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7 Sports Bras For Every Fitness Lover Out There | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best sports bras for every fitness freak out there!
Updated: Nov 14, 2019 12:44 IST
7 Sports Bras For Every Fitness Lover Out There | Reviews & Buying Guide

If you're someone who loves to workout, you would know the importance of a good quality sports bra in your life. Not only do they provide extreme support, but also give a good grip during a vigorous workout. If you're on a quest to find a good seamless sports bra, our list of some of the most comfortable seamless sports bras will definitely help you up your workout game to the next level.  

7 Best Sports Bras Available Online

Listed below are some super comfortable, seamless and good quality sports bras that are available online. Have a look.  

1. Jockey Women's Seamless Sports Bra

With a medium coverage, broader straps and no wires, this Jockey sports bra is a great choice if you're looking for something that gives you good support and freedom of movement. 

2. Nike Women's Seamless Sports Bra

Another great buy is this piece from Nike. It is adjustable, padded and provides a great support in all kinds of activities - be it your yoga sessions or zumba classes. 


3. Reebok Seamless Sports Bra

If you're looking for a sports bra that has a quirky print, is non-wired and provides good support - this particular product from Reebok is a great choice.  

4. Adidas Seamless Sports Bra

Another sports bra that can be an apt choice for outdoor sports and gym activities is this one from Adidas. It is seamless, non wired and has a very comfortable fabric. 

5. Puma Women's Seamless Mesh-Back Sports Bra

If you're looking for a sports bra that is not only stylish but also gives the best possible support, this racer back sports bra from Puma will be an ideal pick!  

6. Clovia Women's Sports Bra

Going for a regular 30 minutes jog, or a yoga session - this seamless sports bra from Clovia will be a great choice. It is comfortable, provides a good support and is non-wired! 

7. Enamor Padded Wirefree Medium Impact Sports Bra

Another great pick for your regular workout sessions is this multi strap, medium-impact sports bra from Enamor. It gives a great coverage and is designed for all kinds of sports activities! 

Types Of Sports Bras:

  • Low Impact Sports Bra: Physical activities like Yoga, Pilates, etc are all low impact workouts that don't involve a lot of jumping and movement. Sports bras designed for such workouts, are very comfortable. They are mostly lightweight and have a very stretchy material. 
  • Medium Impact Sports Bra: These sports bras are designed with an extra level of support and grip - for activities like cycling and hiking. They provide medium hold and are very comfortable. 
  • High Impact Sports Bra: Sports bras that are designed specifically for high impact workouts like aerobics, zumba, etc. Any activity that involves a lot of jumping and movement - requires a high impact sports bra. High impact sports bras usually have a firm and dense fabric. 


Q. What is a seamless sports bra?
A. A regular sports bra designed without seams and tags, for extra comfort and support is a seamless sports bra. 

Q. Which sports bra is best for gym?
A. You can go for Jockey Women's Seamless Sports Bra or Adidas Seamless Sports Bra. 

Q. Can sports bra be worn daily?
A. Sports bra is not designed for everyday wear. However, you can wear it for regular sports activities. 

Q. Which is better sports bra or normal bra?
A. One can't say, as both have their own importance.

Q. Which is the best seamless sports bra?
A. The Reebok Seamless Sports Bra is hands down the best choice from our end. 

Buying Guide: How To Get The Perfect Sports Bra For Yourself

  • Know Your Size: Always measure your size and buy a sports bra accordingly. Never buy a too loose or too tight sports bra, as it will not be effective and wouldn't provide support during a workout. 
  • Check If You Want A Padding or Not: Always check if you want a sports bra with padding or not. You can even choose the amount of padding you require in your sports bra.
  • Check The Fabric: Always cross-check the material of the sports bra before buying it, to see it its comfortable or not. Never buy a synthetic piece as it won't let your skin breathe. 
  • Check The Impact Level: Depending on the intensity of your workout, choose a low, medium or high impact sports bra. 

7 Sports Bras For Every Fitness Lover Out There!

Product Price in India
Jockey Women's Seamless Sports Bra (1381_Light Grey Melange & Black_L) ₹ 549
Nike Women's Seamless Sports Bra (375833-816_Rshcrl/Black_36D) ₹ 1,043
Reebok Seamless Sports Bra (4057286557694_B45962_Large_Peppy Pink) ₹ 1,200
Adidas Seamless Sports Bra (AP9526SAB_Shopur and Black) ₹ 2,499
Puma Women's Seamless Sports Bra, Pearl, Medium ₹ 3,121
Clovia Women's Padded Non-Wired Seamless Laser Cut Sports Bra (BR1312P16_Orange_Large) ₹ 389
Enamor Padded Wirefree Medium Impact Sports Bra (EBF00SB12BTQSMA) Blue Turquoise ₹ 999
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