Best Android Games For 2-4 year Olds

In search of some awesome, playful yet educative apps for your toddler? We bring you some popular and best Android games that are bright, colourful and educative for preschoolers.
Viveka Nagar
By: Viveka Nagar Updated: Aug 05, 2020 17:15 IST
Best Android Games For 2-4 year Olds
Best Android Games For 2-4 year Olds

Childhood is a very important learning phase in a person's life and early childhood learnings prove to be the best in every sense. Whether you prefer your smart gadgets or love the traditional methods of teaching that's perfectly fine either way until the child is enjoying the method. Giving educational training the priority we bring you some best Android apps for toddlers that help them not only learn but also improve their memory and basic skills.

Best Android Educational Games For 2-4 Year Olds

1. ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is an easy and simple Android app for kids that helps teach kids ABCs. This educational app helps your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet. This app comes with letter matching in which kids learn to match uppercase and lowercase letters. This Android game app offers pure educational fun as it does not contain any third-party apps.

Download the ABC Kids app from here!

2. Drawing for Kids

This adorable drawing app has a seamless and kid-friendly interface that allows the kids to enhance drawing and develop creative skills. This toddler colouring book app comes with 100 charming characters, fun sound effects and amazing graphics. This app also comes with parental control that helps parents to keep a check of activities their child is indulging into. This creative learning app helps to enhance basic skills like attention, memory and thinking.

Download the Drawing for Kids app from here!

3. First Words for Baby

This is a vocabulary app that helps toddlers learn how to talk and pronounce the words better. This educational app for kids contains the pronunciations for over 120 words for across 11 categories. It keeps your child entertained and engaged as every word is accompanied by a bright and colourful image.

Download the First Words For Baby app from here!

4. Funny Food Kindergarten

This Android game app consists of a collection of educational games that provides a virtual educational premise that encourages your toddler to learn seamlessly. There are 17 different types of games and 10 educational concepts that come in amazing graphics and fun sound effects that help children to learn playfully. It also has matching games that help to enhance a child's memory that further helps them learning about names of different foods, shapes, puzzles, along with some light logic games. This app shall also improve fine motor skills and basic skills.

Download the Funny Food Kindergarten app from here!

5. Math Games

This maths practice game helps in training kids brain and learn the basics of mathematical calculations in the most playful way. It contains math games, puzzles and Sudoku that proves as great brain exercises. It also has cool math games that your child can play and at the same time challenge their buddies to have extra fun.

Download the Math Games app from here!

Things To Keep In Mind When Opting For Android Games For 2 to 4 Year Olds

  • Opt for apps that have seamless interface
  • Look for educational apps that have parental control feature
  • Always keep your child's preferences in mind
  • Look for apps that cover basic skill development
  • Must have sound effects
  • Kids should be given restricted screen-time so that they don't overuse mobile phones and spoil their eyes
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