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Best Electric Bike In India

Best Electric Bikes In India: The market is releasing electric bikes every year and all top selling brands and manufacturers are now making these electric bikes for Indian markets.Hero, Okinawa, Indus and others come with stunning features let's look at them.
Kanishka By: Kanishka
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 12:09 IST
Best Electric Bike In India
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Due to the hike in petrol prices electric bike in India are catching the trend. These electric bikes in India have evolved as a awesome eco-friendly alternative to the normal bikes and scooters in India. The degrading quality of environment alarms us to take some eco-friendly steps in order to contribute towards the betterment of environment. The electric way is the new trend in the two wheeler sector. It was not too long ago that electric bike in India were launched, however in a very short span there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people who use electric bike in India. Earlier there were only very few companies who took the risk of launching electric bike in India, but now almost all major automotive brands have its range of electric bikes in India. So here we are telling you about some of the best electric bike in India.

List of the Best Electric Bike in India

1. Hero Electric Wave

hero electric wave dx

Hero Electric Wave The Electric Bike
Photo Credit: NDTV Auto

Starting Price41500
Battery Charging Time7-8 hours
Mileage100Km/Full Charge
Max Speed25Km/h

The Hero Electric Wave is one of the best electric bike in India and is available in two variants. The DX EM variant offers a range of best specifications amongst all the electric bikes in India. It is powered by a 33Ah battery of 48V that has the ability to produce a power of 250W. This electric bike in India takes around 7 to 8 hours to charge completely. Above all this electric bike in India also sports an anti-theft alarm system.

2. Hero Electric E-Sprint

hero electric e sprint

Hero Electric Sprint The Electric Bike Of India
Photo Credit: NDTV Auto

Starting Price51000
Battery Charging Time7-8 hours
Mileage80Km/Full Charge
Max Speed45Km/h

The Hero Electric E-sprint is yet another leading electric bike in India that is manufactured by Hero. The Hero Sprint is considered to be the best choice when it comes to electric bike in India. This bike offers a maximum speed of 45km/h which is quite good when compared to other electric bikes in India. The sleek body design and heavy duty electric engine is what makes it unique and special.  The powerful motor, sensor braking system and advanced throttle mechanism is what adds value to the product and makes it one of the best electric bike in India.

3. Indus Yo EXL


The Best Electric Bike In India - Indus Yo EXL
Photo Credit: Autoportal

Starting Price50000
Battery Charging Time7-8 hours
Mileage70Km/Full Charge
Max Speed45Km/h

Yo bikes were one of the first companies to have brought the concept of electric bike in India. However the company over the years has been continuously working towards delivering the customers with quality and powerful bikes. The Indus Yo EXL is powered by a 40Ah battery that generates 1000W of power. The battery of this electric bike in India can get fully charged within 6 to 8 hours.

4. Indus Yo Electron ER


Electric Bikes In India : Indus Yo Electron ER
Photo Credit: Autoportal

Starting Price36000
Battery Charging Time6-8 hours
Mileage90Km/Full Charge
Max Speed40Km/h

The Indus Yo Electron is yet another model of electric bike in India that has been launched by Yo Bikes. The company claims that this electric bike in India can run up to 70km on a single charge. This electric bike is light in weight and is powered by a 750W motor. The max speed you can achieve through this electric bike in India is up to 25km/h. The battery gets fully charged after charging it for 7-8 hours.

5. Okinawa Praise

okinawa praise

Okinawa Praise : The Stylish Electric Bike In India
Photo Credit: NDTV Auto

Starting Price66000
Battery Charging Time6-8 hours
Mileage170Km/Full Charge
Max Speed75Km/h

The Okinawa Praise stands to be one of premium electric bike in India. The sports feature of the Okinawa Praise justifies its premium tag. The stylish LED head lamp along with features like side stand indicator, anti-theft sensor, keyless entry and find-my scooter enables it to become one of the best electric bike in India. The dual disc brake of this electric bike is a feature that has been missing from most of the electric bike in India.

6. Okinawa Ridge


Okinawa Ridge : The Best Electric Bike In India
Photo Credit:

Starting Price48500
Battery Charging Time4-6 hours
Mileage80Km/Full Charge
Max Speed55Km/h

One of the major problems that most of the electric bike users face is that the battery discharges very soon, however this Gurgaon based brand has found the solution to this problem and are up with a electric bike in India that can run 80km when fully charged up. The Okinawa Ridge sports a 24Ah battery that takes just 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged. The maximum speed that this electric bike in India can touch is 55km/h with a 800W motor.

So, if you are also thinking to contribute your bit towards a greener India, switch to electric bikes. These electric bike in India will not only help you contribute towards healthy environment but will also help you save a lot upon your fuel expenses with the price hike in fuels.

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