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Guaranteed Two Hour Delivery with Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a newly launced express delivery service from Amazon. Promising to deliver groceries and food items in just two hours, it also provides heavy discounts and offers listed there.
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Updated: Jan 14, 2020 17:19 IST
Guaranteed Two Hour Delivery with Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh: Guaranteed Two Hour Delivery

Amazon Fresh was recently launched in India with a promise to deliver fresh grocery on your doorstep in just two hours. With this service, Amazon promises to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat items and other packaged food items to customers in two hours flat. Amazon had announced the launch of Amazon Fresh at a time when its other competitors are also taking aggressive measures to make a place for them in this sector. Launched in Seattle in the year 2017, Amazon Fresh was first announced in India in the year 2019. Bengaluru happens to be the first city where this service was launched. Amazon plans to extend the service to other parts of the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and others very soon. Now people can order groceries and get them delivered in just two hours directly from the site. Prior to this Amazon had also launched the Amazon Now App for providing similar services. 

Amazon Fresh Launch in India

Amazon was first launched in India on 23rd August 2019 and the Amazon Fresh service was restricted to Bengaluru only. But, with the successful launch and great response from the customers, Amazon now plans to roll out this service in other parts of the country as well. 

Amazon Fresh Deals

Amazon offers huge discounts and offers on products listed on Amazon Fresh. Customers can also enjoy additional discounts when using Amazon Pay to pay for their orders. Here is a handpicked list of deals on most popular categories. 

Offers on Breakfast Essentials

Breakfast is one of the most essential diet of the day. A healthy breakfast keeps you active and energetic all day long. You can enjoy up to 25% off on breakfast essentials only at Amazon Fresh. 

Offers on Soaps and Bodywash

In order to give your day a fresh start, it is very important to have a refreshing bath. A refreshing bath will keep you refreshed all through the day. Here are some special offers on soaps and body wash listed on Amazon Fresh to give your day a refreshing start.

Offers on Eggs, Meats and Sea Food

We often hesitate to order eggs, meats and seafood online as we are not assured of the quality of the product. But with Amazon Fresh, you can be assured about the quality of the product and also avail exciting discounts on your orders. 

Offers on Cooking Essentials

You cannot imagine a kitchen without these cooking essentials. But in order to save heavily upon your purchase of these items, you should give Amazon Fresh a try for sure. Ensuring fast delivery, the Amazon Fresh listed items are healthy too. 

Offers on Dairy and Bakery Products

Like meats and eggs, dairy product also happen to get stale very soon and you can not be assured of the quality that online services offer. But, with Amazon Fresh guarantee to 2 hours express delivery you can be assured about the products and quality. 

Offers on Household Supplies

No matter what you do to keep your mothly budget under control, but with the soring prices of the household supplies ot becomes difficult to keep a track. But not anymore, Amazon Fresh allows you to get these household supplies delivered at your home in no time and that too at the best prices ever. 

Offers on Organic Fruits and Vegetables

There are times when we often fall short of fruits and veggies in our fridge, Amazon Fresh comes to your rescue there. You can order all the fruits and veggies and get them delivered right at your doorstep in just two hours. Not only this you can also avail these veggies at discounted rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon Fresh

Q. What Is Amazon Fresh?

A. Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service offered by Amazon. It promises 2 hours express delivery of all grocery items at selected locations in the country. Apart from express delivery the consumer can also enjoy great discounts and offers on these products.

Q. How Does Amazon Fresh Work?

A. Amazon Fresh has some products listed from Amazon, the consumer can choose from these products that are categorised under various categories and add the selected items in his/her cart. After giving the checkout details and making the payment, the customer will be eligible to receive the order within two hours.

Q. What products are listed on Amazon Fresh?

A. Amazon Fresh has a wide range of products under various categories listed on the website and you can order directly from these. The categories include food items, packaged food, grocery, household supplies, baby care products, grooming essentials and others like fruits and vegetables.

Q. Where is Amazon Fresh available?

A. Unlike the Amazon Now, the Amazon Fresh does not have a separate app. You can directly log in to your Amazon account and order products that you feel like ordering.

Q. How are Amazon Fresh's food prices?

A. Amazon Fresh ensures quality food products at the best price ever delivered right at your door in no time.

So here is all that you have been wanting to know about the newly launched Amazon Fresh.

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