Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

This Nescafe E Smart Coffee maker spoils you for some indulgent coffee recepies at the touch of a button. Try from a variety of hundereds of coffee recepies available on the NESCAFE E Connected Mug App which serves you some personalised coffee at your finger tips.
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By: Hotdeals360 Staff Updated: Jan 11, 2020 19:59 IST
Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker
Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers out there, Nescafe has something very special to offer to you this winter. Nescafe is up with their all new e smart coffee maker. This Nescafe e smart coffee maker comes with a coffee mug and is the next generation all-in-one coffee device. This coffee maker mingles with the convenience of a coffee maker and a coffee mug on the go. The integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows the users to make a refreshing cup of hot coffee with ease with just by an App on almost any smartphone. It is easily controlled through the NESCAFÉ É Connect Mug app. The best part about this Nescafe e smart coffee maker is that it allows you to make various kinds of coffee depending upon your taste and mood. You simply need to select the kind of coffee you wish to have in the app and it's done.

Nescafe coffee maker Amazon Deal

Nescafe coffee maker

₹ 6,499
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How to Use Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker

  • Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker is the first of its kind, smart, app-enabled coffee maker
  • Pair it via Bluetooth with Nescafe E Connected Mug App for personalised experience
  • Enjoy a wide variety of indulgent coffee recipes at just touch of a button
  • With its heating and frothing features, it is capable to prepare great tasting coffee quickly and silently within minutes
  • The E-Smart Coffee Mug is trendy, leak & spill proof and allows you to enjoy coffee on the go, worry-free
  • Thermal insulation keeps your coffee warm or
  • For best flavours always use Nescafe Classics Coffee

Benefits of Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker

  • Coffee at your fingers, just a click away
  • Able to offer high quality consistent coffee
  • It's portable and allows the user to explore new coffee trends
  • It's certainly smart, trendy and elegant in looks
  • Control the beverage configuration through app
  • Enjoy various coffees and a full coffee menu with this Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker

Features of Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker

  • Connectivity: Can easily pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Thermal Insulated Mug: The thermal insulated mug allows to keep your drink warm or cold for hours
  • Variety of Recipes: The Nescafe E- Smart App allows you to access a number of new and innovative coffee recipes
  • Personalized Experience: Pair your smart coffee maker with the app for a personalized coffee experience
  • Silent and Quick Preparation: Prepares your flavourful coffee within minutes silently
  • Leak Proof Coffee Mug: Enjoy coffee on the go without the worry of leaks and spills

Get ready to enjoy a never before coffee experience with the all new Nescafe E-Smart Coffee Maker.

Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

Product Price in India
Nescafe coffee maker ₹ 6,499
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