Best Brass Utensils: Revive Your Kitchen Utensils with Pital ke Bartan, Find Some Amazing Benefits of Brass Vessels

We've enlisted some of the best brass utensils for you with which you can revive kitchen utensils and the look in no time. Find the benefits of Brass vessels or Pital ke Bartan to shop them away immediately.
Viveka Nagar
By: Viveka Nagar Updated: Mar 21, 2023 22:09 IST
Best Brass Utensils: Revive Your Kitchen Utensils with Pital ke Bartan, Find Some Amazing Benefits of Brass Vessels
Best Brass Utensils: Revive Your Kitchen Utensils with Pital ke Bartan or Brass Vessels

There were certain practices that were carried out in ancient times however with the lapse of time these practices have now become a thing of the past. One of the best examples is the use of best brass utensils for various purposes like cooking and storing water and groceries. Use of these best brass utensils not only has a spiritual and mythological importance but is also very important to maintain ones health. Best brass utensils comprises of 70% copper and 30% zinc. The zinc content present in these best brass utensils helps in building immunity.

Earlier the maintenance of these best brass utensils was considered to be a tedious task, as with time these best brass utensils lost their shine and lustre. However with the invention of washing powders like Pitambari and other similarly formulated products the maintenance of best brass utensils now no more remains a difficult chore. Now let us help you find out some of the benefits of the best brass utensils.

List of Best Brass Utensils Or Pital Ke Bartan:

Here is a list of some of the best brass utensils that you can certainly buy online.

1. IndianArtVilla Hammered Brass Thali Dinner Set

These best brass utensils have a unique, antique and elegant design. This can also be used as a home decor piece. This dinner set is sure to add on to your glory before your guests.

2. E-Handicrafts Brass Cup & Saucer utensil Set With 6 Cup & 6 Saucer

E-Handicrafts Brass Cup & Saucer utensil Set With 6 Cup & 6 Saucer

E-Handicrafts Brass Cup & Saucer utensil Set With 6 Cup & 6 Saucer

E-Handicrafts Brass Cup & Saucer Utensil Set with 6 Cup & 6 Saucer (Embrossed) ₹ 3,999 Buy

This special brass tea set has 6 standard size cups and 6 saucers. Serving tea in these beautifully handcrafted best brass utensils will definitely showcase your bout amongst your guests.

3. Shiv Shakti Arts Handmade Pure Brass Glass

Nobody can deny the benefits of drinking water in the best brass utensils. This beautiful peacock crafted glass adds on to your royalty. Water stored in this brass glass has a number of health benefits too.

4. Taluka (4.5" x 8" Inches approx) Pure Brass Water Jug Capacity

The best brass utensils are certainly the best things to store water in. Water stored in these brass utensils is quite beneficial for a healthy life. With the pollution level hiking these steps can be adopted as precautionary measures.

5. Shiv Shakti Arts Indian Traditional Pure Brass Leaf Designer Katori Bowl

Shiv Shakti Arts Indian Traditional Pure Brass Leaf Designer Katori Bowl

Shiv Shakti Arts Indian Traditional Pure Brass Leaf Designer Katori Bowl

SHIV SHAKTI ARTS Brass Floral Bowl | Katori - 150 ml, Set of 2, Yellow ₹ 659 Buy

Serving a traditional Indian sweet dish in these brass katori will certainly be a mark of your royalty. These beautifully crafted bowls are a symbol of purity and royalty.

6. Taluka Handmade Best Quality Healthy Pure Brass Matka

Brass has certain antioxidant properties that help in maintaining haemoglobin synthesis, strengthen bones, and build up the immunity. These best brass utensils will help you keep your water cool and pure and deliver you brass infused water.

7. IndianArtVilla Bronze Kansya Utensils

The best brass utensils are much more beneficial as compared to plastic or stainless steel utensils. This brass hot pot keeps all your food fresh and warm giving you healthy and delicious food.

8. Vpsk Heavy Pure Brass Pressure Cooker

This pure brass cooker is best for cooking pulse and rice which adds on to the taste of the freshly cooked food. Because of its heavy quality and durability this cooker is ranked amongst the best brass utensils.

