Best Dish Washing Liquids

Looking for the best dishwashing liquids to wash utensils? We bring to you some handpicked options that will not only clean those dirty dishes but also make them bacteria-free.
Best Dish Washing Liquids
Best Dish Wash Liquid

One can not have a hygienic kitchen with dirty dishes in the sink. And while washing those dishes can be a cumbersome process, there are some dishwashing liquids that can make the job really easy and reduce the physical work that goes in. Here is a list of some brands that we have handpicked for you, and that are worth putting on your shopping list.

Best Dishwashing Liquids:

1. Vim Gel Liquid

This dishwashing liquid has the power of 100 lemons, or so the company claims. It helps in cleaning the toughest of grease, and leaves your utensils sparkling clean and refreshing. It is gentle not only on your hands but also the delicate range of cookware that you might have in your kitchen.

Trusted Product
Vim Dishwash Gel, Lemon Amazon Deal

Vim Dishwash Gel, Lemon

₹ 360
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2. Presto! Dish Wash Gel

This dishwashing liquid gel has a formulation that helps in effectively cleaning the utensils without being harsh on your hands. This dishwashing liquid can cut tough grease from dirty utensils and also help in eliminating any foul smells.

Great Packaging
Amazon Brand - Presto! Dishwash Gel Amazon Deal

Amazon Brand - Presto! Dishwash Gel

3. Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel

When it comes to hygiene, the one brand that never fails is Dettol. Dettol dishwashing liquid has a concentrated formulation that helps in cleaning and disinfecting utensils, kitchen sinks, and slabs. It not only leaves utensils sparkling clean, but also eradicates any foul odors, leaving the utensils smelling good.

4. Pril Kraft Dish Washing Liquid

This dishwashing liquid is capable of removing malodour from all the dirty utensils. The active power molecules help remove tough oil and grease residues from the utensil without being harsh on your hands.

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Pril Kraft Mint Dish Washing Liquid - 225 ml

₹ 60
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FAQs About Best Dish Wash Liquid

Q. How to use dishwashing soap?

A. There are two ways to use dishwashing soap. You can either opt to pour it directly on to the dish wash sponge or opt to dissolve one tablespoon of liquid into 50 millilitre of water to wash dishes with ease.

Q. Can dishwashing liquid be used in a dishwasher?

A. If you don't want to create a slippery mess, then drop this idea right away. There are dishwasher safe detergents that can be used to wash dishes in dishwashers.

Q. What are the harmful effects of dishwashing liquid?

A. Look for dishwashing liquids that have a pH-balanced formulation. Most dishwashing liquids contain phosphates, triclosan, SLS/SLES, fragrance, chlorine, formaldehyde, ammonia among other chemicals.

Q. Can you use dishwashing detergents in place of dishwashing liquids?

A. Every formulation has its own purpose. Dishwashing detergents should be used for dishwashers, while dishwashing liquids can be used to wash dishes at home.

List of Best Dish Washing Liquids

Best Dish Washing Liquids Price in India
Vim Dishwash Gel, Lemon ₹ 360
Amazon Brand - Presto! Dishwash Gel N/A
Pril Kraft Mint Dish Washing Liquid - 225 ml ₹ 60
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