BQ3181
(719 ratings)
₹ 6,397
₹ 9,495 (33% off)
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2. Titan

Titan Youth Analog Black Dial Womens Watch 1609074732909

Titan Watch For Women

Titan is among the most common and most talked about brands when it comes to the best watches for women. This Tata Group brand also includes other popular watch brands like Sonata and Fastrack. Titan watches offer a wide price range, from the most expensive ones to the most affordable ones, they have it all. This silver body round black dial watch is a stylish, well-crafted timepiece packed with elegance and sophistication. Include it in your daily look, and always be ready for a meeting with associates or coffee with friends. 


3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Red Dial Womens Watch 1609074767245

Tommy Hilfiger Watch For Women

Tommy Hilfiger is a popular fashion brand and is all about preppy clothes and accessories. Tommy Hilfiger watches are known for their sporty designs which come in bright colours such as blue, white and red. When stepping out in casuals, slip on a Tommy Hilfiger watch and complete the street style look. This round, red, bold dial and silicone watch from the American brand will lend a cool factor to your look.

4. Casio

Casio Sheen Analog Pink Dial Womens Watch 1609074808348

Casio Watch For Women

Casio is a Japanese company and it truly deserves a place in this list of best watch brands in India. Founded in the year 1946, the brand makes products such as watches, music instruments and calculators. Their range of well-budgeted, pocket-friendly watches are highly popular in India. This analog, pink hued watch from Casio marks style with its luster and gleam. The stainless steel case band of this watch adds to the feminine beauty.

5. Citizen

Citizen Eco Drive Womens Watch 1609074836670

Citizen Watch For Women

Citizen is another Japanese company known for its classic designs and styles when it comes to women's watches. Their watches are technically advanced and come with innovative features. This neat, white coloured, eco-drive watch from Citizen is a timeless piece. The white colour accentuates and goes well with almost every kind of attire, while the leather band couples up for a sturdy wrist hold.

Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Watch - EM0579-14A
(5 ratings)
₹ 11,168
₹ 13,900 (20% off)
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6. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Womens Watch 1609074952935

Daniel Klein Watch For Women

Extremely stylish and elegant watch collection from Daniel Klien has been loved by women around the world. Daniel Klein watches are high on style and highlight every outfit you wear. Adorn a Daniel Klein watch and walk around like a diva in a crowd. This blue coloured watch is one of the most popular styles worn and flaunted by many of its users. The leather strap is highly durable and the round studded dial emphasizes the look more.

7. Michael Kors

Michael Kors Analog Rose Dial Womens Watch 1609074987292

Michael Kors Watch For Women

This premium watch brand – Michael Kors makes some of the best watches for women to suit various tastes. Shop from this luxury watch brand for women now online at unbeatable prices. Most watch lovers would remember their first chunky gold look watch, and this could be yours. With a variety of designs to pick from, the Michael Kors watch comes with delicate straps and thick bands. This signature watch from Michael Kors offers unfailing glamour. With the initials imprinted on the dial and two layers of shiny stones on the bezel, this one is a steal.

Michael Kors Analog Rose Dial Women's Watch - MK5865
(1,412 ratings)
₹ 11,106
₹ 14,995 (26% off)
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8. Giordano

Giordano Analog Womens Watch 1609075021825

Giordano Watch For Women

Your hunt for masterpieces ends with the collection of Giordano watches for women. The swanky classic designs it offers are highly tempting and tough to get over. Indulge in a dashing piece from Giordano if you are looking for a timepiece, which will last for years to come. With different colours, dials and bands on offer, Giordano watches are an asset for a lifetime. This piece is modern in design and neat in style and features a round white dial. The stone studded detailing on its band's crown makes it a show stopper.

9. Superdry

Superdry Ascot Brand Analog Grey Dial Womens Watch 1609075053752

Superdry Watch For Women

Superdry has on offer value for money watches to suit every taste. Superdry watches come in daily wear styles and designs which don't overdo your look and sit subtly on your wrist. Superdry stands synonymous with sporty, flamboyant and snazzy looks, and this watch does just that for you. The greyish-blue coloured dial and full body look of this watch delivers bold and maverick looks, while the gold bezel adds to the glam effect, making it a complete package. 

10. Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange Analog Silver Dial Womens Watch 1609075085370

Armani Exchange Watch For Women

Armani Exchange is a New York based brand and hence the designs they offer talk that language. Stylish, accessible and street casual looks are a few of the kinds they have to offer. Youthful, fresh and chic factors are combined together in this watch that sits beautifully on delicate wrists. With this watch in silver dial and square look, you get the best of both worlds.

Luxury Women Watches: Buying Guide

  • Designer or classic

When buying a watch for women you must first make up your mind about what are you really looking for, a designer watch or a classic design? Designer watches, needless to say, are expensive and can cost a bomb. There are other brands which also offer similar great looking pieces but could cost you much less. So don't get caught up with spending a fortune on a watch if you are not convinced.

  • Budget

While all brands offer all kinds of watches, there could be an expensive one and another one with much lower cost. So if your budget is low but your brand choice is fixed then look for a budgeted watch within the brand.

  • Style of watch

Analog or digital, what kind of dial is your choice, also the way the digits are written could be a choice with people. You could choose between roman numerals or cardinal numbers.

  • Strap material

Watch strap materials come in leather, plastic, metal and rubber. So if you are allergic to a kind then choose wisely; metal and plastic could cause a burning sensation on skin while leather could make you sweat.

  • Dial shape

Apart from choosing small and large dials you can also pick a shape that you like – round, oval, triangular, square, rectangular, there are almost all kinds out there.

FAQs About Designer Watches for Women

Q1. Which brand is best for ladies watch?

With hundreds of brands to pick from it can get difficult to make a choice, unless you have a brand in mind you can go through our list of the best watch for women to pick yours. These brands include – Fossil, Titan, Tommy Hilfiger, Daniel Klein, Michael Kors and others.

Q2. What are the best women's luxury watches?

Top women luxury watch brands include – Fossil, Giordano, Armani Exchange, Superdry, Daniel Klein, Michael Kors and others.

Q3. What kind of watches are in style 2021?

While everyone has a style and a choice of their kind, the kinds of watch styles that are trending as of now are big clean dials with sleek straps. While some people prefer embellished dials and some prefer decorated straps that's a very individual choice.

Q4. What women's watches are trending?

Rose gold dials and straps are something that have been trending for long now, so a round, rose gold, studded dial with rose gold strap in metal is one of the trending watch designs.

Buy Designer Women Watches Online in India

Best Watches for Women: Buy Designer Watches at Best Prices Price in India
Fossil Analog Watch - BQ3181 ₹ 6,397
Titan Youth Analog Black Dial Women's Watch -NL2480SM02 ₹ 2,235
Tommy Hilfiger Analog Red Dial Women's Watch - TH1781744 ₹ 11,925
Casio Sheen Analog Pink Dial Women's Watch SHE-3066PG-4AUDF(SX238) ₹ 6,296
Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Watch - EM0579-14A ₹ 11,168
Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch - DK10155-2 ₹ 1,122
Michael Kors Analog Rose Dial Women's Watch - MK5865 ₹ 11,106
Giordano Analog White Dial Women's Watch - A2037-33 ₹ 2,999
Superdry Ascot Brand Analog Grey Dial Women's Watch-SYL265ERG ₹ 3,000
Armani Exchange Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch-AX5802 ₹ 11,995
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