Amazon Bestseller Children Books for 9-12yrs to Buy Online

Gifting Books has been the best thought for many ages. It's like gifting knowledge to someone. Shop for Books Online and Gift them to children and help them develop the reading habit. Shop for these on Amazon for same day delivery!
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 13:48 IST
Amazon Bestseller Children Books for 9-12yrs to Buy Online
Amazon Bestseller Children Books for 9-12yrs to Buy Online

As your kids turn up in the age bracket of 9-11 they start experiencing many physical, emotional, and mental changes. This is one of the most exciting phases of their lives and reading too. They gradually start developing an interest in various genres. With increased concentration span and the ability to think logically, their interest turn towards more scientific and realistic books. Since kids of this age give greater importance to their independence they may be interesting to choose the children books for themselves. At this stage, they open up their imaginations and start relating themselves to the characters mentioned in the children books.  Preteens need good children books that can educate them as well as resonate with their complex life. These kids also start developing an interest in various genres.

Amazon Bestsellers Children Books:

Below we've listed some amazing Children Books for 9-12yrs which you can buy online for your children and gift to make them feel special.

1. Fantasy, Magic, and Horror

Fantasy children books are best known for the magic they weave with words. The mythical characters can keep the children engrossed and keep them turning the pages of these fantasy children books.  Fantasy, magic, and horror children books provide them with tech-free escapism to the kids. These books carry the children into a completely different world of illusion and imagination.

2. Classic, Mystery and Adventure

Children love to think themselves as the lead character of the children books, where the kids can do any adventure and mysterious things. These children books help boost the confidence of these kids along with encouraging them to widen their scope of imagination. The kids are sure to turn the pages of these children books till the end and would not drop out in between.

3. Sci-Fi Graphic Novels and Comics

Since we live in a visually appealing world, graphic novels and comics make sense. Comics have been an all-time favourite for most of us as we were growing up. Storytelling through the medium of sequential art, and graphics in these children books appeal to the kids so much that they cannot put down a book until they have finished it. Although these graphic novels are available in various genre, the interest that develops while reading a graphic sci-fi is beyond explanation.

4. Realistic and Scientific

Realistic and Scientific books, especially about other people's inspiring stories and life event, but allow the children to put themselves in place of those characters. These children books help them build empathy and greater awareness for the world around them. On the other hand, the scientific books allow them to explore a completely unseen world and create an ability to explore, invent and rediscover things.

5. Humour and Comedy

Always reading for knowledge can make you a book bug, so the kids need to read some humour and comedy as well to refresh them. Several books in this category would compel the kids to ROFL!! These children books can engross even the most reluctant readers.

So, pick some of these Amazon Bestsellers Children Books for your kids today and allow them to experience a completely different reading experience. If you have more suggestions on Children Books for the kids of the age 9-12 years of age do write them down in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

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