9. Frestol Designer Brass Ice Cream Set

This designer brass ice cream bowl set is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. Gifting these bowls on any special occasion will certainly make a special place in their heart. These decorative ice cream bowl set can also be used to adorn your house.

10. IndianArtVilla Copper Brass Sigdi Angeethi

This brass sigri will help you relish the original taste of real Indian food. Making a traditional dish on this sigri will surely add traditional flavours to your dish. Even the copper tava  will help you make delicious chapattis and tikkis right in your home.

11. Taluka 5 PC Set Pure Brass Made Tope Topia/Patila Hammer Bhaguna

Taluka 5 PC Set Pure Brass Made Tope Topia/Patila Hammer Bhaguna

Taluka 5 PC Set Pure Brass Made Tope Topia/Patila Hammer Bhaguna

Taluka Brass Solid Bowl - 1500ml, Set of 5, Yellow ₹ 6,999 Buy

These best brass patila could be used for multiple purposes. These can be used as cookware or even for storage purpose. These heavy utensils can be used to cook various types of food like dum biryani and other Indian dish.

12. Craft Art India Brass Lota/kalash/Pitcher/Drink ware Utensils

Not only Ayurveda supports the fact that brass infused water is quite good for health, but now it has been proven scientifically too. Storing water in this brass utensil will help you consume brass infused water every morning.

13. Shiv Shakti Arts Handmade Pure Brass Box

This pure brass box is a perfect storage container for all your grocery and other daily use needs. Grocery stored in this brass box tends to remain fresh and pure for a longer period of time.

14. Fox Run Large Brass Wire Skimmer

This brass wire skimmer or strainer helps drain out the excess oil from fried food helping you to remain healthy and fit. The long handle makes it easy for you to have a confortable grip over the handle.

15. SouvNear Handmade Set of 6 Square Drink Coasters with Holder

This set of 6 drink coaster is a perfect souvenir for the guests who have come to visit you. This gift piece will always remain in their heart and will also adorn their house.

Benefits of the Best Brass Utensils:

  • Best brass utensils prevent abdominal infections and intestinal ailments to a great extent.
  • The best brass utensils are considered to be 100% pure and safe for health. The natural oils released while cooking in these best brass utensils adds a completely unique flavour to the food.
  • Since the best brass utensils are a combination of zinc and copper these contain the benefits of both these metals.
  • Copper utensils help combat disease like arthritis, anaemia. It also helps to reduce anti anti-aging and keeps the skin glowing.
  • Whereas the zinc element present in these best brass utensils help sharpen the memory, purify blood, and much more.
  • Precautions to be Maintained while Using Best Brass Utensils:
  • Sour and acidic things like curd, cheddar etc should not be kept or served even in the best brass utensils.
  • Sometimes these utensils might have arsenic and lead content which might leach into the food while cooking, thus it is always advisable to get the best brass utensils from a reputed brand or manufacturer.
  • The tin coating over the best brass utensils need to be replenished at regular intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Brass Utensils

Q. Are Brass utensils safe to use?

A. Although eating in brass utensils is safe, heating and cooking in brass could be harmful to health as the copper in it could react when in contact with the salt and lead to harmful chemical reactions in your body.

Q. Which are the safest utensils to eat in?

A. Earthen pots and stainless steel is the safest option but in case of stainless steel you must be sure of its quality as the right combination of metals used in making the steel is important. Brass is another safe and a very healthy metal to use when looking to eat in it but it should be avoided if you are looking to cook or heat in a brass vessel.

Q. Is drinking water in copper or brass bottles safe?

A. The copper and zinc combination used in a brass bottle could help you with improved immunity and better health. The water when stores in a copper bottle comes in contact with the metal and some of its properties get leeched out into the water hence making sure they enter your body safely.

Q. Which are the safest utensils to cook in?

A. When we are cooking our food it comes in contact with high temperature hence making sure the food does not become harmful it is important to use the right metal for cooking like - Iron kadais, pan and stainless steel cookers are a safe option.

Q. Why should you not use Alluminium utensils?

A. Aluminium dissolves when it comes in contact with heat and if you are cooking or eating in aluminium then your food is absorbing aluminium and it is entering your bloodstream through the food you eat.

Thus, all these best brass utensils are sure to help you live a royal and healthy life. If you also have suggestions on the best brass utensils do let us know in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

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