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No Dust Brooms For Spotless Clean Floors

A broom or a jhadu is one essential of any household. Picking the best broom, one that can even be washed, could save you a lot of effort while cleaning. Shop with us for the best of brooms.
Updated: Jul 23, 2020 13:31 IST
No Dust Brooms For Spotless Clean Floors
Shop here for the best brooms available online

Be it small or large, a house always needs a jhadu or broom, an essential that gets replaced almost every month. We mostly just walk into a local store and pick any broom, and its not unfair to ask why should one be looking for a broom online? Well, the answer is straight - a broom quality depends on what kind of stuff has been used in its making and how much dust does it leave in the first few usages? It is also important to consider how long lasting the broom can be, and is it washable or not. Some brooms may not be as nice. Shop with us for the best of brooms you can get your hands on.

Best Brooms To Buy Online

1. Gala No Dust Floor Broom

This broom is widely trusted for its high endurance and long life. Gala is a renowned brand when it comes to home cleaning products and its brooms are preferred by many. Unlike many other locally made brooms, this broom from Gala leaves almost no dust behind and is made using a unique engineering technique.

Easy Grip Handle
Gala No Dust Floor Broom
₹ 180
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5,000 Touch Points For Effective Cleaning

The micro fibres used in this broom handle are natural glass bristles to give you an immense support while cleaning.

2. Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom

This multi-purpose broom from Scotch-Brite is an absolute pleasure to work with. It glides away all the dust in a jiffy and super easily. This broom does not shed any dust to give you a cleaned floor in seconds. This broom is washable, which means you can clean it often for a consistent performance.

Lasts Three Times Longer
Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom (Multi-Purpose, Green)
(2,251 ratings)
₹ 250
₹ 350 (29% off)
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Its Fexible Top Can Reach Difficult Corners

It comes with a detachable handle that lets users change the height of the broom, as per convenience.

3. Spotzero By Milton Zero Dust Floor Broom

Made from a special synthetic fibre, this broom from Spotzero does not shed or create any mess. It comes in an aqua green colour and is appropriate for both wet and dry surfaces. This broom lasts three times more than any normal broom.

Zero Bhusa Fallout
Spotzero Zero Dust Broom (Aqual Green) set of (1)
₹ 179
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Strong Grip Handle

It is made from plastic and fibre plastic that make sure the broom does not scatter or break-up.

4. Heirloom Quality NinjaClean Grass Like Fiber No Dust Super Broom 

This bright blue broom from Heirloom is highly attractive. It is water resistant and works for dry and wet surfaces both. The broom is washable, which means you just run it under water to get a clean broom.

High Quality Bristles
HEIRLOOM QUALITY NinjaClean Grass Like Fiber Detachable and Washable No Dust Super Broom Sweep Dry and Wet Floor (Blue, White, 90 cm)
(24 ratings)
₹ 339
₹ 699 (52% off)
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Bristles Made Of Special Grass Like Fibre

Its detachable handle makes it easy to store and to use in unreachable areas of your room

Frequently Asked Questions About Household Brooms

Q. What type of bristles are the best for home use?

A. Brooms with a plastic or fibre plastic bristles are the best as they definitely don't shed, and neither do they wilt under water.

Q. Where should you place the broom in a house?

A. As per certain traditions, a broom should never be kept locked in a closet, and should be kept in the West or North-West corner of the house for prosperity.

Q. How often must one change a broom?

A. It is recommended to change a broom almost every other month. If you have a washable broom, you can keep washing and using it for three months.

Q. Is it ok to wash a broom?

A. Yes, if your broom is made from washable material, it is advised to wash it after a couple of weeks.

Q. What day is considered auspicious for buying a broom?

A. Saturday is considered an auspicious day to get a broom home. Also make sure you are not using a damaged broom in the house.

No Dust Brooms For Spotless Clean Floors

Product Price in India
Gala No Dust Floor Broom ₹ 180
Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom (Multi-Purpose, Green) ₹ 250
Spotzero Zero Dust Broom (Aqual Green) set of (1) ₹ 179
HEIRLOOM QUALITY NinjaClean Grass Like Fiber Detachable and Washable No Dust Super Broom Sweep Dry and Wet Floor (Blue, White, 90 cm) ₹ 339
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